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Is There a Best Time to Drink Water

No doubt, water is important for our health. Around 75% of our human body is made of water, and it plays a great role in regulating all the things right from the function of the brain to physical performance and digestion.

Of course, this clearly shows that drinking enough water is necessary for great health, but you might be wondering about the timing.

Drinking-Water In The Morning

Enjoying a glass of water and that too first thing in the morning is the best way for starting the day off and that too at the right foot. Some people would drink water as soon as they wake up. This makes it easy to maintain a healthy hydration habit and even increases the fluid intake all around the day.

So, if you are dehydrated, try to increase your daily water intake. That would help boost the hydration levels, which would help improve one’s brain function, mood, and energy levels.

Having Water Before Meals

A glass of water just before having meals is the best strategy for losing weight. This would help enhance the feeling of fullness; however, it decreases the intake during the meal. For example, studies done on 24 older adults found that drinking 16.9b ounces, i.e., 500 ml of water just 30 minutes before breakfast, would lower the number of calories.

But all participants reported the feeling of fullness and even significant differences among calorie intake and hunger levels that are commonly observed among young adults. So, drinking water just before meals would be the best method for supporting hydration. More research would be required to determine whether it would promote weight loss among younger individuals.

Before And After Exercise

When you are working out, you lose electrolytes and water, and that is through sweat. It is important to intake a good amount of water before and after exercising to keep the body hydrated, which would help replenish any of the fluids lost.

The excessive loss of fluids during the workout would harm one’s physical performance and lead to electrolyte imbalances.

Consistency Is The Major Key

As we all know, our body tightly regulates the balance of the water all around the day. The excess water is also thrown out from our body through the lungs, skin, digestive system, and kidneys. But the body won’t be able to remove a certain amount of water at a time.

Of course, drinking too much water would disrupt the body’s sodium level along with the fluid balance; still, it would lead to various side effects like confusion, headache, seizure, fatigue, etc. Rather than drinking a huge amount of water at once, it is necessary to space out the entire intake to become hydrated during the day.

The Bottom Line

Of course, having a glass of water the first thing in the morning helps maintain a good and healthy habit. It even increases your daily intake of water. Furthermore, drinking water before meals would increase fullness and lead to weight loss among older adults. So, have water consistently all around the day.

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