5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water During Winters

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water During Winters
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2021)

Like most people, dehydration is often associated with extreme sweating during the summer days. And this is followed by extreme overexertion that is often happening in humid and hot climates. Keep in mind that dehydration is not limited to the summer seasons. You can get dehydrated during the rainy and winter seasons. 

Why Might Dehydration Happen During Winter Season?

Like most of the seasons, in the winter, too, your body’s thirst response gets reduced. Here the studies clearly show that it could be well around 40-45%. The major reason is various, but the primary ones are the blood vessels constriction as the body turns cold. That can avoid the flow of the blood to the extremities. 

Due to this, the human body would be able to draw up more blood to the core. And you can’t feel the urge to drink water because of this and most importantly, your body never conservers water. 

Now, this is the major reason why we end up drinking less water in the winter. Also, our kidneys won’t conserve the water, and urine production would increase, leading to the condition called the cold-inducing urine diuresis. 

Furthermore, as it is the winter season, the chills in the air can make you feel like wearing some extra clothes. The respiratory fluids would start to lose, and that can end up in extreme cases of dehydration.

Be Aware Of The Signs Of Dehydration You Might Have In Winter

Extreme dehydration would make you go through various symptoms. Some of them are faster heartbeat, confusion, difficulty in breathing, fainting, etc. Even you might go through shock when you are having less amount of water. 

Various doctors and research specialist clearly state that you can suffer the consequences of dehydration and some of the major ones are –

● Having Huge Headaches

Some people would suffer from the symptoms of extreme headaches. It might sometimes lead to migraines, and when you have a good amount of water, it can stop. When you increase the intake of water, there are chances of your migraines getting cured, and even people have seen that they were able to get rid of other illnesses like dizziness, dry mouth, and dry skin. 

● Not Having Enough Energy To Do Daily Activities

When you do not have enough breakfast or fluids in your body, you might get a midday slump. That is something that most youngsters should avoid. And as you go to the point of having lunch, your entire body gets dehydrated, and it starts to break down like a car without gasoline. 

● Not Able To Concentrate Properly

Clinically studies show that you can suffer from cognitive attention when you are dehydrated. When your body realizes that it does not have water, it will begin to suffer from a lack of attention, motor coordination, and even executive function. 

● Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Injured

You might be a gym-freak or exercising enthusiastically. Here it would be best if you tried to understand that you end up getting constantly injured when your body does not get enough water. You must fill your cells with water, and that is why doctors say that dehydration can affect the blood flow’s impact and even muscle coordination. 

What Are The Ways To Remain Hydrated?

● Never Consume Wrong Drinks

It is always important that you never consume the wrong water or any drinks that lead to dehydration. Sodas and caffeine-related substances can make your body extremely dehydrated, and that too, even in the cold wintery days. 

● Take Chances With Hot Beverages

When you consume hot beverages like green tea or lemon, you feel warm and even extremely hydrated. Here studies show that green tea can help in boosting your immune system.

● Consuming Food With High Amount Of Water Content

Have you tried fruits when you are thirsty? Well, fruits like strawberries, broccoli, etc., have filled with a good amount of water. They would help you to be hydrated even during the winter season. 

5 Major Reasons Why You Need To Consume More Water In Winter

● Need To Fight Dehydration

When the weather cools down, we would be in a situation where it would wrap each part of our body in layers after layers of clothing. Another aspect is switching on the heater that brings in the artificial air, making the winter dehydrated. 

Also, in the winter season, you lose a good amount of moisture, leading to getting dehydrated. You might not notice this, but you start to lose water from your mouth and nose. 

● Helps To Improve And Brightens Your Skin

Sometimes the heated air-conditioners’ heated and dry air would take a toll on your body and that too on your skin not only that the dry air would lead to a huge contrast on your movement from the warm room to going outside in the cold. Your skin would start to get chap and crack. 

● You Get To Be More Energetic

Sometimes you might be liking to have the mid-afternoon slump. You would be gorging on the midday caffeine boosters to get out of the tiredness. 

All these cases would lead to you having dehydration, and that can make you feel tired. When you are hydrated, your body’s function will improve, making you feel efficient. 

● Get Rid Of Weight Gains

Sometimes the weather would be very much bad and the days can be ones with less sunlight. On such days, our body needs to be pampered. So, the best way to do it by having some food. 

Rather than just gorging on the calorie-filled foodstuffs, please have a glass of water. Well, think about it. A glass of water just before you go to bed can make your brain and body active. 

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● Secures Your Body From Diseases

Water can help to protect your body and its immune system. The months of the cold and chilling winter can test your immune system. Most importantly, dehydration would make your immune system weak, and that can make germs attack your body. When you are hydrated, you can allow your body to create barriers from risky diseases. 

Wrapping Up

Of course, like in summer, you have to consume a sufficient amount of water in the winter. Water is the major necessity of life. 

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