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9 Benefits Of Drinking Copper RO Water

Do you know that in India, people used to keep water in copper vessels in earlier days? 

If yes, then, have you any idea why? 

If not, you are missing a crucial healthy tip, and that is copper enriched drinking water. When you keep the water in the vessels for a long time, it releases copper ions into the water. After drinking it, their health improved, and they even got relief from many health ailments.

Based on this technology, copper RO membranes have been invented. Unlike the normal RO purifiers, these water purifiers are loaded with copper mixed RO. Hence, the purified water has a high content of cuprous ions, thereby ensuring that your health can stay at optimal levels. 

In the following article, we will talk about how copper RO water can benefit your body. This will clarify your doubts regarding the purifier so that you can get it for yourself and your family. 

In what ways will copper RO water improve your health?

Many people believe that drinking copper enriched water is nothing but self-poisoning. However, recently, WHO has busted this myth and cleared all the doubts. According to health officials, copper ions are extremely beneficial and can improve one’s physical and physiological health in several ways. 

1. Maintains proper ionic balance 

One of the major benefits of drinking copper enriched RO water will improve the ionic balance in your body. It is very important for osmoregulation and also maintains several other metabolic processes. That’s why drinking copper water is important. In addition, this metallic element helps restore homeostasis that further improves overall health. 

2. Helps in losing weight 

Copper acts as one of the boosters to help you lose more weight. Therefore, obese people can easily drink copper RO water as it will increase the rate of fat loss and calorie burning. Furthermore, it won’t affect other metabolic processes as other weight loss methods do. 

3. Improves the digestion ability

Copper has numerous functions when it comes to improving digestion ability. Firstly, it will detoxify your body and restore the normal health of the gut flora. Therefore, you can easily eat anything you like without worrying about your gut’s health. Also, the water helps break down the food particles and, therefore, improve the absorption ability of the small intestine. Furthermore, it will also help in the proper secretion of digestive enzymes that will ensure all the food you are eating is digested properly. 

4. Works on early-ageing symptoms

Early-ageing symptoms like skin wrinkles, greying of hair, sagging of the skin, and so on are signs that the concentration of free radicals is high in your body. It will significantly reduce the number of free radicals drinking copper RO water. Thus, it will further help diminish the signs of early ageing, restore skin health and tightness and even prevent greying of hair. 

5. Combats hypertension 

It is believed that with appropriate levels of copper ions in the blood, the heart can function properly. Moreover, cuprous ions play a major role in keeping the blood pressure under control when it comes to hypertension. It prevents sudden spikes in both systolic and diastolic pressure, which is why people suffering from cardiac problems should drink copper enriched RO water. 

6. Work wonders on arthritis and inflammation

One of the major benefits of drinking copper RO water is reducing arthritis inflammations and pain. Therefore, you can easily get rid of tenderness in the cartilages and the pain. So, make sure you drink RO water if you are suffering from arthritis problems. Of course, it won’t reverse the condition and repair the damage done to the bones and cartilages. But the copper ions will reduce the rate of degeneration. 

7. Helps in treating anaemia

Anaemia is a health problem where the haemoglobin amount drops below the normal levels in males or females. As a result, you will feel tired, hot or cold, flushed, exhausted, and sleepy. Even though taking iron supplements will cure this health problem and restore proper balance, copper water will boost the activity of iron. Therefore, you can get rid of anaemia in only a few days only.

8. Boosts the immune power 

Copper enriched RO water will also help in boosting the immunity power, thereby maintaining your health and making your body more capable of fighting infections. Furthermore, copper has antimicrobial properties that will prevent suffering from bacterial diseases. It will also help reduce your body’s susceptibility and vulnerability towards other kinds of infections or toxication. 

9. Improves the skin health and looks 

Lastly, copper RO water will improve your skin’s health further. Be it by preventing the breakouts of acne or reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, and you can get rid of several dermal issues by drinking copper water. 

How to choose the best copper RO water purifier?

Several water purifiers have RO filters made from copper plates. Having such a product in your house will help you improve your and others’ health. But to get the best out of this particular form of purifier, you need to choose the best product. 

  1. Start with deciding the capacity of the water purifier based on the number of members you have in the family. 
  2. Check the purification layers and their ability to make the drinking water germ-free, chemical-free, and toxin-free.
  3. Make sure that the input channel of the purifier has a built-in pump that will maintain the inlet water pressure automatically. 
  4. It would be best if you also were more careful about the price of the copper RO purifiers. After all, going out of the budget to have the product might not be feasible for everyone.


In the above article, we have discussed the fundamental benefits of drinking copper enriched RO purified water. So, now, if you want to get a new purifier or upgrade the existing one, you must look for products where the RO filter has copper plates. Seeing as how effective copper element is for your body, we are certain that you won’t have any problem having the purifier.

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