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What is Water Softener?

A water softener is a simple filtration system for removing the hardness like magnesium and calcium minerals from the water. This is done through the process called ion exchange.

Frankly, the water softener procedure addresses one of the devastating and prevalent water issues: hard water.

Do you know hard water creates havoc on modern lifestyle and homes? Hard water leads to scale, which gets created on your pipe, clogs them, and reducing water pressure.

Additionally, the scale can even reduce the appliance’s lifespan like coffee maker, dishwasher, ice machines, etc. Also, hard water will destroy hot water appliances.

The more high the water temperature, the more magnesium, and calcium solidifies. This gets converted into solid deposits inside your water heater.

If you are residing in a place where hard water is found in abundance, you might feel your water heater is popping popcorns. All this happens due to the scale attached to the heating element.

When the temperature of the water heater rises, the tank will expand. The deposits of calcified rock deposits present on the heating element will begin to crack and stretch.

Without the water softener, laundry work or service providers will require extra detergent for avoiding the dingy look. Also, the dishes will come out of the dishwater in a stained and streaked manner.

Besides, that filmy scum starts to get build upon the shower curtains, and the shampoo and soap won’t lather. No doubt, a whole house water softener is the best solution for water hardness.

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