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A.O Smith Water Purifier Review

Might you know that the groundwater in India is not safe to consume as it has a high concentration of harmful things

Are you aware that the use of water purifiers from AO Smith can remove all the dirt and impurities from the water?

This is common knowledge because only 4% of the total freshwater available on earth is a hundred percent pure.

So, it would be best to use the purifier to ensure that the water you are getting from the supply is safe and potable.

Water purifiers from AO Smith can help you a lot in removing the maximum number of impurities, including dust, microorganisms, silt, chemical compounds, and others. 

With this detailed AO Smith water purifier review, you wouldn’t have difficulty choosing the best appliance for your use.

Top 7 A.O Smith Water Purifier Review

1. A.O Smith Z1

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 1

A.O Smith Z1 water purifier is a uniquely designed water purifier that is best suitable for less than 200 TDS water.

In a box with the purifier, manual, mounting accessories, along with a tube and connectors are there.

You can get hot water with just a press of a button. It gives you two temperature choices that are 45 degrees C and 80 degrees C, with added minerals.

This purifier makes a hot cup of tea and baby foods, and soothing sore throat is no hustle.

This water purifier provides UV night to help you at night and make your kitchen look attractive. Also, this provides five stages of purification with UV technology.

This purifier’s filtration process is the water first passes through Pre-filter, then undergoes sediment filtration with a silver activated post-carbon and then with a UV lamp and UFSS to provide you the healthy drinking water.


  • Clicking a button avail Hot water instantly
  • Night Assist
  • Advanced UV Lamp


  • Faulty Customer Service

2. A.O Smith X2

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 2

A.O Smith X2 is an advanced water purifier that it can use for water-containing TDS up to 2000ppm.

It provides six stages of water purification to give you the best water out of waste. This water purifier has the WQA certified RO membrane.

The min-tech is highly beneficial to the customers as it adds extra minerals like Calcium and magnesium in the water so that it tastes fresh and natural, and it also makes sure that the Ph value remains the exact amount that your body needs.

It can take 5 liters of water at a time. It is a uniquely designed purifier that can fit anywhere in your kitchen without destroying the kitchen’s beauty. It proves a gooseneck faucet for your convenience. 


  • Purity through 6 stage purification
  • Mineraliser Technology
  • Digital Display


  • Zero customer service providence 

3. A.O Smith X8 Green

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 3

A.O Smith X8 Green is the best purifier to quench your thirst as it has nine litter of water capacity. It can carry high and low TDS water with up to 2000 ppm.

It has SCMT that is Silver Touched Membrane Technology, to prevent any potential secondary microbial contamination.

This purifier has an 8 stage RO filtration with SCMT to protect your family from any germs and bacteria.

With Advanced Recovery Technology (ART), you can save more than 9000 litters per year with 100% RO filtration.

The min-technology helps you to intake fresh chemical free and ph level balanced water. The RO+SCMT gives double protection and is highly beneficial for kids. 


  • 8stage purification with addition RO and SCMT.
  • Advanced Recovery Technology works best for toddlers
  • Advanced Alert


  • Water leaking with defective sensor

4. A.O Smith i1+

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 4

A.O Smith i1+ is the most beautiful and lustrous-looking water purifier with a dual-color design.

The Digital display makes it easier for you to know the power mode, full tank indication, along with filter alerts and auto flush.

You can get water after the 6 stage purification method, where the water first goes through sediment filtration and SCB filter.

After that, it undergoes through RO membrane with SCM-Tech and Min-Tech. It has a 5 Litter of water Capacity.

This water purifier is a highly recommended product as it provides style and healthy water at the same time. 


  • Water suitable up to 2000 ppm TDS
  • Sleek Design for an eye-catching look. 
  • 6 stage Filtration so that you consume the best. 


  • Technicians are extremely worthless.

5. A.O Smith Z8 Green

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 5

A.O Smith Z8 Green is an advanced water purifier that provides almost all facilities to the customers. It is an 8 Stage water purifier that provides baby-safe water.

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It has Pre filtration, Sediment filtration, Carbon block technology, ART, RO Membrane with Min-Tech and ZX double protection Dual Filter commonly known as SCMT.

With this purifier, you can save up to 9000-liter water per year. You can also avail the option of getting hot water as this provides two temperature consolations.

You can easily make a hot cup of tea and baby food with this purifier, which sounds amazing. It also has a Night light to guide you easily to the purifier in a dark room.  


  • RO+SCMT for double protection. 
  • 8 stage purification so that you consume the best
  • Night Assist lights to guide you the right way


  • Faulty service provider

6. A.O Smith Z9 Green

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 6

A.O Smith Z9 Green is a more advanced purifier as it contains 10 liters of water tankers.

It is an extremely beneficial product and Is highly advanced technology. It allows getting both hot and normal water according to your wish.

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And you don’t have to stand holding the button; all you have to do is click once to get the water. It has Min-Tech with RO membrane and carbon block technology.

This water purifier gives you the best water with added minerals which is highly beneficial for your body and your family.

It is easy to access and has a high-class design. It can purify water up to 2000ppm TDS. 


  • 8 Stage Technology to give you the best
  • ART for advanced recovery of water mineral
  • Min-tech to get the balanced Ph water. 


  • Faulty Unit Provider

7. A.O Smith Z2+

A.O Smith Water Purifier Review 7

A.O Smith Z2+ is an under-the-counter water purifier with a Gooseneck faucet so that you can put it under your sink, and no one can notice its presence.

This water purifier is a highly beneficial product with an affordable price range. It provides 6 stage water purification and Min-technology to give you the best ph balanced water with added minerals.

The water flows with 100% surety through the membrane. The Ro Membrane of this Purifier is WQA certified. You can invest in this purifier to secure your health along with your family. 


  • Storage Capacity 5 Liter
  • Digital Display
  • 6 Stage Purification


  • Faulty engineer, not providing any service and not answering.

Benefits of AO Smith Water Purifier

A.O Smith Water Purifier can be useful in some ways. It contains a lot of advantages that you should try to have a healthy life. Clean water is essential for every Human being, and by using a water purifier, you will ensure that your house is secured from distressing water taste and odor. The various benefits are:

  1. Gives Hydrate and Glowing Skin A.O Smith water purifier helps to maintain the glow of the skin. It not only keeps you fit but also hydrates the skin from inside. This will provide a highly noticeable change. You will feel better and look better too. 
  2. Wholesome Digestive System – This helps to flush out all the impurities present inside your body. Many times we eat junk food and other bad foods that make our digestive system faulty. If you drink clean water, then you can fight with this. By drinking water from this purifier, you are gifting yourself a robust digestive system along with a healthy you. 
  3. Robust from Outside – When a person is well from inside, it automatically comes in the outside. A.O Smith makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. You will notice damage-free healthy skin with strong and beautiful nails and glowing skin with thick black hair. 
  4. Adds Security – The A.O Water purifier not only protects you but also works as extra security for your family and loved ones. . You will see an increasing number of incidents and extraordinary weather conditions are putting a bad effect on water treatment facilities. Therefore it is highly recommendable to use a water purifier.
  5. Improves The Quality – The surface water is extremely impure as it has a bad odor and smell, and also the color of the water proves the quality. So you should filter the water to improve its quality. 
  6. Removes Unwanted Impurities – The purifier helps you remove impurities and use them. You will prefer how high level of clean water you want your drinking water to be.

Customer Complaints About Livpure Water Purifiers

  • Service providers are not responding and giving false information. 
  • No service is provided by the service providers ever after several aggravations.
  • Livpure Water Purifier is providing an imitative warranty card. 
  • Livpure is creating beeping noise, and this cannot be stopped by any means. 


Purified water has its own best qualities, and it also secures the life of yours and your family.

There are varieties of purifiers from A.O Smith, and you can choose the best among them.

As the world population is increasing, there are high chances of getting bad and contaminated water in this case, and you should defiantly opt for the A.O Smith Water Purifiers.

You can choose A.O Smith Z8 Green to get instant hot and cold water, the best option is A.O Smith Z2 to avail of the under-the-counter facility, and choose A.O Smith i1+ to enhance your kitchen and get the purified water.

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