Best Hot And Cold Water Dispenser In India 2021

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2021)

The summer has arrived at your place in full swing, or it is right on the route for that. Surely, you will feel the heat, and the only solution you would have to beat the heat is to open the fridge and have refreshing chilled water.

So, go ahead and use a water dispenser.

In simple terms, a water dispenser is a normal appliance that easily dispenses water. You are bound to have seen water dispensers in malls, offices, hospitals, shops, etc. Nowadays, it has become common for various households to purchase such water dispenses. 

What Is A Water Dispenser?

Things To Consider While Purchasing Best Hot And Cold Water Dispenser In India

► Easy Usage

It won’t matter how efficient your machine is. So, if it is hard to operate, there is no point in purchasing it. This applies to the water dispenser. The major characteristics are that you must go for a water dispenser that is easy to use and is simple. 

Go for one that is not highly technical skill. Plus, one that is easy to understand, and even people won’t find it complicated in use.

► Capacity

The major factor every person must consider before purchasing a water dispenser is the capacity. When it is related to cooler capacity, all families have different needs. Still, it is better to choose a unit having some extra capacity. 

► Construction

Now it is based on your need regarding what kind of water dispenser you would require. However, you need to make sure that the construction quality is excellent. Try to go to a company that uses high-quality raw materials. 

► Safety Features

All of us are aware that electronic appliances would be a huge risk to kids. This is the major reason you need to look out for machines available with safety features. Some of the necessary safety features you would have to consider is that the water dispenser must have auto-shutoff, child-lock, etc.

► Drainage And Cleaning Mechanism

There is another major factor you would have to consider when you are purchasing a water dispenser. Here it would be the cleaning and drainage mechanism. Such functions are necessary as they help in keeping the body of the dispenser clean and dry. 

► Water Temperature (Hot, Cold, And Normal)

Planning to get the best deals out of the water cooler or dispenser, then determine the temperature requirements. You can get water dispensers in various varieties, so before you plan to purchase one, check out whether you want one that provides icy water or one that provides hot water to make coffee, etc.

Top 4 Best Hot And Cold Water Dispenser In India 2021

1) Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser

As we all know, water dispensers are used in various offices for dispensing water. The most popular model among various people in the G series water dispenser along with the refrigerator, one like the Blue Star BWD3FMRGA.

This is an economical water dispenser that easily provides plain, hot, and cold water at the same time. 


● 3 Temperature Taps

The water dispenser of Blue Star has three major temperature taps. These are used for providing hot water, cold water, and plain water right at the same time. Also, these taps can be controlled by switches. 

● 14 Liters Refrigerator

The water dispenser of the Blue Star contains a small 14-liter refrigerator at the bottom. Plus, you can easily put these bottles and tiffin boxes right into the fridge. Also, it has plates for the part of the compartment.

● ABS Plastic

The ABS is a simple thermoplastic resin that is often used for injection molding applications. The ABS plastic is famous for its performance and strength and that too at medium cost. The body of this water dispenser is created of ABS plastic.

Pros And Cons

Presences of child lock facility.
Presences of the refrigerator for storing important soft drink bottles 
Easy to dispense cold, hot, and normal water
The water dispenser is a bit heavy and weighs around 16kg.

2) Usha Instafresh Floor Standing Hot, Normal & Cold Water Dispenser

The Usha Instafresh water dispenser weighs around 15.65 kg and is equipped with hot, cold, and normal water along with a stylish faucet with durable material and even additional anti-bacterial treatment. 

Also, it has an LED indication for providing heating, power, or cooling functions. No doubt, the Usha Instafresh water dispenser is strong and long-lasting. 


● Child Lock

The water dispenser is a new age refrigerant having a good child lock for the hot water faucet. Also, it has a storage capacity of 2.5 liters.

● Advanced Cooling System

The water dispenser contains an advanced cooling system for creating efficient cooling during the Indian weather condition.

● LED Indicator

The LED indicator is used for heating, power, or cooling function. It is durable, tough, and even corrosion-resistant. 

Pros And Cons

Best child lock facility
It dispenses cold, hot, and normal water.
It is easy to use along with an LED indicator.
You would have to put the refilling water bottle right on top of the machine.

3) AmazonBasics Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser

The water dispenser of AmazonBasic is the ideal solution for dispensing water to various guests and staff present at your organization. This is a great water dispenser that is made of high-quality PP plastic and is quite durable. 

Additionally, the water dispenser can heat water faster and that too in just 15 minutes. Also, it will allow the water to cool down in 60 minutes. 


● High-Quality Plastic And Stainless Steel

The body of the AmazonBasic is made up of high-quality plastic, and the water tank is created of high-quality stainless steel. So, it is durable and long-lasting.

● Refrigerator Compartment

The water dispenser contains a small refrigerator compartment right at the bottom. Here you can easily place your water bottles and juice along with tiffin inside it. 

● Temperature Taps

The water dispenser contains three temperature taps. These provide hot water, plain water, and cold water right at the same time. 

● Faster Cooling And Heating

The water dispenser easily heats water faster and in 15 minutes and even allows it to cool down in 60 minutes. 

● High Temperature And Capacity

The water dispenser easily achieves a hot water temperature of 80-85 degrees. But the cold water temperature would go up to 5-10 degrees. It makes it ideal for various needs.

Pros And Cons

It has a unique design.
The water dispenser is very easy to use and clean.
It has a well-built cabinet.
The water dispenser is quite heavy.

4) Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

Suppose you want a good water dispenser having a suitable option along with a cooling cabinet. In that case, you need to try the Voltas Plastic Pearl Water dispenser. It has a great compressor cooling along with the best cold-water capacity of 3.2 liters. 

Additionally, the Voltas water dispenser is sleek and has a stylish design and three buttons for dispensing hot water, cold water, and water right at normal temperature. 


● Easy To Use Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is available with a good cooling cabinet. It has a compressor cooling feature along with a cold water capacity of 3.2 liters. Also, the water dispenser comes with a hot water capacity of one liter. 

● Sleek Design

The Voltas water dispenser is sleek and has a stylish design. It has three buttons for dispensing hot water, cold water, and even water at normal temperature. You can also place it in your office, living areas, etc., for dispensing water on the go.

● UV Grade Plastic Material 

The water dispenser is made from the best food-grade ABS material. Not only is it durable, but it is safe to use and has low maintenance. 

● Energy-Efficient Compressor

The water dispenser is energy efficient. The presence of the compressor cooling feature makes sure that your electricity bill is very less.

● Soft Aesthetic Design

The water dispenser has the best soft design and attractive features. It would stand out among other equipment in your office or home. 

● Anti-Corrosive Pre-Coated Body

The whole design of the water dispenser is quite exquisite. Its body is made with high-quality material, so it is corrosion-free.

● Safety Compliant

The water dispenser is made of the best ABS Food grade plastic, making it quite safe.

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser is compact, making it suitable for placing in a small space.
It comes with a hot water safety lock that makes it highly safe. 
You get hot, cold, and normal water at the same time. 
There is no cooling or storage cabinet, and the product is a bit noisy.

5) LEONARD USA American Technology Based Plastic Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser

One of the essential and important components for your apartment is the Leonard water dispenser. This is suitable for your dorm room, apartment, wet-bar, living room, or dining area, thereby providing the bests boiling water for coffee, tea, etc. 


● Patios

This is ideal for having cold water from the water dispenser as and when you are placing on covered balconies, patios, etc.

● Family Rooms

You can keep one stocked with various beverages in the cooling cabinet of the water dispenser. 

● Home Bars

The size of the water dispenser is great for home, game rooms, gyms, etc. 

● Bachelor Rooms

Perfectly sized water dispenser for kitchens, bachelor rooms, tiny homes, etc. 

● Highly Efficient Compressor

The Leonard water dispenser is filled with a highly efficient compressor that provides a long-life. Also, it is energy efficient. 

● Silent Operation

The Leonard is an engineered compressor, and it is virtually undetectable when it cycles on and off. 

Pros And Cons

It provides value for the money spent by you.
It is easy to install and has good customer support.
It is easy to use and clean.
The biggest disadvantage is that the LED won’t work, and there is constant water leakage. 

6) Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R 500-Watt Water Dispenser

Easily quench your thirst at the office or home with the Voltas Mini Magic water dispenser. This comes with an elegant finish. Not only it has a compact design and precision, but it will also fit right at the place of your convenience. 

The best part of using this water dispenser is that the surface won’t get scratched easily. 


● Easy To Use Dispenser

The water dispenser is easy to use and is very affordable to clean too. 

● Compact Design

Unlike other water dispensers used at home and office, this is compact and has an attractive design.

● UV Grade Plastic Material 

The water dispenser is created from the best quality UV Grade plastic material that provides a long-lasting appearance. 

● Energy-Efficient Compressor

The dispenser comes with an energy-efficient compressor. So, it can save a lot of money in terms of repairs. 

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser is built of the best quality.
The bottle cap piercing pin is quite sharp and more efficient.
The capacity of the water dispenser is huge.
The color scheme is of dual-color and not liked by various individuals.

7) Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser

Voltas Mini is the best top-loading water dispenser. Not only do you get hot water but also cold and even normal water as per your requirements. Additionally, the heating capacity of the water dispenser is around five liters per hour. 


● Hot, Normal & Cold Water Functionality

The water dispenser has three major faucets, and these are made of high-grade steel that produces hot, cold, and normal water at the same time.

● LED Indicator

The LED indicator is very bright and makes the water dispenser quite user-friendly.

Pros And Cons

The product is backed by strong Voltas technology.
The water dispenser is capable of dispensing cold, hot, and normal water.
You can easily do the installation by yourself.
The bottle cap is placed on the top, and it can be an arduous task for people having back issues.

8) AISEN Water Dispenser

Irrespective of whether it is hot water that you want in the dead o the winter or chilled water in the scorching heat, the AISEN water dispenser is a perfect choice. 

The water dispenser contains a tank that is highly resistant to stains. It is created for fixing the push tap and won’t allow any kind of spilling. The bottle has a good heating capacity. 


● Sleek Design

The AISEN water dispenser is available in a sleek and stylish design. There is a button with three buttons for dispensing cold water, hot water, and water at a normal temperature. 

● 3 Temperature Taps

The water dispenser contains three temperature taps. This will provide hot, cold, and normal water at the same time. 

● 14 Liters Of Storage Cabinet

The water dispenser is small and has a 14-liter storage cabinet at the bottom. 

● Stainless Steel Water Tank

The water dispenser has a robust stainless steel tank. You can easily store water without suffering from any leakage.

● Push Tap Design

The design is quite user-friendly, wherein with a single push, you can get water.

Pros And Cons

The heating capacity is good, and the temperature has no or less influence on the model.
The product is environmentally friendly.
There is no need for the installation by the manufacturer.
You might find the price to be a bit expensive.

9) Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

The best and useful product available at the market for hot, cold, and warm water is the Usha Instafresh. The product has a cooling cabinet right at the bottom of the machine. It acts as an additional storage facility.

The hot water dispensing facility is quite beneficial as it saves the trouble of lighting the stove and heating water on kettles.


● LED Indicator

The LED indicator is a welcome addition to this application.

● Good Cooling Cabinet

The product has a good cooling cabinet that is compact and easy to store the required water. 

● Low Power Consumption

The water dispenser consumes less power, and it is somewhere around 90 W.

Pros And Cons

The product has a good refrigeration facility.
It can easily dispense cold, hot, and normal water.
It is easy to use, and has a good LED indicator.
You need to place the refilling water bottle right at the top of the machine.

10) Atlantis Plastic 3 L Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

A great plastic water filter that is available in blue and white color. The capacity of the filter is 3.5 liters, and the wattage is 500 watts. The size of the product is 92 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm. 

The water dispenser has a long cord, and the water doesn’t get spilled. The product does not make any sound while running and has good warranty parts that can work for many years.


● Sleek And Elegant Look

The product has a sleek and elegant look that makes it look attractive.

● Easily Replaceable Faucets

The water dispenser can be easily replaceable faucets, and you would easily get the best quality replacements from the manufacturers. 

● Sturdy And Durable

The product is quite strong and is very durable. It can withstand huge corrosion and heat. 

Pros And Cons

The product is contemporary and compact in terms of style. 
The water dispenser has an environmentally friendly design.
The product provides double safety from overheating.
Sometimes the product will cause water spillage.


Selecting a good water dispenser is easy. All you need is good research and a fixed budget.

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