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Why Is Water Important

It is common knowledge to know that water is necessary for your health. But have you wondered why? Of course, this substance takes up the majority of the body weight. Also, it contains various essential functions like –

► Regulating body temperature
► Flushing out waste from our body
► Assisting the brain to function

Necessity Of Water

Commonly, our major source of water supply is by drinking beverages. Do you know that the food we eat contributes to a small amount of the daily intake of water?

Some of the major contributions of water are –

1. Regulating Body Temperature

Being hydrated is necessary for maintaining body temperature. Your body will be losing water through sweat, which is during physical activity and even in hot environments. Your sweat will keep the body cool, but the body temperature will rise if you don’t fill up the water you have lost.

2. Creates Saliva

As we all know, water is a major component of saliva. Our saliva has small amounts of mucus, electrolytes, and enzymes. Now, this is necessary for breaking down solid food. It will help in keeping your mouth healthy too. Through the regular fluid intakes, your body will produce the required amount of saliva.

3. Protecting Spinal Cord, Tissues & Joints

Consumption of water assists in lubricating and cushioning the spinal cord, joints, and tissues. So, you can enjoy a whole lot of physical activities and reduce the conditions of arthritis.

4. Maximizing Physical Performance

It is important to drink plenty of water while doing physical activities. Sports individuals often perspire to about 6 to 10 percent of their body weight while doing physical activities. Hydration will deeply affect your power, strength, and even endurance. Chances are there for you to be susceptible to the effects of dehydration, especially when you are taking part in high-intensity sports or training.

5. Disposes Waste Through Urination, Perspiration & Defecation

The human body uses water for urinating, sweating, and doing bowel movements. The sweat glands help in regulating body temperature, especially when you are exercising or being in a warm temperature.

For this reason, you would require water to replenish the fluids lost through sweating. Plus, you require a good amount of water into your system to have a healthy stool. This will help in avoiding constipation.

Among your body parts, the kidney is the important organ that filters out the waste through urination.

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