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What Is Gravity Based Water Purifier And Its Benefits?

Unlike other water purifiers, the gravity-based water purifiers don’t use electricity. Rather, here it uses UF or activated carbon. The activated carbon created from small size carbon granules. It helps in absorbing impurities available in the water. 

Hollow Fibers of Gravity Water Purifiers

The UF has a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane. As water passes through these hollow fibers, impurities will get stick to it. It means water will get filtered using the normal gravity procedure, which begins from the high point to the lower point. Here this is done without the assistance of any external forces. 

The biggest advantage of using gravity-based water purifiers is that it operates without the usage of electricity. Here the water will be flowing from the top compartment to the bottom one naturally.

It is common for filtering to depend on microfiber mesh, activated carbon filtering, and certain types of polishers to remove the residual chemicals. 

Fiber Mesh Usage In Gravity Based Water Purifiers

A fiber mesh is a simple kind of cloth. It removes visible dirt and other dangerous particles. Now activated carbon module (which is just like charcoal water filtering used by our forefathers) helps to remove all kinds of dirt, pesticide impurities, and parasites. Not only that, but the popular modules can also easily take out any traces of chlorine or major undissolved chemicals. 

Nowadays, most of the water purifiers’ reputed brands are using gravity-based or non-electric based water purification systems. In this, the filtration procedure done using a UF membrane. This so-called UF membrane is similar to the RO membrane; however, it is bigger in the pore size. 

But the pore size of the UF membrane (which is 0.1 microns) is tiny, and it can easily filter out the smallest microorganism like cyst and bacteria. So, no doubt, the gravity-based water purification system is the best purification technology. 

10 Benefits Of Gravity Based Water Purification System

  • It works without using any electricity
  • Gravity based water purification system helps in removing all kinds of dirt and other particles. 
  • The gravity-based water purifier helps in removing the dangerous residual chemicals.
  • It can easily absorb all kinds of impurities present in the water. 
  • Gravity based water purification systems can remove pesticide impurities and even parasites. 
  • It can also remove turbidity. 
  • Gravity based water purifiers provide the best-purified water compared to boiled water.
  • They are available at a low price.
  • Not only are they easy to use and clean, but they have low maintenance. 
  • You won’t need to clean the water purifier regularly.

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