Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019

In this article, we have actually assessed top 5 Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India. Prior to delving into evaluation of learn the value of our body.

Here are the Five Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019

Livpure Glo – Best Water Purifiers Under 10000

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019 1

  • The Best Livpure is an affordable and popular brand in the market.
  • The storage capacity of the purifier is 7 litres
  • The purification capacity is 12 litres
  • Upto 1500 ppm TDS can be purified
  • This is purify bacteria and viruses from water
  • 6 stage purification – Sediment filtering, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, pcum absorber, re-activated carbon Silver implemented post carbons, mineralizer.
  • Sediment filtering helps to purify visible suspended particles in water. RO membrane helps to purify the anti-bacterial elements and TDS.
  • UV disinfection helps to create a defence against microorganisms, silver implemented post to retains minerals and maintains the taste
  • Mineralizer has to maintain pH level and adds essential minerals
  • This product comes with a 1 year warranty


  • 6 stage purification
  • Upto 1500 ppm TDS can be purified
  • Mineralizer helps to maintain essential minerals
  • Storage capacity is 7 litres


  • No indication for any fault in the machine or filter change
  • The processed has waste is more.
  • Customer service is low

Blue Star Aristo – Another Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019 2

  • Blue star Aristo purifiers is stylish and sleek
  • The comes with double protection using RO+UF. The RO layer helps to removes sediments from UF to remove the microbes
  • Aqua taste booster to maintain taste by maintaining the pH level
  • The comes with child lock option
  • Storage capacity is 7 litres
  • The capacity is 12 litres
  • Digital indication for tank full, filter change, pressure is low
  • The process is 6 stage – Pre-filter, pre-carbon, sediment, RO membrane, post carbon with ATB, UF membrane
  • The Pre-filter helps to remove the physical impurities, Pre-carbon contains activated that helps to remove the micro-organisms
  • Sediment to remove the dust and chemicals from water, RO membrane to remove the dissolved particles.
  • Post carbon to remove the smell, odour and Aqua Taste Booster(ATB) helps to maintain waste tastier. The UF membrane gives additional protection.


  • Aqua taste booster
  • 6 stage purification
  • Digital indication
  • Child lock
  • Storage capacity is 7 litres


  • Quality is low
  • The leaks when the tank gets full

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019 3

  • The Eureka Forbes contains electronic monitoring that helps to monitor purification process and find any fault in the machine
  • The UV lamp automatically turns off when the machine rest for 10 mins.
  • The life of the cattride is 6000 litres
  • The purifies just 2 litres in a minute
  • The warranty is 1 year
  • The machine has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer when stabilizes during voltage fluctuation.
  • The modules are clarity cartridge, activated carbon cartridge, mineral guard, UV chamber
  • The cartridge to remove the impurities, micro organisms, and removes harmful chemicals.
  • The clarity cartridge to remove visible impurities like dust and dirt, the activated carbon to remove bacteria and virus
  • Mineral guard to maintain essential minerals that are required for body
  • UV chamber to protect using UV light


  • The operation of the fully automatic
  • The high purification time
  • The cartridge life is more
  • Mineral guard


  • Storage is not available
  • Not suitable for all type of water
  • Large space not available for keeping jug


  • The Best Kent Maxx is a double purifiers, using UV and UF membranes that removes virus and bacterial elements
  • The storage tank can be detached.
  • The capacity of stored by 7 litres
  • The design of the purifiers is visible that the faults can be identified easily
  • The Kent maxx is suitable for low TDS
  • The speed is 1 litre per minute
  • The cartridge are Sediment, activated carbon, UV and UF membrane.
  • The Sediment membrane to purify the visible particles
  • The activated carbon to remove the smell, odour from reduces the bacteria.
  • The UV and UF membrane give added protection to make it healthier
  • This product comes with 1 year warranty


  • Storage capacity 7 litres
  • Storage tank is detachable
  • The speed is high
  • Suitable for low TDS
  • Alarm indication for machine fault and filter change


  • Not suitable for High TDS
  • Does not work when pressure is not sufficient

HUL Pureit Classic – Affordable Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019

  • HUL pureit classic storage capacity is 5 litres
  • The process is 6 stage.
  • That can be done upto TDS level of 1800ppm
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilizer that prevents from voltage fluctuations
  • The stages pre-sediment filter, pre RO filter, post sediment, RO membrane, MF, post RO carbon
  • The pre-sediment layer helps to remove fine dirt and dust
  • The Pre RO carbon to remove chemicals and pesticides and removes bad odour and taste
  • Post carbon sediment layer that helps to remove remaining pesticides and dissolved salts.
  • RO membrane helps to removed dissolved salts and chemicals
  • MF membrane act as additional membrane to remove microbial elements
  • Post RO carbon filter this to maintain taste and make it healthier
  • The capacity is 12 litres
  • Gremkill kit to prevent germs that cause diseases


  • The storage capacity is 5 litres
  • 6 stage purification
  • Upto 1800ppm TDS can be purified
  • The capacity is 12 litres
  • Suitable for all types of water
  • Voltage fluctuation guard
  • Germkill kit


  • No indication for filter change and fault alarm
  • Customer service is low
  • Frequent change of parts

Find the Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India?

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