Why Is Water Important

It is common knowledge to know that water is necessary for your health. But have you wondered why? Of course, this substance takes up the majority of the body weight. Also, it contains various essential functions like – ► Regulating body temperature► Flushing out waste from our body► Assisting the brain to function Necessity Of …

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What Is Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is normal water infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Due to this, a bubbly drink is created, and this is called as sparkling water, soda water, club soda, fizzy water, etc. Besides the seltzer water, the carbonated water will contain salt (i.e., the salt will be added), improving their taste. Even a …

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What is Water Softener?

A water softener is a simple filtration system for removing the hardness like magnesium and calcium minerals from the water. This is done through the process called ion exchange. Frankly, the water softener procedure addresses one of the devastating and prevalent water issues: hard water. Do you know hard water creates havoc on modern lifestyle …

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What Is Gravity Based Water Purifier And Its Benefits?

what is gravity based water purifier and its benefits

Unlike other water purifiers, the gravity-based water purifiers don’t use electricity. Rather, here it uses UF or activated carbon. The activated carbon created from small size carbon granules. It helps in absorbing impurities available in the water.  Hollow Fibers of Gravity Water Purifiers The UF has a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane. As …

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