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7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 1

When it comes to the efficiency of an office or industrial space, it completely depends on the productivity of your employees. 

And their productivity will further depend on their health and the working conditions. 

Usually, you take care of everything, starting with the ergonomics of workstations to the hygiene of the ambience. 

But what about the drinking water?

Have you ever thought that installing the best commercial water purifier in India might help you make the work culture safer and better?

If yes, then it’s time to get one! 

Several purifier brands have introduced special purifiers capable of supplying purified water to commercial places like offices, factories, shopping malls, etc. As choosing one single product is not possible, we have presented you with the top seven such purifiers that you can take a look into. 

How we tested and picked the best commercial water purifier in India?

First, we compiled a list of the most rated water purifiers suited for commercial spaces. After that, we used a comparative analysis based on several factors to distinguish between different products.

First, we compared the products based on capacity since it’s one of the most important facts for any commercial space. Next, we considered the types of filters present and then grouped them.

We also check the quality of the filters and any special technology that will increase the water quality like mineral content, taste, and smell.

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We finally compiled a list of the top seven commercial water purifiers in India based on these several factors.

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023

1. Remino 50 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 2


  1. 50 LPH filtration capacity 
  2. Has TDS adjuster 
  3. Automated shut-off facility

For a medium-sized commercial space, the best water purifier will be that of Remino. It can purify 50 liters of water per hour.

It comes with a RO membrane having a lifetime of 6000 liters which is quite high for a commercial product.

Also, it can handle water from different sources like tap water, municipal supply water, and others.

In addition, the 150 GPD booster pump having copper windings will further remove hardness and other chemical contaminants from the inlet water.

The Remino 50LPH commercial RO water purifier comes with an automatic shut-off feature which immediately turns off the purification once the tank gets full.

Besides, the TDS regulator will also help adjust the level as per the TDS value of the incoming water supply.


  • High durability of the purifier, thanks to the stainless steel outer body cover
  • Can filter up to 500 liters of water per day
  • Has an integrated UV tank for removal of biological contaminants


  • Has no mineral adjuster 

2. Aquadpure 25 LPH Commercial Water Purifier Plant

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 3


  1. 25 LPH purification rate 
  2. Has both UV and RO filtration technologies
  3. Ideal for small commercial buildings 

Aquadpure Commercial water purifier plant comes with 5 different filter layers capable of handling even brackish water or iron-filled municipal water.

At first, you will have a 1.5 micron PP filter that removes dirt, sand, and silt from the inlet water.

Next comes the granular activated carbon filter followed by a block carbon- both of which are concerned with removing chemicals and other types of larger impurities.

The fourth stage is the RO membrane that blocks the chemical compounds, heavy metals, and even the hardness from the input water.

The last stage is the UV tank, where the water is treated to remove the microbial contaminants.

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Even though the maximum TDS handling capacity of the purifier is about 1600 ppm, you can adjust the level as per the water type coming into the purifier. 


  • Can purify a total volume of 250 liters of water every day
  • The granular activated carbon block has increased surface area for better purification
  • The booster pump enhances the purification rate of the product


  • High electrical power consumption of the product

3. AquaDart ® 50 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 4


  1. Stainless steel and ABS plastic body 
  2. Automatic shut-off feature 
  3. Capacity to handle water with 3000 TDS maximum 

AquaDart 50LPH commercial water purifier comes with an RO membrane to remove most chemical contaminants from any water.

Since it can purify 50 liters of water per hour, It can install in several commercial places like hotels, restaurants, etc.

It can purify 500 liters of water per day, which will be enough to keep your employees healthy.

A 5-stage purification system is present, with the RO membrane being the main filter. To increase its longevity and durability, a pre and post-activated carbon block has been inserted.

These carbon blocks ensure finer purification, and hence the water coming out of the dispenser nozzle is safe for drinking. 


  • PP filter present for removing dirt and silt from the water
  • Small and concise structure for easy fit-in 
  • Can remove dissolved chemicals up to 3000 TDS 


  • No ultrafiltration is possible as the UF filter is absent in the purifier

4. P-Link® 25LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 5


  1. Can filter 25 liters of water per hour 
  2. Double RO membranes present 
  3. Ideal for supplying purified water to 20 people at a time 

Suppose you want to have 99% purified water. In that case, the P-Link commercial water purifier is an ideal choice, all thanks to the double RO membranes present inside.

Due to double filtration, all the chemical contaminants are removed, including heavy metal ions, harmful chemical compounds, hardness, and several impurities. It can purify 250 liters of water per day.

Also, any water having a TDS value up to 2000 ppm can be purified using the P-Link purifier. 


  • No impurity will be added to the water as ABS food-grade plastic has been used 
  • 90+/- level for TDS rejection by the purifier 
  • High duty cycle to meet medium-sized commercial spaces 


  • Water flow rate from the dispenser knowledge is less

5. AquaDart ROs Water Purifier Plant

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 6


  1. Can handle brackish, tap, and municipal water
  2. Comes with a special TDS adjuster
  3. 1-year warranty

For faster purification, you need a proper booster pump present in the AquaDart RO water purifier, where the pump has a 100 GPD rating and comes with copper windings.

RO membrane being the principal filter, will allow the purifier to remove maximum chemical contaminants and free the water of several unwanted chemical ions, like salt ions causing hardness, heavy metal ions, and so on.

Also, a micron sediment filter will remove the organic chemicals and chlorine dissolved in water. The activated carbon filter also adds more efficiency to the sediment filter.

Hence the water dispenser won’t have the typical smell of chlorine, which is not suitable for humans. 


  • Double layered RO membranes purify the water to the maximum capacity 
  • Can purify water having a TDS value ranging between 100 to 1600 ppm
  • The pre-sediment filter removes silt and sand from borewell water


  • Not safe for commercial spaces receiving water full of microbes

6. AquaDpure 25 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 7


  1. Special Hi-TDS membrane 
  2. 25LPH purification rate
  3. Small but compact size 

Suppose you are looking for a commercial purifier for small-sized commercial buildings. In that case, the AquaDpure commercial RO water purifier is an ideal choice.

Starting from small cafes to individual floors of an office building, the product can perfectly cater to the employees needs.

It has a purification flow rate of 25LPH so that the tank will get filled easily in no time. It has an automatic shut-off feature that stops purification once the storage tank is filled.

Thus, there will be no water wastage. Also, as the purifier comes with double RO membranes, you won’t find any remnant of chemical contaminants as the dual layers will remove these contaminants perfectly. 


  • Activated carbon layers can remove chlorine from the input water easily
  • It can handle borewell water also as there is a sediment filter inside the purifier 
  • The maximum duty cycle of the purifier is about 250 liters per day


  • Can handle TDS level up to only 1600 ppm

7. WaterQ RO-25 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier

7 Best Commercial Water Purifier In India 2023 8


  1. RO membrane acts as the primary filter 
  2. Lightweight purifier 
  3. Has UF filter membrane

Not all commercial purifiers can finely purify the water. However, as WaterQ commercial purifier comes with the ultrafiltration filter, you won’t have to worry about contaminants having microscopic diameters less than the pores of the RO filter.

If these chemical components cross over the RO membrane, they will get removed by the UF filter. Besides, a pH balancer is also present in the purifier, which maintains water’s alkalinity by increasing the water’s pH


  • Sediment or carbon filter removes the larger contaminants
  • The durability of the RO membrane is quite high, thanks to the pre-filter membranes 
  • Booster pump present for increasing the pressure of water at the inlet channel


  • Cannot meet the requirements of large commercial places

Things to consider for buying the best commercial water purifier in India

  1. Filtration Technology: The first thing you need to consider is the types of filters present in the product. Usually, 90% of the commercial water purifiers come with RO membranes. However, sometimes you will also get several other filter types like UF filter, UV chamber, activated carbon block filter, etc. 
  2. Purification Capacity: Based on the need of the commercial space, one needs to choose a purifier with a high purification capacity. It is determined with the total quantity of water that it can purify in one hour. 
  3. TDS Rejection Level: Based on the type of water being supplied at the purifier’s inlet, you need to choose the TDS threshold. For example, a purifier with a 1600 TDS level can purify water with TDS up to 1600 ppm but not above it. 


Different purifiers come with different sets of features, so choosing the best commercial water purifier in India is a cumbersome task.

You need to be very certain about your needs to get the best product from the market. For example, if you want ultra-filtered water from the purifier product, you can choose the WaterQ RO-25LPH commercial water purifier.

Similarly, for more TDS handling capacity up to 3000 ppm, AquaDart 50LPH commercial water purifier is the ideal fit. 

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