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Coating & Tank Materials of Water Heater

Have you ever thought about the need to purchase a water heater? Well, you need a good amount of hot water for bathing, washing utensils, etc., during the winter season.

Now when you venture into the market to buy a water heater, you are bound to get confused regarding which water heater to purchase. There are various options available, and you would have to keep a good amount of knowledge regarding the tank coating and material.

Why Coating Of Water Heater Is Important?

As we all know, the requirement of purchasing a water heater is to store hot water. And this water would be used subsequently as and when needed. Here the storage time would sometimes be ten minutes or even an hour based on the utility.

The best part is that you need to look for a good water heater under these circumstances that avoids corrosion. Also, you must get the one that has the input water supply always in position. So, such water heaters would always be full of water all the time.

Regarding the corrosion aspect, you must for with the manufacturer that coats the appliance’s inner surface. Here such hot water appliances must be coated with anti-corrosive materials for avoiding corrosion whenever it is in contact with warm water. Plus, that would increase the longevity of the appliance.

Materials Used For Storage Heater Tank

Most water heater manufacturing companies would be using normal materials for storage tanks like copper, stainless steel, and thermoplastic. Now copper is the best conductor of heat, and that would lead to heat loss. On the other hand, stainless steel can be the best option for providing better insulation.

But both the stainless steel and copper would be corrosive, and you would need a good anti-corrosive coating. Frankly, thermoplastic is the best non-corrosive material; however, it won’t have the best insulating properties. This means that the stainless steel made storage tanks would be the best choice for any anti-corrosive and insulation.
List Of Coating Materials

► Porcelain Enamel Glass Lining

One of the latest technology from Europe, Porcelain, was bought to India for the first time years back. Here the porcelain enamel is like a glass. It has a fused coating at 830 degrees C for creating the mechanical bond and the metal substrate.

Now, this would make the vitreous enamel layer robust and insert. Here that would be filled with protecting and underlying steel and secure you from corrosion and rust. Here the glass-lined tank would continue to work for many years without any issues irrespective of the water quality.

Here the porcelain enamel tank is commonly used internationally and approved for use in various water heaters by IEC, BIS, and UL.

► Glass

As we all know the glass is considered to be a bad conductor of heat. So, you would be getting quality insulation as and when you are using glass along with stainless steel.

Here the glass is applied to the powdered substance right on the lining of the storage tanks, and when they are heated to a certain temperature, the powdered glass will fuse with metals to provide an anti-corrosive coating.

► Vitreous Enamel

The vitreous enamel layer is quite robust and insert. That would be secure the steel from all kinds of corrosion and rust. Not only that, the glass-lined tank would work for many years without any issues, whatever the quality of the water would be.

Here this method would be useable to apply liquid vitreous enamel coating material for the water heater tank. That would be subsequently dried, and the furnace can be heated to form the glazed enamel internal coating.

► Blue Silicon Enamel

The subsequent baking present in the furnace at 870°C would develop a perfect glass lining right on the tank. That would make sure that the tank has a longer life span. It would also develop an ultra-hygienic surface right inside the tank and thus help retain the purity of the water.

► Polymer

The polymer would be different as compared to the synthetic present in nature. For applying them as a coating, you would need to use it as paint on the storage tanks’ inner walls.

Which Coating Material Is Best For Water Heater?

Now you would notice that it would make most of the coating materials from the processed glass. Here the glass coatings present on the metal would be a complicated task. Also, it would be a unique method for making the best possible option for coating.

As we all know, glass is a bad conductor of heat, but it would provide the best insulation when used together and stainless steel. Here the polymer, on the other hand, would be a different material. That is a synthetic material.

Final Word

Keep in mind that good insulation would be necessary for avoiding heat loss. It would also be best if you kept in mind the standing loss for checking the star ratings.

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