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Alkaline Water Purifier Vs RO Water Purifier – Know the Difference

As we all know, water is necessary for us, just like oxygen. It is necessary for all living things like animals, humans, and plants. But the amount (i.e., the largest quantity) of water available on the earth is not safe for consumption, as these are highly contaminated.

For a healthy and safe life, we need to have clean and safe water. And this is the reason why water purifiers came into place. Now there is a huge confusion regarding the difference between reverse osmosis and alkaline water filter. And in this article, we are going to check out those differences. 

What Is Alkaline Water Purifier?

Alkaline water purification systems are famous for purifying the acids present in the water, especially those that can be harmful to the human body. Using an alkaline water purifier, you can ensure that yours and the people related to you have a healthy and safe life. 

An alkaline water purification system will neutralize the acid content present in the water and make it alkaline. Also, it will increase the water’s pH level, thereby making it good for the human body.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water Purifier

● Removing Tap Water Toxins

The best part of using alkaline water filters is removing the unwanted contaminants present in your tap water supply. Sometimes your tap water might have various chemicals and other contaminants, and alkaline water filters help eliminate them.

● Higher pH Level

An alkaline water filter’s awesome feature is that it would increase the water’s pH level, thereby making it more alkaline.

● Anti-Oxidant Water

The alkaline water filter would boost the water’s ability to produce the best anti-oxidants. 

What Is RO Water Purifier?

The water purification system of RO will help to move the water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. This will help the water molecules to move to the other side of the membrane. Also, the dissolved salts and other impurities will be left out.

Benefits Of RO Water Purifier

● Removes Disease-Causing Contaminants

Most of India’s water sources are tap water, and they are the common carriers of many disease-causing contaminants like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus. RO water purifier removes these contaminants.

● Makes Water Sweet

The majority of the impurities present in the water can influence the flavor and help ensure that the food tastes better when we cook it.  

● Effective Water Purification

There is an added layer of protection with the RO water purification system compared to the UV and UF filtration. 

RO Water Purifiers Vs. Alkaline Water Purification

Features Alkaline Water Purifier RO Water Purifier
Electricity It does not require any electricity for operating. The RO needs a constant supply of electricity for powering the hydraulic pressure. 
Water Wastage There is no water wastage in alkaline water purification. More water is required to be pushed into the RO system, leading to wastage of water.
Remove Minerals It enhances the mineral content and adds electrolytes. RO gets rid of a tiny micron size of 0.0001 and creates healthier water.
Size An alkaline water filter is not huge. RO systems are of huge units and take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Cons Of Alkaline And RO Water Purifier

The cons of the alkaline water filter are – 

► Lowers the natural stomach acidity, and this kills the required pathogens from entering your blood.

► Alter the pH level of your blood.

The cons of RO water purifiers are – 

► Gets rid of essential minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.

► Won’t kill all the viruses and bacteria as a whole.

► Alters the taste o the water as the natural minerals are removed, and water becomes decentralized. 

► Take a lot of time to purify as the RO is known to have a long purification procedure.

► RO water purifiers waste a lot of water compared to other filters.


Both the alkaline and RO water purification systems are great to use. Each of them has its cons and pros. You need to use them based on the kind of water supply you are getting from the tap. But it is better to go for the alkaline water purifiers as they don’t use electricity and avoids water wastage.

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