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Aquafresh Water Purifier Review

Are you planning to buy a water purifier from Aquafresh but aren’t sure which one to choose? 

If yes, then you are at the right place! 

Aquasure has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, which is why many homeowners are looking forward to having one of their water purifiers.

Aquasure has introduced different purifier models, each having special features that make them unique for catering to different requirements.

Suppose you are looking for further information on this brand and its top purifier products. In that case, our well-explained Aquafresh water purifier review will come to your rescue. 

Here, we have described the three best purifiers from Aquasure, along with some other relevant facts that will provide you with much-needed clarification concerning the brand. 

Top 3 Aquafresh Water Purifier Review

1. R.K. Aqua Fresh India Swift

Aquafresh Water Purifier Review


  1. Comes with a 12-liters storage tank 
  2. Has a TDS adjuster 
  3. Pre-filter set present 

Suppose you receive a water supply having varied TDS levels. In that case, it is best to get the R.K. AquaFresh India Swift purifier as the appliance comes with a special TDS adjuster.

With this technology, you will alter the TDS level, thereby ensuring maximum dissolved chemical compounds are removed from the purified water.

RO and UV are the two filtration technologies present in the appliance, apart from all several other pre-and post-filters, which maintain the durability and longevity of the RO membrane and UV tank.

Since it has a tank capacity of 12-liters, it can suffice the need of a 7-to-8-member family with ease. 


  • Mineral cartridge adds essential mineral ions to the water 
  • Ultrafiltration membrane present for removal of fine contaminants
  • Can help in adjusting the TDS level of the purifier


  • Not reinforced with iron remover 

2. R.K. Aquafresh India Az Series K200

Aquafresh Water Purifier Review 1


  1. Has active copper block 
  2. TDS adjuster is present 
  3. 12-liters water storage tank 

Copper ions play an important role in maintaining homeostasis in your body which is why the R.K. Aquafresh India AZ Series K200 comes with activated copper technology. As the water will pass through the membrane, copper ions are introduced.

The RO filter membrane present in the purifier comes with a mineralizer that maintains the concentration of all the essential minerals while blocking the chemical contaminants.

It comes with an automatic shut-off feature that will immediately stop the purification process as soon as it detects a malfunction in any of the filters.

The UV tank ensures that all the biological contaminants are removed from the water so that you or your family members don’t suffer from water-borne disease


  • Can purify water from different sources 
  • Can balance the pH of the water
  • Pre-filter membranes are present that protects the RO filter


  • No turbo flow technology present for quick water flow from the dispenser

3. R.K. Aqua Fresh India AZ K300

Aquafresh Water Purifier Review 2


  1. 12-liter capacity 
  2. Can handle TDS level up to 2000ppm 
  3. Has an in-built mineralizer 

For large families with 8 members at the maximum, the R.K. Aqua Fresh India AZ K300 purifier is the ideal fit as it has a 12-liters water storage tank.

This tank is made from ABS food-grade plastic, which ensures no toxin is added from the polymers. With RO and UV filtration technology, the purified water will not have any chemical and biological contaminants.

If the impurities can cross over these filters, they will be removed by the UF filter membrane. Pre-filters are present, which protects the RO filter and hence, increases the durability of the purifier. 


  • The mineralizer maintains the ionic balance of the purified water 
  • Has a high capacity of purification per hour 
  • Advance RO membrane to remove sulphate salts and heavy metal ions


  • It can’t adjust the TDS level in the appliance

Who should use this Aquafresh water purifier? 

R.K. Aquafresh is popular for using different filtration techniques in their water purifiers. Hence, based on your requirements, you have to make the perfect selection.

For example, suppose you have a large family and want a purifier with a high storage tank capacity. In that case, you can get the R.K. Aquafresh India AZ purifier as it comes with a 12 liters tank.

Similarly, the RK Aquafresh India 14-stage purifier is ideal for domestic areas where the water has huge iron content

What you should know about Aquafresh water purifiers? 

R.K. Aquafresh has become one of the most popular water purifier manufacturers in India for UV technology.

Most of their products come with unique features suitable for different areas of India and varied water types.

For example, you can have the TDS adjuster purifiers if you receive a water supply with varying ppm.

Similarly, a purifier with iron remover is best for areas with an iron-laden water input supply. Due to their advanced technologies, R.K. Aquafresh has earned a lot of appreciation from the users. 

Why choose an Aquafresh water purifier?

Choosing R.K. Aquafresh will help you purify water completely, irrespective of whether or not the water supply has tons of chemical contaminants. If you want to drink microbes-free water with added useful minerals, choosing the Aquafresh purifiers will be the best choice. 

Benefits of Aquafresh water purifiers

  • Most purifiers have added mineral cartridges which maintain the ionic concentration of the purified water. 
  • Iron remover technology will help remove the iron ions, both ferrous and ferric ions, which is not suitable for our body. 
  • Sulphate salts are also removed, thereby making the water soft. 
  • The RO and UV technologies used in the purifiers are of advanced quality, and hence, they remove bacteria, viruses, and protozoa completely. 

Customer complaints about Aquafresh water purifiers

Till now, no major complaints have been logged against the R.K. Aquafresh water purifiers. However, some users have expressed their concerns about the complexity of the purification technology and its high maintenance level. 


We have discussed the three most popular domestic purifiers to ensure you drink only purified water without any contaminants. Based on what your requirements are, you need to make the perfect selection.

For example, if you want to have mineral water with no trace of chemical contaminants, the R.K. Aquafresh India AZ Series K200 is the best fit.

Similarly, suppose you want a purifier that can purify water from different sources. In that case, the R.K. Aquafresh India Swift purifier will be your best companion.

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