Gravity Based Water Purifier Vs RO Water Purifier
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Gravity Based Water Purifier Vs RO Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is necessary for good health. Nowadays, there are widespread of various pollutants in water bodies. Whether it is tap water or boiled water, you need a good and reliable drinking water source. 

It is currently common to see and hear about various incidences where individuals have fallen sick due to the consumption of unfiltered tap water. So, this has raised the importance of having some of the best water purification systems at your home. 

You would come across two types of water purification systems, non-electric and electric water purification, in the market. The electrical ones use electricity, and they are RO tech that uses the pressure water to pass through the RO membrane.

What Is Gravity Water Purifier?

Gravity related water purifiers do not use electricity. Rather they use activated carbon or UF. The activated carbon is created from tiny size carbon granules, and they can easily absorb impurities present in the water. 

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Regarding the UF, it has a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane. Here the water will pass through the hollow fibers, and the impurities will stick to it. So, it means that the water is getting filtered through the normal gravitation procedure, and this is from a higher to a lower point. All this is without the assistance of the external force. The biggest advantage is that it is done without electricity. 

In the gravity water purification procedure, the water will flow from the top compartment to the bottom compartment naturally. Here the filtering is based on the microfiber mesh and the activated carbon filtering. Also, a certain type of polisher is used for removing the residual chemicals.

What Is RO Water Purifier?

The RO water purification system transports the water molecules through the semi-permeable membrane. Due to this, only the water molecules can easily move to the other side of the membrane. This would leave behind the dissolved salts and other major impurities. So, RO purified water helps you get decent water free from harmful bacteria and even removes dissolved contaminants.

Gravity Based Water Purifier Vs RO Water Purifier

Features Gravity Based Water Purifier RO Water Purifier
Bacteria The UV filters destroy all the pathogens present in the water, but the dead bacteria remains suspended in the water. It purifies and kills bacteria and even filters out the dead bodies that are floating in the water.
Dissolved Salts They are not capable of separating the dissolved salts from the water. They can get rid of the dissolved salts and chemicals from the water.
Pre-Filtration System Since the water needs to be clear in killing the bacteria, this method is not effective. So, you can’t use the gravity-based water filters for water having a high amount of sediments. The RO purifiers have a built-in pre-filtration system. This helps it to work better on muddy and dirty water. 
Electricity The UV filter run gravity water filters don’t require electricity. They work on the normal water pressure. These water filtration systems require electricity to boost the water pressure. 

Another major aspect that most people think about while choosing a water filtration system is the cost. Nowadays, the price at which the water filters are available is somewhat justified. 

Water filters protect us from various water-borne diseases and make sure that we don’t miss out on our work and other commitments. The RO water filters are a bit pricey, which is justified because of the extensive protection it provides. 

Similarly, the UV water purification system helps save on other necessary aspects like time. They are much faster in terms of purification compared to the RO filters. Also, they keep the water right in their natural taste and color.


When you compare the UV and RO water purifier, it is clear that you should go with the RO one. It is more effective in purifying the water compared to the UV system. The UV water purifier can only disinfect the water and secures you from various kinds of water-borne diseases. 

Also, the UV water fails to remove harmful dissolved salts and other major heavy metals from water. So, you might want to go to the RO purifiers. But these RO purifiers are expensive, and they do run on electricity. Plus, they waste a lot of water. Whatever you are going to choose, make sure to select wisely.

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