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What is Water? And its Properties?

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What is Water?

What is Water? And its Properties? 1

Water is a colorless and odorless substance that is commonly found all over the planet Earth. It made of billions of tiny molecules, and each of them contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atom that is attached using a robust covalent bond. 

Water is available in three major forms on Earth. These are solid, gas, and liquid. Here the form water takes is based on its temperature. On Earth, water flows in liquid form like streams, lakes, oceans, etc. In the form of ice, it found in South and North poles. And like a gas, in the atmosphere. 

Do you know water is found underground and among the plants and animals? Water is necessary for all living things, and they need it in some form to survive. People can go without food, but they would live only for a few days without water. Additionally, water is a necessary resource with many usages like cleaning, food production, transportation, recreation, power generation, etc. 

Special Properties Of Water

What is Water? And its Properties? 2

Water covers more than 70% of the surface of the Earth. Some of the major properties are – 

At 4 degrees Celsius, it is most dense. Below this temperature, water in the form of ice can float on liquid water.

It is available in various forms like liquid, solid, and gas at the normal Earth temperature. 

Water dissolves various elements like salts present in the sea. Also, it can absorb the proteins present in living things. 

It has high surface tension, thereby allowing smaller insects to walk on its surface. 

What is the Density Of Water

What is Water? And its Properties? 3

The density of any material is done based on the mass per unit volume. Here, it is nothing but the measurement of how tight the matter packed as a whole. 

The density of water can be defined as the weight of the water per its unit volume. It depends on the temperature of the water. The density of water is approximately 1 gram per cubic centimeter (1g/cm3).

How Much Water in Human Body?

What is Water? And its Properties? 4

Various studies show that approximately 60% of an adult human body is composed of water. It performs multiple functions for the human body, like regulating body temperature, dissolving the required nutrients in the bloodstream, providing them to the cells, protecting joints, tissues, and spinal cord, etc. It helps in removing various wastes through sweating, urination, bowel movements. 

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