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Does Boiling Tap Water Remove all the Contaminants?

Do you know the number of contaminations present in the water you drink? Did you ever think of boiling your tap water? As a consumer of water, you should make sure that it is pure and sans any contaminations. 

Frankly, most people never think of the water that we drink. Whether it is hot water or cold water or something that we need to turn on the tap for, to fill and drink, water is really necessary for our life. However, most people get messed up when it concerns the amount of water to drink in a day and whether you need to drink bottled or boiled water. 

Amount Of Water You Have To Drink

Well, it concerns your body, more than 50% of it is made from water. So, without water, you won’t be able to maintain a normal body temperature, easily lubricate your joints, and get rid of waste through sweat, urination, and bowel movements. 

Frankly, not getting enough amount of water would lead to dehydration. Also, this can lead to cramping and weakness and ultimately lacking any coordination. 

Do You Need To Boil Water?

When you boil water, it will kill and remove all kinds of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and protozoans. These are the major ones that can cause diseases. Here boiling water from the tap makes it more microbiologically safe. 

Does Boiling Tap Water Make It Pure?

One of the best parts of boiling water is that it would remove the bacteria from the water. But there isn’t any chance that it can make it pure. Most water authorities must and always make sure that the water coming from the taps is bacteria-free. Most importantly, as per most laws, drinking water should be bacteria-free. There must not be a single presence of them. 

However, We can’t remove other contaminants like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, insecticides, and pesticides through boiling water. Whenever you are boiling water, you are just making it denser for contamination. 

Are You Aware Of Any Solutions You Can Follow?

Well, most doctors recommend that you follow three major kinds of water purification systems. They would provide the highest quality of water as and when you are using tap water. 

Whole-House Water Softening

● Whole-House Dechlorination

● Reverse Osmosis

When Do You Think Boiling Water Makes Sense?

Of course, whenever you are boiling water, it brings in some good effects. One major factor would be that most boiling water utility presents them with the best purity similar to boiling water. So, it means that they are germ-free and 100% to drink. 

At times you are planning on using a freshwater source. And most of the time, it would not have purified these. In that case, when you are boiling freshwater, there are fewer chances of you suffering from any bacterial infection. 

How Do You Think You Can Improve The Flavor Of Boiled Water?

Some people often dislike the taste of boiled water. You do have the option to improve the taste of boiling water. One method would be to pour the water back and forth among two containers and that too a few times. Here that would allow one to tap in more air. 

Disadvantage Of Boiled Water

Of course, boiled water is a cost-effective method. But it would have a huge impact on your energy bills. Plus, it is time-consuming. 


When you boil water, it gets rid of bacteria and solids. That means it removes all kinds of harmful substances like lead and chlorine from the tap water. But you would find it time-consuming to make. 

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