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How To Save Water?

As you know, about 70% of the earth is covered in water, and among it, only one percentage is accessible for us. Being a scare resource, we are constantly going through the fights of water shortage and droughts. This has made the requirement of saving water as a huge necessity.

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How To Save Water In Daily Life?

Water is one of the vital and natural resources of life; it is important to save water and adopt the required measures to avoid its wastage.

Saving Water In Your Bathroom

1. Fixing Your Leaks

Do you know that hidden or known leaks in the pipes, taps, and toilets will sometimes lead to 11,000 liters of water wastage? Always make sure to check your bathroom fittings for any leakage and try to get them repaired as soon as possible.

2. Turn Off Tap While Brushing Teeth

An average faucet or tap will produce ten liters of water every minute. So, you mustn’t leave the tap open while you are shaving or brushing.

3. Turn Off Tap While Washing Hands

Make sure to avoid leaving the tap running while scrubbing your hands. First, wet your hands and then turn off the tap. On the tap only when you need to rinse.

Saving Water In The Kitchen

1. Avoid Using RO Purifiers

Are you aware that an average RO purifier wastes approximately three liters of water for every liter of purified water? So, it means that only 25% of the water is purified, and the remaining 75% of the water comes out as waste. It is better to use UV+UF water purifiers.

2. Reuse And Reduce RO Water Wastage

As clearly stated above, use the RO purifier only when necessary. Try to conserve and reuse the water that is wasted from the RO for washing or cleaning your kitchen.

3. Washing Dishes

When you are washing dishes, avoid leaving the water running. Just fill the sink with the water or use a large bucket for rinsing the dishes.

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