Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019

Now a days there are contaminated, to consume pure and safe, RO has become an essential product in everyone’s life. There are many products that are available in the market, here we have consolidated Best water purifiers under 5000 that are available in India. We have characterised all the features, pros and cons of each and every product to provide a clear view of the products.

  1. HUL pureit 23L
  2. Kent gold smart 7 litres non-electric UF
  3. Pureit classic 23L Gravity
  4. Kent Gold 20 litres Gravity Based
  5. Ruby RO+UV+TDS Controller 12 stage

List of Five Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019

HUL Pureit Classic – Best Water Purifiers Under 5000

Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019 1

Hindustan unilever is a popular brand in purification. The best water purifiers under 5000 has uses gravity based purification without the usage of electricity or expensive gas.

It contains double storage when the filed on the top layer it using a microfiber mesh then activated carbon trap helps to remove the dissolved chemicals then the purified is sent to germkill kit to remove micro particles and removes the chlorine and odour and finally the purified is stored in the bottom layer.

It is the best product of under 5000, it contains activated carbon trap to remove the dissolved pesticides, the body is made of ABS plastic, to remove the bacteria and virus, it removes 1 crore virus from 1 litre.

It contains germkill kit that helps to remove the microorganisms. The storage capacity is 9 litres and the purification capacity is 23 litres. The comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.

The germkit 1 is about 1500 litres of purified and germkit 2 is 2250 litres of purified also it depends on the pressure, TDS and temperature. The lifespan of germkit is 6 months.


  • Comes with indicator to change the Germkit
  • No electricity is required
  • Affordable purifier


  • Not suitable for all types
  • Leaks when you fill exces

Kent Gold Smart

Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019 2

Kent is one among the product in Under 5000. The storage capacity is 7 litres, the purification capacity is 1litre per minute. It contains UF membrane that removes and protects the bacteria, viruses and chemicals that affect.

The product does not require any electricity from removes chemicals completely. The design of the both layers can detached for cleaning purpose, it can be mounted on wall or can be kept on the counter top.The contains ss mesh, sediment, activated carbon for purification stages.  

The ss mesh to remove the visible impurities, sediment layer to remove the dissolved chemicals and removes the odour from waste, the activated carbon helps to remove the chlorine and other microorganisms.


  • The layers can be detached for cleaning
  • UF membrane
  • Auto-on and off feature
  • Removes chemicals completely
  • Works without electricity


  • The filter has to be changed after a period of time
  • The tank is made of ABS plastic.

Pureit Classic – Another Cheap Models Under 5000 in India


Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019 3

The pureit comes with storage capacity of 23 litres, 9 litres in the bottom layer and 14 litres in the top layer. It contains auto shut off mechanism that take care to purify all the tank.

The GKK indicator to indicate the time for change of the filters. The works completely based on gravity and does not require electricity, the installation is also very easy.

The suitable for lowTDS. The germkill life indicator to remove the germs that are present with also the indicator helps to indicate the change of germkill kit.

It contains with activated carbon trap that helps to remove the dissolved chemicals, pesticides and remove the odour. This is made of unbreakable ABS plastic and it comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.


  • Contains auto shut off
  • Indicator is available for change of germkill kit
  • Removes chemicals completely


  • Features are very low
  • High TDS cannot be purified.

Kent Gold

Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019 4

Kent is a popular brand in healthcare products with the quality and provides RO purified. This is made of unbreakable ABS food grade plastic. The purification is done based on hollow fiber ultrafiltration.

The comes with a 1 year warranty, it contains UF technology that helps to remove microorganisms and is mounted based on spin welded technology, it is designed to be placed over a flat surface.

The tank-in tank design helps to prevent the overflow. The storage capacity is 20 litres, the works without electricity and produce chemical free purification. It contains hollow fibre hydrophilic UF membrane that helps to remove even 0.1%micron that provides purified.


  • Electricity/gas is not required
  • Prevents overflow
  • UF membrane
  • Hydrophilic UF membrane


  • Filter indicator not available
  • Tank is made of plastic

Ruby RO+UV+TDS – Affordable Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019

Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019 5

Ruby is a popular brand that provides RO purification. It has Under 5000 takes place in 12 stage purification, RO+UV+TDS controller. The storage capacity is 12 litres, the capacity is 12 litres per hour.

This is made of ABS food grade, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. The stages are: Pre-filter- helps to remove dust and dirt, sediment filter – this layer is made of 1 micron that removes tiny particles, activated carbon – helps to remove.

The chlorine content and organic chemicals present in also remove the odour and color, RO membrane- removes hard chemicals, mineral cartridge- helps to regain essential minerals, UV dis-infector- helps to remove and protect from microorganisms and UF membrane- regulates the path for TDS adjustments.


  • 12 stage purification
  • Easy installation
  • Essential minerals are maintained


  • Indicators are not available
  • Warranty doesn’t cover UV lamp

Find the Best Water Purifiers Under 5000?

So we have consolidated about all the products that are available in the market and listed Best Water Purifiers Under 5000 in India 2019. The vary with stage of purification and materials used in them. The main concept is to provide clean, pure, chemical free. Thank you for reading the article.

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