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Instant Vs Storage Water Heater(Geyser)

As you venture into the market to purchase some of the best water heaters, you encounter a dilemma. There are various choices among the instant and storage geysers, and you can’t make a good choice. Well, both the storage and instant water heaters have their advantages.

Let’s check them out.

Definition Of Instant Water Purifier

As the name suggests, the instant water heater produces heated water as soon as possible. The instant water heater takes very less storage space, and they are easy to install too. You can get them at various size ranges, and these can range from one to three litres. 

Not only that, they have a good storage capacity, and you can enjoy a great hot water supply with the three-litres one. Because they are instant water heaters, they have very low storage volume and gives you a high heating rate.

Benefits Of Instant Water Heaters

  • Energy Savers: Well, an instant water heater helps one to heat water right on demand. As soon as the water heater is on, it would heat the water immediately. Unlike the storage water heaters, this one won’t consume a huge amount of energy. 
  • Space Saving: No doubt, the instant water heaters are very compact. You get the correct amount of space to install them. Most of the common bathrooms present in India would be very small. So, the whole installation procedure of the instant water heater would be convenient.
    Also, the water heater would be easy to hang on the wall. And it won’t take up a huge amount of space. 
  • Long-lasting: The instant water has a long lifespan. The storage water heaters would be having a lifespan of around ten to twelve years. However, instant water heaters can last for more than twenty years. In terms of investment, you can count on instant water heaters as they provide great value to your money.
  • Provides Clean Water: The best benefit you get from using instant water heaters is that you get clean, hot water. The sediments are getting deposited in the storage water heaters as they often build up and settle down. Also, the rust of the interiors of the tank can harm the water. 

Definition of Storage Water Heater

Well, the storage water heater in India is standard. It provides faster-heated water that gets stored in the storage tank. This leads to maximum heating capacity, and you get faster and instant heated water. 

So, in terms of convenience, the storage water heaters use many kinds of fuels. These consist of natural gas, propane, and electricity. 

Benefits Of Storage Water Heater

  • Easy and compatible with your bathroom: When you compare the storage water heaters with the instant ones, you can see that the amount of water you get is more. In the instant one, the surface area would be small. But with the storage water heaters, you get a huge rush of water from the taps. 
    Well, it would be similar to the opening of the floodgates of a dam. The high rate of water pressure gives you an abundance of water for bathing. Just think of showering in the mornings with a regular and huge supply of hot water. 
  • Huge supply of warm water: Now the storage water heater would be having a huge reservoir of hot water. You would already store it in the tank, and that would be kept warm at a high temperature. 
  • Easy and flexible to install: Your instant water would be easy to install but not like the storage water heaters. They can be placed anywhere, and you can place them on the false ceiling. 

Instant Vs Storage Water Heater

Features Instant Water Heater Storage Water Heater
Wall Space They occupy very small wall-mounting space. The storage water heater would occupy huge wall mounting space.
Delay The hot water would come immediately as soon as you switch on the geyser. One would have to wait up to five minutes for the water to heat.
Water Heating Cost The instant water heater has less water heating cost. The storage water has a little more water heating cost and that is after some time.
Best Suitable For The water heater is suitable for hand wash, washing kitchen utensils, bathing, etc. The water heater is commonly used for bathing using a bucket and even for shower.
Life Span The water heater has a great life span compared to other models. This water heater has very less life span.


The instant water heater would be a great choice when you want hot water immediately. But the storage water heater provides a huge amount of water for your usage. Now you need to take into account what your family needs and your budget. Convenience plays a great role in the selection. 

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