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Water Dispenser Vs. Water Purifier

Being more than a normal office icon, the water cooler has become convenient and somewhat a must-have appliance for people at offices and homes. A water cooler would often encourage people to consume more water, and when it is related to cool and refreshing water or drink on a hot day, nothing can beat a water cooler or dispenser. 

When you compare a water dispenser with a water purifier, you will come across huge differences in both of them. They have some seemingly different features, and that is necessary to know about just before you begin shopping to get the right one among both of these.

What Is A Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser machine provides all workplaces with an unlimited supply of safe and filtered drinking water. This is done by plumbing the water into your existing supply. For drinking the water, users can use or place a cup, jug, or bottle beneath the faucet and then push the lever or the button to fill the glass.

Some water dispensers have a refrigerator mechanism that can cool your drinking water and provide you with ice-cold or cold temperature water just before delivery. The features would also extend beyond the cooling to heating, carbonation, and filtration of the water supply. Based on the model that is suitable for your home or workplace, the water temperature might range from – 

Ambient (which is of room temperature)
Cold (default setting of 41 degrees Fahrenheit)
Hot (here, the default setting is 189 degrees Fahrenheit and other options like 167 degrees Fahrenheit or 199.4 degrees Fahrenheit). 
Extra hot (the default setting is 203 degrees Fahrenheit and other options like 176 degrees Fahrenheit and 189 degrees Fahrenheit).

A water dispenser would be useful in various situations. Some offices like to have a water dispenser as it will provide employees and clients with convenient access to water and that too without taking any extended breaks or going to a store. Additionally, the water dispenser is even used at the residential homes that do not have ideal drinking water from the tap or for people who don’t enjoy the tap water’s taste.

Do you know that water dispensers are an environmentally friendly option compared to personalized bottle water? The personalized bottle leads to huge plastic wastage. 

Benefits Of Water Dispenser

● No Plumbing Needed

One of the major aspects or advantages of the water dispenser is that you won’t need any plumbing activity to use it. Besides that, it leads to easy installation, and even you would not have to expose yourself to the potential risk of contamination from the plumbing system of your home.

● Portable

Another major benefit of the water dispenser is that they are extremely portable. If you are deciding to move your water cooler, then don’t worry about the complicated installation procedure; all you need to do is plug it in. 

● More Water Variety

When you own a water cooler, you are blessed with the option of variety. Most importantly, you can try out various kinds of water like mineral water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, etc., until you can get the required drinking water that you like.

● Attractive

There are various water cooler manufacturers that provide multiple and attractive water coolers. These would be available in various styles and sizes. 

What Is Water Purifier?

The water purification system is a process of getting rid of undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, gases, and suspended particles from water. Here the goal is to make the water fit for certain needs. 

Most of the water used by us is purified and disinfected for consumption; however, the water purification is done for various pharmacological, medical, industrial, and chemical applications. 

The methods used in water purifiers are sedimentation, filtration, and distillation. Some of them use even biological processes like active carbon, chemical processes like chlorination and flocculation, etc. 

Benefits Of Water Purification

● Providing More Energy 

At work, we use a lot of energy. Even after lunch, we get tired and sluggish. So, when this happens, you might like to grab a coffee. Rather than that, go for a glass of purified water. 

● Allow And Lead To Better Exercises

As humans, one needs to exercise regularly. However, you can’t continue exercising as you lose a lot of water through sweat. This can be compensated by drinking a glass of purified and clean water. Most people go by the rule of having at least eight glasses of water each day. 

● Making Skin Healthier And Glowing

Drinking a lot of water not only helps your interior but even the external organs too. Various studies show that a good amount of water uptake will make your skin look beautiful. Water purification can help in keeping your skin complex great and elasticity.

● Helps In Losing Weight

Are you planning on losing a good amount of weight? Just drink a good amount of water at least half an hour before every meal. This will make you feel full and help cut down the food you are going to eat. Also, the same is applicable when you are snacking. Avoid dry snacks as they provide empty calories to your body.

Water Dispenser Vs. Water Purifier

Features Water Dispenser Water Purifier
Regular Supply You might have to keep refill bottles handy for getting a constant supply of clean water.  It provides a regular supply of clean water to your office and home.
Electricity You don’t need electricity for a water dispenser. The water purifier would increase your electricity bill.
Refill The steady supply of water will be disrupted if the supplier is not able to meet the demand. Water purifiers do not require daily refill delivery.
Maintenance They have and lead to high maintenance. They have a shorter maintenance cycle due to heavy usage.
Pollutants Entering These have a high chance of getting huge pollutants. There is no chance of getting pollutants in the water you drink from the purifiers. 


Now when it is related to providing clean and best drinking water, you must make sure that your employees get it all the time. Before you purchase one, do a great amount of research on the type based on your requirements. 

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