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A.O Smith Z8 Vs Z9 – Comparison

A.O Smith Z8 Vs Z9 - Comparison 1

Do you prefer AO Smith over other purifier brands? 

If yes, then it’s natural to be curious about two of their latest models- the Z8 and Z9.

AO Smith has done wonders with its water purifier models through a sleek and compact design or advanced filter technologies.

However, as Z8 and Z9 are closely related, most of you might get confused, and that’s pretty normal. 

So, have you reached a solution yet?

If not, then do not worry! 

To make you more knowledgeable about AO Smith Z8 VS AO Smith Z9, we will talk about some of the relevant facts that will bring out the differences with enhanced transparency and clarity. 

AO Smith Z8 Vs Z9

SpecificationsA.O Smith Z8 (4.2 out of 5 stars)A.O Smith Z9 (4.3 out of 5 stars)
PriceRs. 21,999 – See On AmazonRs. 23,990 – See On Amazon
Capacity10 Liters(0.8 Hot Tank)10 Liters(0.8 Hot Tank)
Item Weight15.2 kgs (approx.)15.2kgs (approx.)
MaterialFood Grade PlasticFood Grade Plastic
Warranty1-Year, Includes all filters and RO Membrane.1-Year, Includes all filters and RO Membrane.
Special FeaturesNight AssistNight Assist & One Touch Dispensing
Technology UsedRO (Reverse Osmosis) + SCMTRO (Reverse Osmosis) + SCMT
Purification Method8 Stage Purifying Technology:
Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon Block +ART™ + Side Stream RO membrane +MIN-TECH + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT).
8 Stage Purifying Technology:
Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon Block +ART™ + Side Stream RO membrane +MIN-TECH + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT).
Product Dimensions (H x D x W)482 mm x 369 mm x 326 mm482 mm x 369 mm x 326 mm
TDS LevelUpto 2000ppmUpto 2000ppm

Product Overview:


AO Smith Z8

A.O Smith Z8 Vs Z9 - Comparison 2

Talking about the design of this purifier, it is sleek and compact. Since it has a wall-mounted design, you won’t have to worry about making more space on the countertop and jamming it.

The top section of the appliance has a digital display with the brand logo. It’s protruding, and underneath is two dispensers for hot and cold water.

You will see the mark (red for hot and blue for cold) to help you identify it. The overall weight is about 15.2 kilograms, which is a moderate level.

Besides, its dimensions are also the perfect fit for any small kitchen as it measures 36.9X32.6X48.2 centimeters. 

AO Smith Z9

A.O Smith Z8 Vs Z9 - Comparison 3

Much hasn’t changed in the design of the AO Smith Z9. For example, the top portion is still protruding in nature.

But, instead of having a linear digital display, it has a square display which shortens the area. Another difference you can notice between the two products is the dispensers.

Instead of including flaps like Z8, in Z9, you will have a closed outlet fixed to the main chassis. All you have to is place the bottle underneath, and the operation button is somewhere else. 

TDS Level Of Z8 Vs Z9

TDS measures the total amount of dissolved chemical compounds in water, both organic and inorganic.

Every purifier has a certain capacity to filter these TDS compounds. Both AO Smith Z8 and Z9 can purify water having a TDS value less than 2000 ppm.

So, you have to ensure that the water supply to your home has a TDS less than the threshold amount. 

Features Of Z8 Vs Z9

AO Smith Z8 Features

  • 10-liters capacity 
  • Electric power source
  • ABS-grade material used for construction 
  • 1-year warranty 

AO Smith Z9 Features

  • 10-liters capacity 
  • The power source is electricity 
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Made from food-grade plastic material

Technology Comparison Of Z8 Vs Z9

AO Smith Z8 Technical Features

  1. 8 stage purification system is present in the model, starting with a sediment filter.
  2. It comes with a special mineralizer technology after the RO membrane. The main function of this filter is to add all the essential ions to the water and maintain the pH
  3. ART or Advance Recovery Technology filter is also present, saving water wastage by recovering 90% of the water during purification. 
  4. You can get instant hot water with minerals at two different temperatures- 45°C and 80°C.
  5. It also has a night sleep feature where the LED screen will have a backlit glow for helping you to view the buttons clearly at night. 

AO Smith Z9 Technical Features

  1. In this purifier, you will have 8 stages of purification, starting with a pre-filter and sediment filter and ending with the ZX Dual protection filter. 
  2. ART MAX filter is placed to recover maximum water from the purification system to reduce the wastage 
  3. The patented MIN-TECH technology will help in maintaining the ionic balance of essential minerals in the purified water.
  4. The advanced alert system will let you know whether or not any filter needs a replacement, especially the RO filter. 
  5. The RO filter is connected with an SCMT or Silver Charged Membrane Technology. SCMT removes any kind of microbe or chemical ions which might have crossed the RO membrane. 


AO Smith Z8 has a price of INR 22,799 on Amazon, which is a discounted price. Its actual MRP is INR 26,000, on which you will get a flat 15% rebate.

As for AO Smith Z9, its MRP is INR 31,200 o which a flat discount of 19% is offered. This makes the actual buying price to be around INR 25,348.

Customer Support And Warranty 

Both the purifiers from AO Smith have a warranty of 1 year, within which all the appliance parts and filters will be changed and replaced without any cost, be it the part charges or the maintenance cost.

But, after 1 year, you will have to bear the expenses of both servicing and part replacement or repair cost. 

Pros And Cons Of Z8 Vs Z9

Pros Z8

  • Can dispense hot mineral water at two different temperature for both drinking and cooking
  • Highly space-efficient and can be mounted on the wall
  • 8-stage purification system to help in 100% water purification

Cons Z8

  • Lower warranty period 

Pros Z9 

  • No water loss during purification, thanks to the ART mechanism
  • Mineralizer technology to maintain the ionic concentration of the purified water
  • Night mode makes it easier to handle the purifier in darkness

Cons Z9

  • Needs high maintenance 


As you can see from the above description of AO Smith Z8 VS AO Smith Z9, there are many similarities.

But, yes, some changes have also been introduced as Z9 is the upgraded version of Z8. So, as per your suitability, you need to choose the model that will be the perfect fit. 

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