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What Is Brackish Water?

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Water having salinity levels between freshwater and seawater is called brackish water. This happens when the groundwater or surface water mixes with the seawater, especially in the deep fossil aquifers.

It is here that the salt gets dissolved right from mineral deposits over time since precipitation percolates down into the aquifers.

Frankly, most of the time, brackish water is often undervalued. In certain parts of the world, it is commonly used for irrigation, but most industries never use it as it damages their equipment. Plus, it is not good for human or livestock consumption.

Current Scenario Of Brackish Water Usage

Since the cost of desalination decreases and freshwater resources are getting rapidly depleted, various decision-makers are thinking of or having second thoughts regarding the desalination of brackish water. After all, salty water is much easier to desalinate compared to the seawater.

Exploration Of Brackish Water

Now the extent of the exploration of brackish water will be based on getting a suitable usage for it. Here, one has to consider that this type of water won’t exist in places where it has to be beneficial.

The most common usage of brackish water would be for fish breeding and irrigation of crops. They would have a huge tolerance for salinity, especially for crops like barley and cotton. Such crops won’t get affected by salinity levels of 8 dS m-1 or more.

Most scientists believe that brackish water condition is commonly present in when the seawater meets the freshwater. The common and extensive brackish water habitats worldwide are estuaries, the ones where the river meets the sea.

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