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When To Drink A Water?

Are you aware that drinking water is a lifesaver? Also, clean drinking water helps to keep our bodies run smoothly.

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Times When You Have To Drink Water

1. When You Get Up

Think of a car stationed in sub-zero temperature. Before starting the car, you put it in gear, not allowing the engine to warm up. The same is for the body. You should not start your day without filling your body with water and even skipping breakfast.

2. Before Meals

Drinking water just before eating will assist you to feel fuller. This would mean you would less scarf food down.

3. When You Are Hungry

Sometimes you might feel hungry between meals. In that case, pour yourself a tall glass of drinking water if you are really dehydrated. Some people think they are hungry while actually, they are just thirsty.

4. Before Working Out

Based on temperature, the body’s fluid levels, and humidity, you would have to consume eight ounces of water to be safe from dehydration during and after workouts.

5. After Working Out

After vigorous exercising, you would have to drink a lot of water. This is to replace the loss of fluids during urination and perspiration. Here this amount is based on the health, weight, and if you have exercised in humid or hot conditions.

6. Exposed To Germs

If there are sick people around you or have been to a hospital, or there are sick students at school or sick employees at the office, try to have a glass of water.

This will help to wash away the viruses and germs that your body must have picked up.

A well-hydrated body will make viral invaders and bacteria to move away. They won’t be allowed to settle in and get multiplied in the system.

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