5 Common Mistakes Made While Drinking Water During Exercise

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2021)

You might be a person that wants to reduce weight. But you end up seeing that you still haven’t lost some good amount of pounds after doing a vigorous amount of workouts. 

Well, adding more of your woes is that you constantly feely tired all the time, and even sometimes, you would feel like calling quits when you finish your exercising. You might feel like blaming yourself for all these actions. Frankly, it might be true as you aren’t drinking enough amount of water. 

Do you know that there are certain procedures involved in drinking water? Multiple studies show that you need to drink a good amount of water to keep the fluids contract properly. Else, if you don’t get a good amount of fluids, then you might end up with aches and muscle spasms. Always keep in your mind that you have to drink water during and after exercising. 

Top 5 Common Mistakes Made While Drinking Water During Exercise

1. Consume Water While Exercising But Avoid Before Practicing

Regular sipping of water whenever you are exercising would lead to constant headaches. You need to ensure that you have to load your body with water before exercising. Here you have to drink 240ml of water just an hour before exercising. 

2. Always Follow Eight Glass Count

Multiple studies support that you have to consume at least eight glasses of water. Here, keep in mind that the exact amount of water consumption is based on the body’s size and weight. 

Plus, you can top up the water content from various foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, etc. A single piece of apple provides one cup of water. You won’t have to drink a lot of water when you eat them from more food. 

3. Never Go For Tea And Coffee

There is no need to hit the panic button when it concerns the consumption of tea and coffee. Of course, they do make you feel dehydrated. However, drinking them in moderation is better and provides some of the best health benefits. 

4. Consuming Less Amount Of Water

Sometimes you would feel thirsty whenever you are exercising. You would even feel the urge the having some water when it is too much hot. Well, in such cases, you should consume a good amount of water. 

Most importantly, even when you are not thirsty, you should still have water to reduce the risk of suffering from kidney stones and other major urinary infections. Regular consumption of water every day is necessary. 

5. Having Water Before And Water Meals

Some people have the habit of drinking water just before they have a bite. That is not because they are hungry but because their throat is dry. People often get confused over the fact and the difference between thirst and the need for food. 

And this would result in them gorging on more and more food, ultimately leading to extreme weight gain. That is why most experts often recommend having water while you are eating food and even having a bottle or jug of water near your bed. 


As a normal person, you should make sure that the water you will consume must be pure. Always check out the purity of the water through various tests. Even you can use a water purifier to get clean and pure water. 

Based on your body’s size and weight, you should have at least 11 to 13 glasses of water each day. That would lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Also, it would help your body to replenish the lost nutrients. Keep in mind that water is the elixir of life, and you should always have a good amount of water passing through your system.

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