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How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight?

For a long time, drinking water has helped in weight loss. Multiple studies show that adults were able to lose weight by increasing their water intake. Also, drinking a good amount of water would lead to weight loss and even maintenance. 

Drinking-Water Would Burn A Lot Of Calories     

Do you know drinking water would increase the number of calories that you can burn? This is called resting energy expenditure. Well, among adults, the resting energy expenditure would increase to 25%-30% within ten minutes of drinking water. And this would last for sixty minutes. 

A study was conducted among certain overweight women. They had taken one liter of water per day, and the result showed that within 12 months, it leads to an extra two kilo of weight loss. 

As women never make changes to any lifestyle besides drinking a lot of water, these results were impressive. Additionally, such results were more impressive when it concerns the usage of cold water. When you are consuming cold water, your body would be using extra calories for burning the water to the body temperature.

Drinking-Water Before Meals Would Reduce Appetite

Some people have claimed that drinking water just before meals would lower one’s appetite. There is certain truth among this; however, this is exclusive among older and middle-aged adults. 

Studies among older adults show that drinking water just before each meal would increase weight loss by two kilos over 12 weeks. Another study shows that drinking water just before breakfast can lower the number of calories consumed during mealtime to around 13%. 

Drinking A Lot Of Water Is Linked To Reducing Calorie Intake And Lowering Risk Of Weight Gain

As water is naturally calorie-free, it is commonly linked to reduced calorie intake. This is because when you drink water rather than beverages, you are avoiding the increase in sugar and calories. 

Various studies show that drinking water would avoid long-term weight gains. Generally, an average person would gain around 1.45kg every four years. 

Well, this amount can be reduced by – 

● Adding one cup of water: You can increase your daily water consumption with one cup, and that would reduce your weight gain by 0.13 kg. 

● Replacing Other Drinks With Water: When you are substituting the serving of sugar-sweetened beverages with one cup of water, that will reduce the four-year weight gain by 0.5 kg.

Nowadays, it is important to encourage kids to drink water to avoid them from becoming obese and overweight. 

How Much Water You Need To Drink?

Various health authorities recommend that you drink an eight-ounce glass of water, which is around two liters per day. But this number is wholly random. Also, the requirement of water is based on the individual. For example, people who sweat a lot and even exercise regularly would require more water than those who are not active.

Older people and breast-feeding mothers can monitor the intake of water closely. Just keep in mind that you would be getting a good amount of water content from various foods and beverages like tea, coffee, fish, meat, milk, and even vegetables and fruits. 

Take-Home Message

No doubt, water is great for weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free and even helps you to burn a lot of calories. Also, it can suppress your appetite when you consume it before meals. Here the benefits are more when you are replacing the sugary beverages with water.


Frankly, water is just a tiny piece of the puzzle for the weight loss regime.

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