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Vertical Vs Horizontal Water Heater

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Whenever you purchase the best water heater in India, you need to be aware of its capacity and brand. A branded one means quality and a good lifetime warranty. But what about the difference between models when it is vertical and horizontal water heaters. 

Let’s check out. 

Vertical Vs Horizontal Water Heater

FeaturesVertical Water HeaterHorizontal Water Heater
RequirementThey would need vertical space.They won’t need vertical spacing.
PriceThey are very much cheaper.They are very much costly.
Energy EfficientThey provide the best heating efficiency.The water heater provides moderate heating efficiency.
InstallationThey are very much easy to install.These are very difficult to install.

Definition Of Vertical Water Heater

Vertical water heaters are just like the normal ones that you use at your home. Frankly, they are the most common ones that millions of homeowners use. Vertical-based water heaters are very simple to install. 

All they would need is two feet of vertical space on any of the walls. And the best part is that they are the best ones for the bathrooms having small ceilings.

Benefits Of Vertical Water Heater

The vertical water heaters are the traditional water heaters that are very much commonly found in most homes in India. They run off electricity, and the method of heating water would be the natural means. Also, when you check out the efficiency, the vertical water heaters are better than the horizontal water heaters. 

Now the main reason for this great efficiency is the stratification. The stratification can be termed as the easy ways one can use for mixing cold and heated water. Unlike cold water, hot water needs very little density. That makes it go to the top of the water tank. And ultimately, the cold water would be deposited to the bottom.

When both the hot and cold water mixes, there can be chances for certain turbulence and friction to happen. In the vertical heater, the turbulence would be very much less. Plus, the major advantage would be that the water gets dispersed easily. 

Along with these features, the vertical water heater is very energy efficient. Unlike the horizontal water heater, you can get them for a lower price. 

Definition Of Horizontal Water Heater

Now unlike vertical water heaters, the horizontal ones are different. They are very much compact and are one of the best space-saving ones. Besides that, they are perfect ones for those bathrooms having limited space. 

Benefits Of Horizontal Water Heater

  • Best For Your Health: Have you ever thought about the smoke that arises when water is heated? In the horizontal water heater, they are very few, and the smoke never occurs. 
  • Very Easy To Use: Now in this water heater, you won’t need to heat the water manually. Perfectly, the best one you can have, and you save a lot of time and effort, thereby doing other major chores. 
  • Time-Saving: As it would do everything in an automated way, you can have a great time using the horizontal water heater. This would lower the time and effort for you. And the best part is that you get a satisfactory bath during the winter season. 
  • Space Saver: As we all know, the horizontal water heater is quite famous for being compact. This would help them to consume less amount of space. 
  • Installation: In the case of the horizontal water heater, you can easily install it. Many of the manufacturers of horizontal water heaters provide the best guidance. It can easily understand even their assistance, and that makes the whole installation procedure easy.
  • Easy Auto-Off: Unlike the vertical water heaters, the horizontal water heaters are very safe to use. They have the best safety feature that automatically shuts the water heater off. Frankly, this happens when the water heater reaches a particular temperature. 
  • Affordable: Sometimes you would feel that the horizontal water heaters are costly. However, no doubt, it would be suited for your budget. You won’t break your bank, and it won’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Best Quality Check: Unlike the fake ones, the genuine horizontal water heater would pass through all types of standard checks. That means they are safe to use.


Whenever you choose between the horizontal and vertical ones, you have to check out the price, heating efficiency, etc. Most importantly, the space available in your bathroom. As whatever water heater you choose, it needs to fit perfectly without taking a lot of space.

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