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Difference Between RO vs UV vs UF vs MF

Are you planning on purchasing a new water purifier for your home? Well, it might seem okay if you are confused with all the technical terms.

You are not alone. Most of the water purifier brands go through this ‘I am best’ syndrome where they concentrate on marketing rather than providing actionable details.

If you are able to know the difference among the UV, RO, MF and UF water purifiers, it will easily help you to select from the best water purifiers that are suitable for your office and home.

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Full-Form of RO, UV, UF, & MF

RO – Reverse Osmosis
UV – Ultraviolet
UF – Ultra Filtration
MF – Micro Filtration

Table Of Contents

Difference Between RO Vs. UV Vs. UF Vs. MF Water Purification Technologies

1. Usage Of Electricity

The RO purification system needs electricity for purifying water. Even the UV purification system requires the same in its purification procedure. But both MF and UF purification systems do not require electricity.

2. Removing Bacteria

Now the RO purification system can remove all the viruses and bacteria from the water. UV destroys all kinds of viruses and bacteria, but their dead bodies remain in the water. UF will filter out all kinds of viruses and bacteria from water, while the MF will only filter out bacteria.

3. High Water Pressure

The RO purifiers need high water pressure, and that is why an extra pump is used in all RO purification systems. The UV purifier works best with normal tap water pressure. With regard to the UF and MF, they too work with normal tap water pressure.

4. Dissolved Salts

The RO purification system can remove harmful metals and dissolved salts. But the UV, UF, and MF purification systems cannot dissolve the salts and harmful metals.

5. Filtering Impurities

The RO purifier can easily filter out all kinds of visible and suspended impurities like dirt, mud, rust, sand, etc. But the UV doesn’t provide the option for filtering impurities.

Regarding UF, it filters out all kinds of suspended and visible impurities. The same is with the MF purifiers.

6. TDS Reduction

Now the RO purification system can provide 90% of TDS reduction. With regard to the UV, it provides 0% TDS reduction. The same is with the UF and MF purification systems where they provide zero TDS reduction.

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Frankly, when you are going to purchase any water purification system, it is good to have a good knowledge of the various technologies. This will help you to select the one as per your requirements.

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