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What Is Tonic Water?

Tonic water (also called as Indian tonic water) is just like a carbonated soft drink. But the only difference is that in this water, quinine is dissolved. Frankly, this type of water is used as a prophylactic against malaria.

Nowadays, this tonic water has a very less amount of quinine content. Also, it is consumed for its distinctive bitter flavor, and you can even get it in sweetened flavor. You can even mix it in drinks like tonic and gin.

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Is Tonic Water Good For Humans?

Well, it is not. The tonic water is a bit misnomer. Of course, it is a bubbly drink and starts as carbonated water. But once the quinine is added, bitter comes into the play, making it bit avoidance for drinking.

Now there is nothing wrong with that; however, certain store-purchased ones have added fruit extracts and even sugar. So, whenever you add four ounces of tonic water to a simple cocktail, you are sipping on to 11 grams of sugar. Well, this is as much as if you are pouring four ounces of Sprite.

Amount Of Quinine Content

Frankly, medicinal tonic water only had carbonated water and a huge amount of quinine. But most of the tonic water available today will be having less quinine, and they are used just for flavor.

Since it has a low amount of quinine content, it will taste less bitter and will have some sweetened taste because of the high content of fructose corn syrup or sugar. Certain manufacturers even create slimline or diet tonic water. These will have artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

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