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7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023

Are you planning to upgrade your old water purifier to a far more advanced one?

Or are you planning to install a new water purifier in your home? 

Can’t you find a perfect water purifier suitable for your family

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are at the right place. Here, we will introduce you to a completely new category of water purifiers are copper purifiers. These have a special copper cartridge that helps add the mineral ions in the filtered water and enhances its benefits for our metabolic systems. 

This article will walk you through the working details of the best copper water purifier in India. In addition, we have also given you the top seven products which have earned a lot of appreciation in the market recently. 

Top 5 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 1


  1. Has 7 stages of filtration 
  2. UV tank coupled with electronic water boiling system 
  3. Equipped with taste adjuster 

If you want to get 99% filtered water laden with copper ions, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel is the best choice. The product has a special UV tank where the radiations kill the microorganisms.

To increase its efficiency, an electronic boiling system is also present in the tank. Boiling the water further purifies it and removes all the microorganisms that the UV radiations can’t. That’s why you won’t ever fall sick from water-borne diseases due to microbes. 

The tank where it will store the purified water has a total volume of 8 litres. Hence, it’s a perfect purifier for a small family, having 3 to 4 members. Moreover, the tank is made from food-grade ABS plastic.

It will help in preventing chemical compounds from contaminating the water, thereby ensuring your health’s safety. There is a LED sensor present inside the purifier, which will blink once the tank is empty.

It means that there is no purified water left in the storage, and you will have to switch on the purification cycle once again. Another filter technology is present in the purifier- the RO filter membrane.

RO or Reverse Osmosis helps in removing chemical contaminants. The municipal water usually has high iron content along with other heavy metals like mercury. With the help of RO technology, these chemical ions will be eliminated so that the water is free of any kind of harmful chemical ions. 

Since it has a flap designed dispenser system, it is best to place the purifier on the tabletop. It will ease your work of filling the bottles from the dispenser tap. Just make sure while placing the purifier on the countertop, you have an electric outlet from where you can power the purifier. 


  • Can purify the water from almost every contaminant
  • Reinforced with a mineral enhancer for adding helpful metal ions in the water
  • Adds active copper ions to the water 


Lack of advanced alert systems 

2. HUL Pureit Copper+

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 2


  1. Comes with an 8-litres storage tank
  2. Can be placed on countertop or wall-mounted
  3. Enhanced aesthetics with dual dispensers

If you want to enjoy options for water dispensing, the best product will be the HUL Pureit Copper+. It has dual dispenser technology. On the front face, you will have two buttons. With the blue button, you can have normal RO purified water.

But if you want to drink copper-charged RO water, press the yellow button. This technology will help you choose between the type of filtered water you want to drink. Sometimes, copper water can taste bitter. So, you can drink the normal RO water with ease. 

The copper cartridge adds an equal number of charged copper ions during every purification cycle. This ensures the even distribution of the mineral throughout the water stored in the tank. Copper being a reactive metal, can make the cartridge dirty too often.

The purifier is equipped with a sensor that will detect the copper cartridge performance and automatically clean it. Inside the purifier, a seven-stage purification system is present. In addition to the copper cartridge, the three other most important systems are the RO membrane, UV tank, and MF membrane.

RO technology removes chemical impurities like heavy metallic ions, hard water salts, sulphate and bisulphate ions, ammonium ions, etc. In the UV tank, microbes are killed with the radiations. The MF or Micro Filter membrane removes the finest debris and dirt to produce the maximum purified water. 

Unlike other copper purifiers, this concerned product will add the copper ions in an adequate amount. It will be beneficial for your body without changing the taste of the water. 


  • Helps in beautifying the kitchen with enhanced aesthetics 
  • Has fast water dispenser technology for quick filling of bottles
  • Comes with a concise and space-efficient design 


  • Water might taste bitter due to excess copper addition

3. Blue Star Aristo

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 3


  1. Has UV fail alert system 
  2. Comes with child lock technology 
  3. Food-grade 7-litres storage tank

Only a few water purifiers come with multiple alert systems for better control. Luckily the Blue Star Aristo is one of them which comes with different alert mechanisms. The sensors used in the products are quite efficient.

Hence they will never fail in keeping you informed about the purifier performance. For example, the “tank full” indicator will let you know when the storage tank is full with purified water. With the help of the “low pressure alert” mechanism, you will realize that the water flow pressure at the input has fallen below the threshold. 

The purifier has a 7-stage filtration system. The pre-sediment filter is the first membrane that eliminates the larger solute particle present in the water. A pre-carbon filter helps in maintaining the durability of the RO membrane.

All the solutes and sediments are removed at the third stage, where the sediment filter is present. Next comes the RO membrane, which blocks the dissolved chemical contaminants like heavy metals, harmful compounds, and others.

After this, there is the post-carbon filter which is equipped with Aqua Taste Booster. It will enhance the taste and remove the odour. The post-carbon filter comes with impregnated copper technology. It will add active copper ions to the water, making it much healthier for you. 

Thanks to the presence of RO, UV, and UF systems, the water is purified from almost all the impurities, both dissolved and suspended. The UV tank will remove the biological contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. At last, you have the UF membrane for removing the finer particles. 


  • Can produce purified water with enhanced taste
  • Equipped with pre-filters for better durability of later filter membranes
  • No chemical contamination from a storage tank


  • No sensor for equivalent copper ion distribution in the water

4. Livpur Zinger Smart

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 4


  1. Sleek and space-efficient design 
  2. Best for wall-mounting in small kitchens 
  3. Comes with a high purification rate 

Some water purifiers waste a lot of water per litre of purification. That’s why Livpur has introduced a smart purifier, the Zinger, which can save a lot of water during the purification cycles. Hence, it has been marked as one of the eco-friendliest purifiers you can find in the market. In addition, the purifier has a slim design with much less width dimension. So, you can mount it on any wall in your small kitchen without fearing making clutter in the kitchen space. 

Zinger has become popular for state-of-the-art technology, especially smart alert systems. At the front face, you will have a LED screen with three indicators on it. Once the sensor detects any fault, it will transmit the message to the respective indicator receiver, blinking. For example, suppose there is a leakage in the storage tank. In that case, the concerned sensor will transmit the signal to the indicator board. After that, the respective indicator option will start glowing, alerting you that there is a purifier leak. 

The RO filter membrane has a high-quality rating, removing almost all the chemical impurities from the water inflow. Thanks to the presence of the in-tank UV sterilization feature, water will get purified of every biological contaminant within the tank itself. An activated carbon cartridge loaded with copper will add mineral ions to the water, making it beneficial for your health. An additional mineralizer is also present, maintaining the pH balance and adding other important minerals to the water. 


  • Ideal for a two-membered family due to the 6.5 litres storage tank 
  • It can be controlled using the Livpur Zinger mobile application 
  • Insect-proof storage tank to help in keeping the purified water safe 


  • it cannot place it on the kitchen countertop 

5. Prestige Tattva

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 5


  1. Has a 16-litres storage tank
  2. Comes with a tabletop placement design 
  3. Easy-to-use dispenser flap top

If you want to enjoy purified water laden with copper ions but at an affordable range, no other product will be as good as the Prestige Tattva. It comes at an affordable price for almost all middle-class economic families in India. The outer body of the tank is made from copper. It has a higher grade rating which means the purifier is highly durable and also anti-corrosive. Hence, no rust will develop on the inner face of the tank due to water storage. With a unique design, one can call the product a fusion between traditional purifiers and modern ones. You can even clean the copper tank too often, thereby preventing damage.

It comes with a patented purification technology known as FACT. It will remove all kinds of biological contaminants from the water like bacteria, protozoa, fungi, etc. Hence, you won’t be suffering from water-borne diseases at least. Despite having a small size, the purifier has a high filtration rate. It can purify nine litres of water in one hour, which is truly amazing for the product. Since no chemical is used in the filtration process, you won’t have to worry about chemical contamination. The best fact about the filter is its high storage capacity tank which can hold 16-litres of water. 


  • No toxic element used in manufacturing the purifier 
  • Removes solid solutes with the help of a mesh layer 
  • Comes with a high storage capacity for larger families


  • Water can taste bitter due to uneven copper added to the water

6. Aqua Libra


  1. Equipped with adjustable TDS system 
  2. Has active copper cartridge 
  3. Comes with three main filtration technologies

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, the water purifier will purify the municipal water completely and eliminate both chemical and biological contaminants easily. It has an active copper cartridge with high longevity.

Copper can enhance the water’s taste and play an active role in killing the microbes present in the water. Hence, getting water-borne diseases like diarrhoea or stomach aches will be reduced by a great limit.

In addition to the copper cartridge, there is a UF membrane. It can remove the colloidal particles having size varying from 0.01 to 1 micron. Colloidal particles are hard to eliminate by normal filter membranes. But the UF membrane can easily remove them and also the larger dissolved solutes.

In addition to these filters, you will also find a RO membrane. With the help of the RO membrane, it can remove several smaller chemical contaminants. For example, sometimes, the municipal water gets polluted with heavy metal ions like cadmium and mercury.

The RO membrane can block these molecules and allow only water and other essential ions to pass through. Another advantage of the RO layer in the Aqua Libra is that it can easily remove hardness from the water. 

Thanks to the UV tank present in the purifier, it will remove the biological impurities completely. Even if some microbes survive after copper filtration, they will surely get killed due to the UV radiations.

Charcoal activated carbon cartridges are also present. These will help in removing the volatile components, sediments, and other organic compounds. Also, the activated carbon will help balance the taste and make the water odourless.


  • Can adjust the TDS level with the changing supply water TDS
  • Equipped with a booster pump for maintaining the inflow water pressure 
  • UF membrane present to remove the colloidal particles 


  • Absence of alert mechanisms for different actions

7. Addyz Economical

7 Best Copper Water Purifier In India 2023 6


  1. Has a TDS controller 
  2. Made from ABS food-grade polymer 
  3. Wall-mounted purifier 

If your house receives water from different sources, the TDS level will not remain constant. Based on the source, the TDS will vary, so you need this water purifier from Addyz. The product is equipped with a TDS controller to alter the level as per the source water level.

The maximum TDS limit in the purifier is 1500ppm, which is quite high for such a small model. Nevertheless, it will help you in removing the dissolved solutes from every kind of water. In addition, with the TDS adjuster, you can even alter the mineral content of the water as per your body needs. As the body is made from ABS plastic food-grade, you won’t have to worry about chemical intoxication in the stored water. 

It comes with a high-grade RO membrane with enhanced semi permeability. This will help the purifier to allow only the essential ions to pass through. No heavy metal ions like iron, cadmium, or lead can pass the RO membrane. If the supply water has salts of carbonates and sulphates, the RO technology will block them also. Hence the water coming out won’t have hardness and will be safe for drinking. Post RO is the UV tank. Here, radiations will be passed through the water. These UV radiations are capable of killing the microbes with ease. Hence, you won’t have to worry about microbial contamination of the water you are drinking. 

In the end, there is a carbon filter followed by a copper cartridge. Both these technologies will play an important role in enhancing the water’s taste. Also, the copper cartridge will release active copper ions in the water to make it highly beneficial for your body. With charged copper ions, your body will get more immune power to prevent infections. 


  • Adds activated copper ions for better improvement in health
  • Perfect for both commercial and domestic use 
  • It is capable of purifying the water at a faster rate as compared to the competitor purifiers


  • No automating cleaning system of the copper cartridge 

Buying Guide To Choose Copper Water Purifier

1. How Does A Copper Water Purifier Work?

In these purifiers, the copper metal is introduced in the form of a filter cartridge. Once water passes through the filter, the cartridge adds copper ions to the water. As long as there will be an inflow of water to the purifier, the copper cartridge will add the mineral ions so that the dispensed water is laden with this metal. 

2. Things to consider before buying a water purifier for municipal water

  1. Capacity: The first thing you need to check in a water purifier is its storage capacity. In modern purifiers, a special water storage tank is present where the purified water is stored. These tanks have a particular volume which must be enough to meet your daily needs. This way, you won’t have to wait for the purification cycle to get completed whenever you switch on the dispenser. 
  2. Aesthetics: Even though your main purpose for buying a copper water purifier is to enhance your health, you can’t just choose a dull-looking appliance. It needs to have a sleek, space-saving design that can easily fit in your kitchen. In addition, its aesthetics must be pleasing for the eyes. 
  3. Mount feature: Based on the placement feature, water purifiers can be divided into two parts. Some purifiers are ideal for keeping them on the tabletop, like on one corner of the kitchen counter or the island. In case you don’t have enough space, you can mount it on the wall. 
  4. Filtration technology: The copper water purifiers will have a copper cartridge mandatorily. But that doesn’t mean the other filtration systems will also be the same. For example, one product might come with only RO + Copper technology, while another product might have RO + UV + Copper system. 

3. Benefits Of Copper Water Purifier

  1. Copper ions help in boosting the immune power to a great extent. 
  2. The metal is known to have anti-microbial properties that can kill bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other microbes. 
  3. Copper purifiers will enhance the taste of the water. It will taste much better as compared to municipal water. 
  4. The copper ions boost the metabolic reactions, starting with digestion to respiration. 


Copper water purifiers are beneficial on so many levels. For instance, the addition of charged copper ions will help boost your immunity and reduce infections. Besides, the copper cartridge can enhance the taste of the water. So, having such a water purifier is very important for every residence. 

However, you need to choose one product from the list we have prepared. As per our recommendations, we will always pick the HUL Pureit Copper + as the best purifier. It can dispense both simple RO water and copper charged RO water. Our second recommendation will be Aqua Libra since it is loaded with a TDS controller for areas receiving water supply from multiple sources. 


Is a copper water purifier good for your health? 

Yes, indeed copper purifier is extremely beneficial for our health. Copper ions help in empowering the immunity system further. It also makes the water taste better, and hence is ideal for everyone.

Does copper water darken skin?

No, drinking copper water won’t darken your skin. Copper ions are helpful for our body since it makes the immune system stronger and boosts the metabolism. It won’t have any effect on your skin colour. 

What is the use of copper in water purifiers?

Copper is added to the water purifiers to ensure that the purified water has an adequate quantity of copper ions required by your body. 

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