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What Are The Types Of Water

No doubt, water is one of the major reasons for human survival. It is considered as the major factor for the existence of life on our planet earth.

As we all know, the human body comprises 70% of water, and this water is lost from our body through sweat and urine. This is the major reason nutritionists and health experts believe in the need to be hydrated.

Types Of Water

Water is often distinguished based on its consistency, origin, treatment, and composition. Following are the types of water –

  1. Tap Water – The water you get directly from the faucet is called the tap water. It might or might not be suitable for drinking. Commonly, tap water is used for household needs like cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing clothes, etc. Here, the regulation should be based on the local municipal bodies.
  2. Mineral Water – Mineral water is the water that has a huge amount of minerals. You get mineral water from underground sources, making it rich in various minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese, etc. The best part is further minerals can’t be added to the water.

    The water can also be subjected to any kind of treatment besides the limited ones like iron, carbonation, manganese removal, etc., just before packaging. The presences of required minerals provide the reputation of being healthy drinking water.
  3. Spring Water – In certain places, the rainwater gets accumulated underground. This leaks out on to the surface as puddle or spring. Natural spring doesn’t pass through the community water system. They are suitable for drinking as they come from the ground.
  4. Well Water – Whenever it rains, the water will trickle down and pass through the crevices of the soil. This goes beneath the ground to form the underground lakes. Here this occurs over a period of time. Deep wells are formed, and this is tapped as groundwater and bought to the surface for drinking.
  5. Purified Water – Any water that is derived from its source and undergone purification treatment at a plant is called purified water. The purification procedure involves removing all kinds of contaminants, bacteria, and dissolved solids.
  6. Distilled Water – A demineralized water or distilled water is subjected to various treatments for removing all its minerals and salts through distillation and osmosis procedure.
  7. Sparkling Water – Sparkling water is one that has undergone carbonation. This makes the water fizzy, just like a normal soda.

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