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10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023

As there is a constant increase in the electricity cost and other conventional heating water procedures, it is not surprising to see a huge demand for gas geysers in India. Over the last few years, gas water heaters have become efficient water heating systems compared to electrical ones. 

Most importantly, the savings in terms of the utility bills each month. Well, that can be something that attracts you to the gas water heater. 

Top 10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Vertical Water Heater

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 1

The Bajaj Majesty gas heater would make your life more comfortable in the winter. Having a capacity of six liters, this is ideal for a single-family. Also, it works instantly and provides hot and effective water, all for your household chores. The best part is that this water heater is equipped with two-burner settings.

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Here what makes it best is that it is great and works on both high and low pressure. Also, it comes with an oxygen depletion monitor that makes sure that the water heater is working in a safe environment.


● Advanced combustion tech for the best thermal efficiency.

● Burner setting facility for saving energy.

● Heat exchange is made of extra-thick copper.

● Has a good auto ignition

● Adjustable knob for regulating the water and gas instantly.

Pros And Cons

The water heater works perfectly fine.
It heats water instantly.
It is easy to install and safe to use.
The flow gets reduced to half as it is not effective.

2. LONGWAY Decora Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 2

This is one of the best quality gas geysers providing the best performance and is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. Also, it provides an instant and continuous running of hot water and even is suitable for long showers.

Here the gas geyser would feature a copper tank that makes you get faster-heated water. Also, it will enhance both the efficiency and durability of the appliances. Also, the anti-vacuum tech prevents the water heater from getting corrosion and rust.


● The copper tank is built to provide faster-heated water.

● The water heater has a seven ideal capacity fit for a medium and large family.

● The vertical mounting is present.

● The eight-bar working pressure is also there.

● Contains an automatic twenty-minute off-timer for safety.

Pros And Cons

The water heater provides instant heating.
It provides the best safety feature.
It works perfectly.
The customer service is not the best.

3. Orient Electric Techno-DX Gas Water Heater

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 3

The gas water heater from the Orient is the best quality one and the perfect gas geyser present in the market. It provides faster and constant running hot water that is good for long showers. 

The product also comes with two years of warranty and is safe for high rise buildings having LPG. Additionally, the product is affordable and provides high quality, and is the best value for your money.


● The water heater has a powder-coated metal body providing a long-lasting feature. 

● LPG powers the water heater, and it can be easily fuelled using a gas cylinder. 

● It contains adjustable knobs that can easily help users to adjust the gas flow and even the temperature and water flow as per the season.

● The safety lock features in this gas heater help in keeping kids safe.

● The water heater is equipped with a thermal cut off function, and it turns off the gas inflow as the temperature goes above the permitted limit.

Pros And Cons

It is a rapid water heating equipment having an output of 5.5 liters per minute.
It is powered by LPG gas.
Contains an anti-rust powder-coated metal body along with stainless steel burner.
It would be difficult for you to install the water heater on the walls of your bathroom.

4. ACTIVA Instant Aqua LPG Gas Water Heater

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 4

The Activa Instant Aqua is a great water heater following the fully automated Japanese technology. It works instantly and uses flame failure protection. 


● The water heater is built using pure copper containers and has more efficiency and durability.

● It is suitable for both high and low-pressure installations.

● The presence of the seven tanks processed powder-coated sheet metal body helps to avoid all kinds of corrosion.

● The water heater has the best combination of metallic and black color, and this provides your bathroom with a unique look.

● The water heater can be self-installed.

Pros And Cons

It is ISI approved.
It is pocket friendly.
It has a five-star feature.
It is made of a copper tank.
There is no free installation.

5. Lazer Oxy LPG Gas Water Heater

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 5

This is one of the popular brands in India, and it sells the best water heater. Also, it provides various models to select from. 

The Lazer Oxy’s inner tank can hold six liters of water and is suitable for a large and medium-sized family. It contains an automatic electromagnetic valve and advanced water-controlled ignition.


● It uses LPG gas for instantly heating the water.

● The water tank is of high capacity and is used for wash and baths.

● The pressure rating bar is more than eight and is suitable for high rise building.

● The water heater is suitable for large wall spaces.

● The product has a one year warranty.

Pros And Cons

Has a good dry burning protection
Flameout protection.
Best water controlled automatic ignition
Bad customer service

6. DIGISMART Water Geyser

10 Best Gas Water Heater In India 2023 6

Digismart is one of the famous Indian brands. It provides a good quality water heater at affordable prices. This instant gas water heater is BIS and ISI-approved and is safe and durable.


● It is made of pure copper burners and a copper tank, providing huge durability.

● The water tank has flame failure protection.

● It has a five-way safety feature.

● The water heater is ISI approved.

Pros And Cons

It has a good safety feature making it one of the best geysers and the safest market.
The product has BIS approved and ISI specification.
The product even comes with flame failure protection.
It is a bit overpriced and has low customer care experience.

7. Havells Flagro Storage Gas Heater

As one of India’s most popular brands, this is commonly known for providing high-quality products throughout India. Among the various product ranges, the Flagro water heater takes the top-most and great water heater.

The water heater has a huge tank with a six-liter capacity. This makes it suitable for small families. The tank is also coated with fiberglass coating, and the single weld design makes it rust-free, durable, and long-lasting. The front part of the water heater has two control knobs – the flame control and water control.

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You can easily operate them manually through the clockwise rotation and the anticlockwise rotation. This helps in adjusting the heat settings and the over-pressurization.


● It has a capacity of six liters.

● The Feroglass coated tank has a single-weld line design.

● Ecology heating element present in the water heater.

● The water heater has high-density PUF insulations.

● It has a high-density PUF insulation.

● Also, it has a child lock feature.

Pros And Cons

It has instant water heating.
It has a nice classy design.
The water heater has sturdy and nicely built.
The water heater is not suitable for the localities having water pressure issues.


The Sunflame Enterprise aluminum LPG water heater is made of aluminum and the best water heater. This LPG run water heater has a water holding capacity of six liters and is a commonly used water heater in India.


● It has a durable and highly efficient heating element.

● The water heater has an anti-corrosion glass-lined tank.

● The PUF insulation is of high density and good for energy saving.

● The water heater has a stylish look along with a premium finish.

● The water heater contains a magnesium anode resistor

Pros And Cons

Efficient and durable
30% more gas saving
Automatic ignition
The customer service is not that good.

9. SURYA ROSHANI Ignite-O Gas Water Geyser

This is an instant water heater from the company Surya and is made up of high-quality materials to provide safe and long-lasting hot water. The water tank has six liters and is suitable for medium and large families.

The water heater also comes with an oxygen sensor that secures it against all kinds of accidental leakages of gas. 

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● The water heater runs on LPG.

● It has an inbuilt oxygen sensor.

● A twenty-minute timer is present.

● It has good overheat protection.

Pros And Cons

A nice gas geyser that is available at the perfect price range.
Its capacity is pretty good and best for a large-sized family.
The water heater even works on zero pressure.
There are no installation services provided by the company.

10. Indo Gas Water Geyser

Suppose you are on the lookout for a decent quality gas water heater, especially one that is of an affordable price range. In that case, the Indo gas water heater is the perfect one. It has seven liters of water capacity.


● Contains advanced combustion technology.

● Burner setting facility for saving energy.

● Extra thick copper heat exchanger.

Pros And Cons

It works efficiently for the continuous usage of hot water.
The quality of the product is quite good.
It contains an automatic ignition feature that saves both energy and time.
The installation of this water heater is complicated.

Water Heater(Geyser)Buying Guide:

What Are Gas Geysers?                   

Gas geysers are like standard water heaters, and they use the heat from the burning fuel (which is natural gas) for heating the water. Such a water heater provides a continuous flow of hot water instantly and provides rapid heating. 

Regarding efficiency, they are one of the most energy-efficient geysers available in India. They have the fastest recovery rate and are convenient for large families. Also, these are easier to install and provide a good amount of savings over time.

How Do Gas Geysers Work?

It is always a good idea to have a fair knowledge regarding the product you will purchase. With the gas water heater, it is the same thing. These are activated when the cold water runs through the unit. So, it means that the working gets activated right when the tap is on. 

Now the gas water heater would mechanically switch off again as soon as you close the tap. This means that you can get hot water whenever you need it. Most importantly, there is no wastage of water, and it won’t affect the whole unit’s working.

Here the technology behind the gas geyser is very much simple. To start with, the water would move through a pipeline, and this would pass through a heat exchanger that would come in contact with the water pipe covered in fins. The gas burner is placed just below the burner. The same is ignited using the electric impulse created using the inbuilt batteries. 

Types Of Water Heater

Storage Geysers

Being different from the electric geysers, the gas water heater’s storage is the inbuilt and insulated water storage tank. The storage tank will provide a distinct kind of capacity that begins from the 6 liters mark and even beyond.

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Electrical Geysers

Such a kind of water heater is capable of heating the water immediately. It is commonly used for direct usage. Also, they are quite squeezed in design, and therefore take less amount of space.  

The electric water heater is even known as a tankless or instant water heater. The geyser would also start as soon as the sensor present in the heater pipes finds out the water flow. Now the water heater will fire up the heating component and make the water hot.

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Solar Geysers

The solar water heater functions through the grasping of the heat out from the roof-installed solar panels. Also, solar energy gets transformed into heat as there is solar thermal amasser. This is transmitted to the water storage tank. Now the heating procedure begins.

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Gas Geyser

Well, the gas geyser runs using the LPG and propane gas, and they are quite energy-efficient. It is also important to get the gas geyser installed along with the LPG cylinder, and it would deliver the source through the gas pipeline. This is the major reason for the appropriate usage of the gas water heater in commercial and household setups. 

Also, they help in getting water faster compared to electric geysers. Plus, the gas geyser’s installation would be a bit complex as you would require a bigger space, and on the other hand, it would require an additional gas supply.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Geyser

● Storage Capacity

Always choose a gas geyser that can provide the size which effortlessly fits in the space right where you want to install. The capacity is another major aspect that you would have to check before purchasing the gas geyser. 

Regarding households that have only two-three individuals, a gas geyser with a small capacity would be apt. However, for a household of four members, a bigger capacity would be required.

● Energy Efficiency

The regular rise in the cost of electricity and other conventional heating water methods made it necessary to use gas geysers. Gas geysers are the best demanded one, and it is the most energy-efficient one too. It will provide a regular flow of hot water without using your electricity.

● Flow Rate

If you check, most of the gas geysers operate in a flow rate range. Like in the 12 liters gas geyser, you can operate between 6 liters and 12 liters per minute. 

Here the flow rate would be the volume of the water moving from the pipe per minute. Also, the 12-liter geyser would be able to heat up to 12 liters of water per minute. 

● Operating Cost

The operating cost of the gas heater would be less compared to the electric heater. As they use less energy, and they store the water in the tank to heat it. Plus, the water heater works on LPG and natural gas, which are cheaper compared to electricity.

● Availability Of Accessories And Spare Parts

The accessories consist of two steel ribbed pipes, a connecting nipple, and a single kind of angle brass valve. You might have to make sure that these items are present while fixing the water heater or even while installing the same for the first time. 

● Warranty

Of course, warranties are significant. Always keep in mind to check the warranty of the heating element and even the tank when you are purchasing the geyser. Make sure to go for a water geyser with long life and easily replaceable water parts.

● Customer Service

Another major factor to consider is customer service. When you are purchasing the water heating product, they need to guarantee a life-long service and that too, without any issue. Also, you would be going through many phases that would make sure that your product is working in a somewhat unexpected way.

● Price

The gas heater is quite economical. They are available at a lower price compared to the electric heaters. Plus, you can easily find a good and compact self-sufficient heater at a price range of Rs 4000 to 4500. And these would be in the capacity of 6 liters. 

Comparison Between Gas Water Heater And Electric Geyser

● Energy Efficiency

Electricity is not the major consumption unit for most of the water heaters, like gas heaters. Gas heaters would use LPG as the major input, and the transportation is done using the electric medium.

Well, this has a direct and high effect on energy consumption. Such heaters are energy efficient compared to electric heaters. 

● Price

The gas heaters are quite economical. But the electrical heater is a bit overpriced. You would be able to find the six liters of gas heater within the price range of Rs 4000, but when it comes to an electric gas heater, it would be costly. 

● Heating Time

The gas heater works three times faster compared to the electric heater. Here the electric heater stores water in the tank, and it would reheat them, which is why they would take a lot of time to heat. But with the gas heater, they would be working instantly on the serve basis. They could provide hot water right on the go and faster in the heating procedure.

● Compact

The gas heater won’t take a lot of space, especially for the water tanks, as it is compact. Frankly, there is no provision for the water tank that results in lessening the product’s consuming area. But with the electric heater, they would take up a huge amount of space. 

● Sleek Design

Gas heaters are quite sleekly designed, and they are very compact. Most importantly, they go hand-in-hand and need less area, making it a more sleek designer water heater. 

Additionally, the electric water heater is a fancier one, but the sleek design won’t go out of the trend. Of course, you would be fascinated with the product, and it remains sleek irrespective of the design trend. 

● Lightweight And Easy To Mount

As the gas heater is sleek in design, and they are even lightweight. Plus, they are easy to mount on the wall. Also, the significant factor to consider is the mounting would have to be done by the company’s representatives. 

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Advantages Of Gas Geysers

● Faster Than Electric

Gas geysers are twice much faster compared to the heating water through the electric model. The electric water heater would take hours to heat even 100 liters of water tank content. But the gas model would easily heat twice the amount within the same time.

● Cost-Effective Operational Cost

As there is a huge rising cost with electricity, the gas heater is more popular, and in most parts of the world, the gas is cheaper compared to electricity. So, it means that the gas geyser would have less operation cost than the model that uses electricity for heating water.

● Avoid Losing Hot Water In Blackouts

The best benefits of gas geysers are that you won’t lose hot water during the power outages that you might experience in your area. Your hot water supply would remain unaffected.

Wrapping Up

Frankly, the gas water heater is a great one that you can use for getting instant heated water. These save your utility bills, so choose the one that suits your needs.

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