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Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023

Due to the large geography and the presence of India’s tropical climate, many people of this country go through the harsh cold months.

So, this leads to the inevitable chore of heating water and that too for various needs.

The most common method to heat water in Indian homes would be heating water on the stove, using immersion water heaters, storing water on geysers, and even using solar water heaters

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Now an immersion water heater is like a basic water heating appliance that would heat the full bucket of water in a matter of minutes. Similar to the electric iron, this would be having a coil and a chord.

For using this appliance, you would need to fill the bucket with the water and then immerse the metallic rod of the heater onto it, just like how you would hang clothes on hangers. 

After that, you need to plug the machine into the socket and put the switch on. Here the latest models have an indicator that would make the whole process easier and user-friendly. 

Top 6 Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 Reviews

1. Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 1

Bajaj is considered the most reliable brand in the whole of India. You would want one that is light on your pocket, and in that case, you need to try the Bajaj immersion rod water heater.

The water heater rod is the cheapest and most efficient choice present online. Being of compact size, this is a powerful heater, and the company’s warranty period leaves no scope for any complaint.

Like most of the other Bajaj products, this immersion rod is efficiently engineered to be the most powerful heater.

That is why it can heat quickly and that too without wasting electricity. You might find tubular elements in this immersion heater, which would provide the optimum heat transfer and easily enhance performance.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

  • Faster and quick heating
  • The best hook for easy hanging
  • Heatproof plastic handles

The cons are – 

  • There aren’t any LED display for the temperature indication.

2. Havells Immersion HB15

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 2

Are you looking for the perfect remedy for fatigue, cleanliness, and freshness? The answer is warm water.

So, at Havells, they have created a wide range of taps that can help you to relax within seconds of providing warm water and that too in a simple way.

Here such a product line would be the extension of the previously best heaters manufactured by the company.

The best part of the Havells Immersion Water heaters is that it provides hot water and energy efficiency.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

● Nickel plating leading to corrosion resistance.

● Efficient heat transfer heating element.

● Touch protection cover.

The cons are- 

● It takes a lot of time to heat.

3. Usha Immersion Heater

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 3

No doubt, every Indian homemaker would count on Usha as the major provider of reliable home appliances and electronics. With the best immersion water heater from Usha, you get an immersion rod that pops up. 

Along with being power-efficient and properly designed, the water heater has a great and perfect protection hook, which prevents it from dipping beyond the safety point.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● Low power consumption

● Efficient copper element

● Best build quality

The cons are –

● The 3-pin plus is highly big.

4. ESN 999 1500 W Immersion Water Heater Rod

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 3

The immersion heating rod from the ESN99 is very much efficient. Not only is it easy to use, but you don’t have to worry even if you drop it on the water bucket. So, you have ready hot water.

Well, this is an ideal option for heating water during the winter. All you need to do is check the compatibility of the power socket. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● The immersion rod is a specially created heating element for faster heating.

● 1500W power and ISI marked, CM/L2702042

● Anti-corrosive material

The cons are –

● There is not a power indicator.

5. Singer IR-09 1000-Watt Immersion Water Heater

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 5

The singer is one of the most popular brands in India for its sewing machine range. Most importantly, it is surprisingly energy-efficient and quite fast.

Also, it contains an optimum heat transfer property and even helps at enhancing performance.

Now for maximum protection, the Singer immersion rod water heater has the entire necessary safety feature that contains the high-grade plastic handle that secures you against various shocks and the safety clip that can handle the heater. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● Elegant compact design

● Rust protection

● Faster heating and saves a good amount of electricity

The cons are –

● There is no light indication

6. Eveready IH402 1500-Watt Immersion Rod

Best Immersion Rod Water Heaters In India 2023 6

The Eveready IH 402 is a highly advanced immersion rod and the most cost-effective one. It is the economical alternative of the geyser and the water heater and best for the winter.

Sometimes you won’t want to go through the trouble of installing the new geyser; in that case, you can try the Eveready immersion rod, and that would easily heat the bucket filled with water.

The copper tube element would conduct maximum heat for water-saving electricity as it is made of high heat conductivity.

So, suppose you are planning to invest in the best water heater but want to cut down the electricity bills. In that case, you need to try the water level indicator of the Everyday.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

● The immersion water heater is quite fast in heating.

● It has an aesthetic shockproof handle.

● The immersion has a study and a nice build.

The cons are – 

● There is no power indicator.


The traditional and instant geysers would be very expensive, and getting them installed would be additional overhead.

The immersion rod water geysers are the best ways to heat water for all your requirements and that too instantly.

So, go ahead and check out the ones that suit your needs, and use that for your home heating needs.

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