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Water Purifier Vs Water Filter – What Is the Difference

What would happen if you don’t have a constant supply of healthy and clean water in your home and office? Frankly, water is used in your homes for washing dishes, cleaning clothes, bathing your furry pets, and serving your guests with a refreshing glass of water, and for other major household and personal activities. 

Now, as you try to get ways to combat the potential contaminants in your water, you would get confused. The confusion lies in the technical industry terms. Like a particular company would call their product a water filter while others name it as a water purifier. However, in reality, both the purification and filtration procedures are different. 

Here the ability to differentiate among the two is based on one’s understanding of both the terms. This is the reason why it is great to be aware of the difference between each type before you start making the purchase. The correct system would provide you with the required protection against you and your family, especially from the harsh effects of contaminations present in your drinking water.

Why Everybody Needs Clean Drinking Water?

● Provides Nourishment

As we all know, water is life, and the sooner we understand this, the better it will be for us to start protecting it. Water is the number one nutrient, and the human body is made of more than 60% water. Humans have to be adequately hydrated for the physiological systems to function.

● Preventing Diseases

If people are not able to drink water, especially safe and clean ones, then it will lead to various types of diseases. Many fatal medical conditions like typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis A will happen due to the consumption and the presence of contaminated water. 

Also, people would be exposed to huge risks when only drinking water is coming from contaminated sites like industries and sewages.

● Helps In Getting Rid Of Toxins

Fresh, clean, and safe water help the human body in getting rid of all types of toxins. Here this is irrespective of whether they are created due to the bodily reaction that is got from the outside sources or the ones that happen as there is the consumption of contaminated water.

● Required For Agriculture And Food Production

When it is related to the production of food, one needs clean water as it is the most important ingredient. If the grains and crops are fed with contaminated water, then bacteria and diseases will spread to those who are eating these products. So, water used in agriculture must be safe and from clean resources.

● Improving Sanitation

Keep in mind that clean water is not only required for drinking but even for sanitation needs too. If you wash your clothes and body using contaminated water, then it will lead to various diseases. Well, the same is with cooking and cleaning, along with other similar tasks. 

What Is Water Purifier?

Water purifiers are available in various sizes and shapes. They remove not only what filters remove but even the minerals from the water. This is possible using the below two methods of purification – 

● Reverse Osmosis (RO)

● Distillation

Here the RO works just like the filter; however, instead of using the contaminant-grabbing media, it will force all the water particles through a small semi-permeable membrane.  

By forcing the water into a semi-permeable membrane, it will screen out all the particles that seem to be big for following, especially on the pathway to the water.

Concerning distillation, it is when the water is boiled, and the steam is captured. Here the steam is collected and purified. But in both the procedures, you would require remineralization when you are consuming demineralized water. 

What Is Water Filter?

Frankly, using a water filter is like using honey for attracting bees. The water filter uses various kinds of media for attracting the contaminants and avoids them from getting into the water that is placed in your kitchen sink.

● Whole House Filters

Just like it sounds, the whole house filters help in connecting to your main water line. They help at reducing the contaminations throughout the whole house. 

● Shower Filters

The shower filters are attached to the shower spigot, and you can get them in various color options and even showerhead options. If you are having your showerhead, try to go for this option, which would simply attach to it, or you go for the shower filter that is available with the showerhead of the color of your choice.

● Drinking Filters

Drinking filters are available in a few varieties, and right from the options that you get, like the countertop to the pitcher, which fits snugly in your fridge, you can get ones that are under the sink option.

Now many people use the combination of catalytic and activated carbon along with the ion exchange for capturing and avoiding these pesky kinds of contaminations.

Water Purifiers Vs. Water Filter

Features Water Purifiers Water Filter
Removal They remove a huge amount of pollutants and toxins from water. They are great but the amount pollutants removed are less as the purification procedure is complicated.
Cost Water purifiers are costly. They are cheap and cost less compared to water purifiers.
Carbon Cartridge The carbon cartridges are costly and not easy in replacing. The activated carbon cartridge are easy to replace.
Filtration System They are complicated and require the assistance of trained professionals. You can easily purchase the pitchers and sink attachments from local stores


Now, as water purification takes out all the pollutants from the water, it can be easy to conclude that you can go for a water purification compared to the filtration system. 

Of course, water purification provides the cleanest water, and it is the best for people that like to have purified and clean drinking water in their homes. Being a bit expensive, it might not be suitable if you are on a tight budget.

The best part is that both the water purifier and water filter are great, and they do provide good and clean water for you to consume. So, choose wisely as per your needs.

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