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What Is Water Pollution?

Water pollution occurs when many toxic substances enter water bodies like oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. and get dissolved into them. Some might lay suspended in the water, while others are deposited on the bed. This reduces the quality of water.

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1. What Are The Causes Of Water Pollution?

Following are the causes of water pollution –

Industrial Waste

Industries produce a huge amount of waste. These contain chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.

Nowadays, various industries do not have a proper waste management system, and they drain their waste into freshwater. These go into canals, rivers, and then to the sea.

Wastewater And Sewage

The wastewater and sewage produced in each household are treated chemically. These are later on released into the sea along with the freshwater.

Sewage water has pathogens, which is a typical water pollutant and various other bacteria and chemicals. These lead to serious health issues and diseases.

Mining Activities

During the mining process, minerals in their raw form will contain harmful chemicals. These will increase the number of toxic elements mixed up with water, leading to various health issues.

Marine Dumping

The garbage produced by households in the form of plastic, paper, rubber, glass, etc. is dumped in the sea in some major countries.

These take two weeks to 2000 years to decompose. Not only they pollute water but destroy marine life. The same is with oil leakages.

2. How To Stop Water Pollution?

The following steps can stop water pollution –

● Reduce the consumption of plastic and recycle or reuse plastic.
● Proper disposal of chemical cleaners, non-biodegradable, oil items.
● Maintain your car to avoid antifreeze, oil leakage, and coolant.
● If you have a yard, go for landscaping for reducing runoff and avoid usage of pesticides.

3. How To Purify Water?

The following are the methods to purify water –


This is a reliable method of purifying water. But it is still doubtful whether boiled water will lack solid particles, especially since the water is taken from doubtful sources.

Using Iodine Solution, Crystals And Tablets

This is considered to be a convenient and effective method. You get the iodine solutions in various forms and ones that suit your budget. Through this method, you can kill bacteria and viruses.

Using Chlorine Drops

Chlorine can kill all the harmful bacteria present in water. Most importantly, it is affordable, lightweight, and easily accessible. If you are using chlorine, you need to wait thirty minutes before you can drink the treated water.

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