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What Are The 5 Main Properties Of Water

The following are the five major properties of water-

1) Attraction To Other Polar Molecules

This consists of two stages – Adhesion and Cohesion

  • Cohesion – Cohesion is also called as the attraction of water to other water molecules. Frankly, this is one of the major properties of water. The polarity level of water is the reason for its attraction to other water molecules. Also, the presence of hydrogen bonds in the water, and it holds other water molecules together.
  • Adhesion – The attraction of water among molecules of different substances is known as adhesion. Here you need to realize water is adhesive to any molecule and form hydrogen bonds with it.

2) High Specific Heat

Water is available at moderate temperatures due to two major properties – high heat of vaporization and high specific heat.

Here high specific heat is the amount of energy absorbed or lost by a single gram of substance that changes the temperature by one degree Celsius.

Besides, water molecules will create a whole lot of hydrogen bonds among each other.

3) High Amount Of Evaporation

Another important reason for the moderate temperature of the water is the high heat of vaporization it has.

Here the high heat of evaporation of the water is nothing but the amount of heat energy needed for changing a gram of liquid into gas.

Of course, water will even need a huge amount of energy to break down the hydrogen bonds.

4) Lower Density Of Ice

Being at a cooler temperature, the hydrogen bonds present in water molecules will form ice crystals. Here the hydrogen bonds are a bit stable and will easily maintain the crystal kind of shape.

5) High Polarity

Water is one of the most popular molecules having a high amount of polarity. It leads to attraction to other ions and polar molecules.

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