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What Are The Main Sources Of Water

There are various methods on how one can collect water. But the major sources are given below –

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1. Surface Water

The surface water is one that falls on to the ground in the form of hail or rain. Now, this water is collected right from the special area called the catchment.

The catchment will feed water into holding areas through streams, rivers, and creeks. This water is later on stored in artificial or natural barriers called reservoirs or dams.

2. Rivers Or Lakes

Community water or town water supplies are commonly drawn directly right from the nearby lakes and rivers.

3. Springs

You can find spring water where underground water flows out naturally from the ground. This is usually done without using any kind of wells, bores, and pumps.

4. Rock Holes And Rock Catchment Areas

At times large rocky outcrops might have low areas. In such areas, the water will be trapped. Now, these low areas will make a great natural dam. You can create walls around it to increase the amount of trapped water.

5. Excavated Dams

Now excavated dams are created through the scooping out of the soil. This will help in making a huge shallow hole. Such barriers are placed right at the bottom of the slope for assisting in the collection of water.

But this would be done in areas where soil won’t allow water to get drained away easily from the ground. A perfect example would be clay soil.

6. Rainwater Tanks

Sometimes the rainwater that falls on the roofs of houses would be used and collected by roof guttering. A pipe would be used for leading the water to the storage tank.

7. Wells And Bores

For creating a bore, holes are drilled into the ground. These would be dug deep enough for finding a long-lasting body of water.

After that, a pipe would be used that runs down the hole into the water. A pump is used for bringing the water to the ground level.

8. Artesian Bores

Certain times, the bore might be sunk into a low lying area. Now the water will gush out of the present hole right under its pressure. Here the water would be under pressure as it is just an underground body of water.

Much of the water will be at a higher level compared to the bore opening. Such kind of bore is called an artesian bore. Furthermore, the water supply taken right from the bore or well is called groundwater.

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