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When to Change RO Membrane & Filters?

Of course, it is important to replace your RO filters and membrane. You need to ensure that there is a constant supply of 100% pure drinking water at your home and office. However, people still don’t have any idea to maintain their RO purifiers and filters. 

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Replacing Membranes And Filters Is Easy

Firstly, as a user of the RO purifier, you must have a basic understanding of the period schedule in replacing filters. Like most of the parts of the RO purifiers, the filter and membrane are very much important. 

Changing Sediment Filters

You know that sediment filters are used for removing all kinds of dirt and sediment from water. This will help in making your RO membrane, and carbon filter unclogged after certain times of usage. 

You should make sure that the sediment filters are changed on time, the dirt will reach the RO membrane, and it will get clogged. This will greatly reduce the efficiency and the life of the RO membrane. 

Through the proper maintenance of the sediment filter, the carbon filter and RO membrane will last for a long time. It is best if you change the sediment filter each year. 

Changing Carbon Filter

Now water passing through the sediment filter will pass through the carbon filter too (which is called activated carbon filter).

Here this will remove the chlorine and other major organic contaminants. Furthermore, the carbon filters will remove unpleasant and bad odor from the water. 

Do you know chlorine present in the water will harm the RO membrane’s life? Here the activated carbon filters will absorb all kinds of chlorine and other impurities.

Frankly, this will help in extending the life of the RO membrane. It would be best if you changed the carbon filters regularly for preventing odor and bad taste. It is best if you replace the carbon filter every year. 

Changing the RO Membrane

Like most of the parts of the RO water purifier, the RO membrane is quite important. The RO membrane is the major filter that does all types of work. Now the sediment and carbon filter prepares the water for the RO membrane purification. 

It would be best if you replaced the RO membrane based on your water consumption. It is best if you replace it every two to three years.

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