Best Automatic Water Dispenser Pumps In India 2021

Best Automatic Water Dispenser In India
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

At times it might be tough to pour a single glass of water from a certain jar. Irrespective of whether you are young or old, for some people lifting the jar and pouring water into another vessel might seem to be a tedious process. 

Most of us are suffering because of this problem. But don’t worry! You can easily overcome this issue if you have the best water dispenser pump which is automatic. 

Water Dispenser Pumps – A Great Way To Get Pure Water

Living in the metropolitan or big city, our dependence on the water cans for survival is not new. You can get various kinds of jars from the market, right from the small to big ones. 

Here the requirement for the size is based on the size of the family. Sometimes, water dispensing from the big size jar to a certain vessel would lead to huge back pain, which might lead to hand injuries. Since you are looking for a great solution that provides you with good water for drinking purposes and at a low price range, the water dispenser would be a great choice.

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The advancement in technology has helped in providing a great solution for all your issues. You can easily take the automatic water dispenser pump as the best solution for your issues in getting good water. Since there are various kinds of dispensers in the market, you would have a tough time getting the best one. 

Why Would One Require An Automatic Water Dispenser? 

The best part of using the automatic water dispenser is that it is one of a kind and something you can use in your kitchen or home. It might be tough to understand why one requires a water dispenser pump, but in various households, a water dispenser pump plays a great role in making us healthy by providing good water

Some of the benefits of the automatic water dispenser are – 

No need to lift or tilt the bottle.
Easily escape the requirement for lifting the jar from time-to-time.
Avails water easily from the jar with a single touch.
No need to worry about the backaches or hand pains that would arise from lifting the jar.
Placement of the jar is not an issue. 

Best Automatic Water Dispenser In India 2021

The ten best automatic water dispenser available in India are – 

1) Konquer TimeS KTS Automatic Silicone Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump

This is one of the best and wireless water dispenser pump from Konquer. It has a sturdy and glossy cylindrical body and one of the best softest buttons for effective water dispensing.

The blu ray display looks great on this product and helps turn it on while the water is getting pumped. When charging it, it gets turned to red. Here, this dispenser’s water flow rate would be great as it can easily dispense around 20-30 liters of water in the full charge. 

With the usage of 4-5 times a day, the water would last for more than 15 days to the maximum and that too without charging all the time. Another interesting feature is that this electric water dispenser has a strong glossy round body that contains a soft click that easily dispenses water all in a single touch.

This is one of the best automatic water dispenser containing silent motor performance and easily charge it using a power bank. You can easily attach the water dispenser. You can easily dispense the water from the can, so no heavy lifting of the water cans. 

Pros And Cons

One-touch button for water dispensing
Cool blue-ray display
Easy to use and faster performance
The machine has a small pipe for water disposal.

2) YOMYM USB Charging Automatic Stainless-Steel Plastic Drinking Portable Electric Switch Water Dispenser

Well, unlike other water dispensers, the YOMYM wireless water dispenser is created from the ABS body Shell design and the best quality food-grade silicone tube (55cm) and is non-toxic. Also, it is safe to use and quiet as well as fast. 

Considered the best replacement for the top-leading dispenser for home usage, this is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. Now when you want to change the new water can, you would require to install the machine right at the top of the can, and it is suitable for the elderly and kids.

Being a portable water dispenser pump device is great for outdoor and indoor usage like a picnic, camping, other activities, etc. The dispenser pump has a rechargeable USB that provides the power for pumping water easily and better than manual devices. 

So, the dispenser pump is not only energy-saving but can easily withstand the pumping of around 4-6 bottles of water after getting fully charged. You can easily pump 200ml of water every 10 seconds, and that too faster and stable.

Pros And Cons

The product is a BPA free water dispenser and made from food-grade silicone hose.
The product is highly compatible, and the electric dispenser pump is best suited for pure bottled water.
The product is also easy to use and even fasten the water pump on the bottle mouth.
It would be best if you had electricity for charging.

3) Pudhoms Stainless-Steel Plastic USB Charging Universal Fit Automatic Electric Pump 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

With the Pudhomas Stainless steel dispenser, you won’t have to purchase an expensive and huge water dispenser machine for getting good water. The presence of the tiny and portable Pudhomas drinking Water dispenser pump will help at making your life better and easier.

You won’t have to lift heavy water jugs to get water. The water dispenser would provide you the biggest opportunity for getting safe and healthy drinking water with a single touch button. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor, but it will be compatible with the 2-5 gallon of universal bottles.

As soon as you charge it fully, you can use it to pump out at least six gallons of water bottles. Additionally, the product is 100% safe for you and your kids and is the best BPA free product that is safe and provides one safe. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

This battery dispenser is a universally fit water bottle pump. It can fit on all the water jugs and has 2.16 inches neck. For making the drinking water pump better holding, the neck should not pry the lid of the water bottle. Also, it is a tiny USB charging water pump that you can take anywhere. 

Additionally, the water dispenser has around 1200 mAh battery capacity that is quite the best for any device. As soon as it is fully charged, it can pump at least 30 gallons of water. 

Pros And Cons

Easy to operate and that too with a single button.
100% safe for you and your kids
A long-lasting battery life that would make your life easier.
The machine is a bit noisy, and the water spout is not that wide,so that water flow may be slow

4) Myvision Stainless Steel Water Bottle Pump Automatic Drinking Portable Electric Universal Dispenser

The Myvision Stainless steel water dispenser pump can make your life easier and better. With this water dispenser pump, you can pump the water out and enjoy it hassle-free. Even children and women won’t have to lift heavy bottles.

Another best feature of this water dispenser is made from a food-grade water pump and is BPA free and contains no toxic or smell. It has a rechargeable battery that can fit on 2,3,4, 5 gallons of a water bottle, and even of other standard size bottles. 

Furthermore, the drinking water dispenser is created from 304 stainless steel and high-density ABS plastic with no smell and toxicity. You might be surprised to know that the water dispenser is highly compatible. The electric water dispenser pump is suitable for all kinds of pure drinking water. 

The built-in rechargeable battery is 1200mAh and can be used for 30-40 days and even for more than 4-6 bottles of five gallons of water once they are fully charged. The best part is that you won’t have to charge it every day.

Pros And Cons

Being an electric pumping device, it is suitable for getting pure bottled water. Also, it is greatly suitable for various models of gallons of the barrel having no pry lid.
The water dispenser is a BPA free water and made from food-grade silicone hose. It is of high density and ABS plastic and contains no smell or toxic.
A great portable device is useful for both outdoors and indoors like home, office, camping, kitchen, etc.
You cannot trust the battery backup.

5) Watamate Plastic Automatic Water Dispenser Pump

The Watamate plastic dispenser is made from a long-lasting battery from a li ion battery and would last for a long time. Not only it can pump up to 5 cans in a single full charge.

So, based on your usage, you can charge it once a week. The Watamate is a user-friendly device and needs to be a charge for one hour. It is also a portable water dispenser and is easy to carry and fix into the water can.

So, besides being lightweight and the pipe provided, it is quite lengthy. The rechargeable lithium ion battery would work even during power cuts. Additionally, the water dispenser is stylish and has a compact design and soft-touch buttons, and a metal spout.

The water dispenser comes with a DuraX3 motor and is greatly portable, and has an inbuilt lithium ion battery feature. It can easily fill one liter of a bottle in about 31 seconds.

Pros And Cons

It is easy to fix all the standard bubbletop cans.
Made from BPA-free food-grade material having lost lasting stainless steel.
Waterproof silicon capped button that produces water in a single press.
The outlet pipe is not sturdy.

6) Tissaj Electric Rechargeable Portable Compact Water Dispenser Pump

Just forget about lifting the jar with the premium designed dispenser pump of Tissaj. The Tissaj Dash portable pump is one of the leading brand names in the kitchen world. They are famous for designing premium designed water pump models and that too at low price range. 

Now, this automatic water dispenser comes with a built, convenient, and faster discharge button. It helps in providing a sufficient amount of water without any difficulty. Being the best electronic water dispenser, it can fit on almost any regular bottled water size. 

The water dispenser pump is easy to fix and would use the facility for providing instant water dispensing facility. Now unlike other dispensers, this is ideal for office, home, hospitals, etc. 

Pros And Cons

Premium chrome finish top
Single hand and easy operation
USB charging port
Most users complained about minor issues with this product.

7) Subtle selection Glass Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump

This is an automatic water dispenser that comes with a great and sturdy glossy cylindrical body. The soft click button helps in the effective dispensing of the water all in a single touch. Being super silent, this has a powerful motor that makes sure that water is dispensed swiftly. 

The best part is that the water dispenser works even better during the power cut, thanks to the inbuilt rechargeable battery.

The water dispenser easily disperses water and helps you get good water due to the suitable solution to pump water from the water. No more any kind of heavy lifting is required with this water dispenser. 

All you have to do is attach the water dispenser, and the water would get supplied at ease. The dispenser comes with a huge fit standard bubble top can for homes, offices, schools, etc.

Another important feature is that the water dispenser is innovative as it contains a waterproof silicon capped button that easily dispenses water at a single press. 

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser fits at standard bubble top cans at the home, office, school, etc. 
Made from food-grade silicon tube and is created exclusively for longer usage
The DC adapter is safe at usage and consumes no amount of electricity.
The outlet pipe is not sturdy.

8) ZALTAN Automatic Wireless Silicon Switch Rechargeable Dispenser

The ZALTAN water dispenser is an automatic and sturdy glossy cylindrical body. It has a soft click button that effectively dispenses water all in a single touch. It is also super silent and has one of the powerful motors that make water to dispense swiftly and even works during the power cuts, all thanks to the rechargeable battery.

The water dispenser helps bring the water can solution that helps in pumping water from the water can. So, there is no heavy lifting of water can. All you have to do is attach the water dispenser, and the water gets dispensed from the can with ease. 

Another major advantage is that it has a silent and powerful motor. That makes sure that you can dispense water immediately. More than that, it works even when there is a power cut due to the presence of the inbuilt rechargeable battery.

Pros And Cons

The machine can be fitted on the standard bubble top cans of your office, homes, and schools.
No more heavy lifting of water cans and is great for women and senior citizens.
Has the best rechargeable lithium ion battery that works even during a power cut.
Does not have an internal filter for securing against any small dust particles. 

9) Watamate Flexo+, Wireless Automatic Water Dispenser Pump

Having an appealing and shiny silver casing, the Watamate Flexo is black and has an easy-to-press side button. Made from a food-grade silicon tube, it adheres to the international quality standards.

Most importantly, it is uniquely created for India and is great to use during power cuts, and when you live in a place where there is heavy electricity traffic. The dispenser has a hybrid power source and can either work on the AC power or in the absence of any battery backup.

Pros And Cons

Helpful for senior citizens or women.
Has a shiny silver case on the black body along with the easy-to-press side button. 
Made from a free dispenser and food-grade silicon tube. 
At times, certain customers feel that the product won’t fit properly on certain cans and feel unstable.

10) CATIPOL Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump

As one of the best automatic water dispensers, the Catipol has a great and sturdy glossy cylinder body with a soft click button that effectively dispenses water in a single touch. 

The CAPTIPOL has a super silent and powerful motor that makes sure that one can dispense water swiftly. More importantly, it works better during the power cut, and that too due to the inbuilt rechargeable battery. Another major advantage of the water dispenser is that it easily pumps from the water cans. 

Another important feature is that the water dispenser is convenient and won’t require one to do any heavy lifting of water and is the best for senior people and women.

Pros And Cons

Suitable for offices, homes, and schools.
This dispenser is designed considering women and senior citizens.
Has a great waterproof silicon capped button that can dispense water all in a single press.
There is no warranty.


The automatic water dispenser is an excellent way to get good and distilled water without spending a huge amount of money. The above given are some of the best. Try them and see for yourself.

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