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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel

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Water is an essential substance on this planet. The human body is made up of 70% water as it naturally in need of drinking it often. At least eight glasses of water are required to fuel up the day-to-day life of a human body. It’s common to hear that drinking water in a copper vessel has much healing.

Benefits to your health. But why?

Copper can kill the microorganisms present in the water, which may be harmful to the body. It is not the fact that drinking plain water from your bottle has harmful substances but, drinking water from a stored plastic water bottle does.

When you store water in a copper vessel, it releases copper ions into the water and gives much more benefits compared to any one of the storage vessels.

The copper bottle/vessel can kill the bacteria naturally and has the properties to purify the water. In this blog, let us discuss the healing benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel.

For ages, our granddads and moms often advise us to drink from copper vessels. This old age tradition does wonder and provides a huge amount of health benefits. 

Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessels

It is high time we go back to the traditional way of drinking water from copper vessels. Some of the major highlights are – 

1. Improving Digestion

Do you know copper has anti-bacterial properties? This assists in killing some of the dangerous bacteria present in the stomach. Also, it improves digestion. Frankly, copper vessels are the best remedy for ulcers and infection.

2. Helping In Reducing Weight

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 1

One of the major benefits of cooper water is it helps our digestive system work better and helps break down the stored food in the body. Also, the broken down fat is efficiently removed from the body. 

3. Reduces Ageing

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 2

As we start to age, wrinkles or fine lines begin to appear on our faces. The presence of natural anti-oxidant properties in copper help in the cell formation properties. 

4. Defeating Arthritis & Inflamed Joints

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 3

One of the best features of copper is its anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this property to get good relief from pain in the inflamed joints. Drinking water from copper vessels will help in curing you of inflamed joints and arthritis. 

5. Beats Hypertension & Good For Heart

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 4

Various studies show that copper assists in regulating one’s blood pressure and heart rate. Not only is it good for the heart, but it also reduces the bad cholesterol level. 

6. Defeating Anaemia

As the level of copper reduces in our body, we start to absorb less iron. This will lead to the deficiency of iron, and we end up becoming anemia. With the assistance of the copper vessel, the amount of iron can be increased in our body.

7. Regulating Of Thyroid Gland

Copper is considered as one of the essential minerals that help in the working of the thyroid gland. It energizes the thyroid and avoids the excessive excretion from the thyroid gland. 

8. Healing Wounds Faster

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 5

Copper has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. This can help in healing wounds faster.

9. Boosting Skin Health & Melanin Production

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessel 6

Copper is great for improving skin health, and it helps in the production of melanin that is responsible for the color of your hair, skin, and eyes.

10. Fights Infection

Since copper has antimicrobial properties, it can destroy harmful bacteria and even assists in fighting against infections. 

However, there is a risky factor in this process. We can say that copper vessels improper use may end up in vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes severe headaches. It would be best if you were very careful in choosing the copper vessel and the vessel you choose must be good in quality.


Drinking water in a copper vessel has many health benefits. But choosing the right one is the most important thing.

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