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Tips To Maintain A Water Purifier Efficiently

Since you have invested a lot of money and time into the water filtration system, you must ensure its safe and proper working. Only when a water purifier works properly can you get healthy, safe, and clean water to drink and other household uses.

Water purifiers provide us with a faster and easier way to drink water whenever we are in a rush. No doubt, they have become a huge part of our day-to-day lives. Somewhat it is impossible to think of a life with a good water filtration system.

Most houses all over India have branded water filters. But only a few of them are aware of how to maintain the water purification system properly. As per various water purification systems, customers aren’t aware that the water filters must be clean and free from all dirt for getting a continuous supply of good water.

The Importance Of Maintenance Of RO Filters

1) Regular Filter Changes

In a normal water purification system, there are three to four or even five stages of filtration. Suppose you have purchased any branded water purifier. In that case, you should be aware that its filters have to be changed periodically, as they would be filled with impurities and end up working.

The pre-filtering stage is one where the sand and other sediments are removed. This filtration procedure helps the RO membrane from getting damaged. You must constantly change the pre-filter cartridge every six to ten months.

The second filtration stage is the carbon filter. Here the bad odor and chlorine are removed from the water. Studies have shown that chlorine can easily damage the RO membrane. Like the pre-filter cartridge, this also should be changed periodically every six to ten months.

The third filtration procedure is the RO stage. In this, it would throw out the residual sediments from the membrane. And then it would drain it.

It would help if you replaced the RO membrane every two to four years. You can do it by yourself or get the RO expert from the company to purchase the water purifier.

2) Doing Regular Service & Maintenance

Not many people think of doing regular services of their water filtration system. The regular service of the water purifier consists of cleaning the insides of the water filtration system frequently.

You need to thoroughly clean it to avoid the build-up of any minerals, dirt, or contaminants present in the filter. Most importantly, you have to avoid using any harsh chemicals. Try to clean the system with warm water gently.

You mustn’t add any harmful toxins to the system as they can get absorbed into the water you and your family would be drinking. Weekly, try to clean all the parts of the filter system. The best would be to use the expert’s services or the service engineers of the branded water purifiers.

3) Never Ignore The Signs Of Leakages And Drips

Whenever there are any signs of drips and leakages, you need to be cautious. You mustn’t waste any amount of water as it is a precious resource.

As soon as you come across the water purifiers’ filter or tank leakages, it would help if you got it immediately fixed. The best way to handle it is to call the authorized service dealer. Sometimes there would be an annual maintenance warranty that ensures it can fix it for free.

4) Efficient Maintenance Of RO Membrane

Similar to the water purification system filters, you have to make sure that the RO membranes are cleaned and serviced regularly. For servicing the RO membrane by yourself, you have to follow the below steps –

● Shut off the main valve as a whole.
● After that, you have to dispense all the water from the RO faucet.
● Then remove the carbon filters and sediment from their housing.
● Remove the RO membrane from the housing.
● Once that is done, you have to keep the filter out of the housing. Screw the housings back into the place.

5) Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) would be a great thing for your water purification maintenance. Most of the best brands provide a great maintenance contract for more than one year, and that would involve free servicing and cleaning of the filters and RO membrane every three to six months. Also, some of the AMC provides free replacement of certain parts.

6) Sanitizing Your RO Tank

Your water purifiers need to go through a sanitization procedure and recharging every year. There are various sanitization kits available online, and you can use them to do the procedure manually.

But please go with the services of the authorized service dealers. They would do it properly.


It might not seem to be an important task to take care of the maintenance of your water purifications system. But you have to keep in mind that you should not compromise your family’s health.
Regular maintenance and cleaning of the water purifier would help in getting clean and sparkling drinking water regularly.

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