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Best Instant Water Heater In India 2023

Of course, the winter season will be extremely challenging for you. Taking the morning showers might not be a pleasant experience when the cold water runs through your body. Plus, there is a chilling and sluggish feeling when you bath in cold water.

Have you ever thought about installing a good water heater in your home? You can enjoy a hot bath in the cold mornings. If you are planning on purchasing an instant water heater, now is a perfect time. Newer models have started to arrive, and that too you might get the best deals around Christmas and New Year.

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What Are Instant Water Heaters?

Like the name suggests, the instant water heater can provide hot water instantly. It is easily made available for immediate usage. These water heaters might have a good storage capacity but ones that have a bit smaller storage tank.

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With the smaller storage tank, these instant water heaters are very compact. They won’t take a lot of space. This is the major reason why people opt for an instant water heater. Plus, you can save a lot of electricity and such a water heater won’t be running ideal and the heat won’t be ultimately used.

How Does An Instant Water Heater Works?

With the tankless water heater, the water is heated directly without using a storage tank. So, when the hot water tap is turned on, the cold water will travel through the pipe right into the unit. Here either an electric element or gas burner will heat the water. 

Now, this is the reason the tankless water heater can provide a constant supply of hot water. The best part is that you won’t have to wait for the storage tank to fill up and that too, with enough hot water. But the tankless water heater’s output limits the flow rate. 

If you check typical tankless water heater can provide hot water at a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. Additionally, gas-fired tankless water heaters would produce higher flow rates compared to the electric ones. At times, even the largest and gas-fired model won’t supply enough amount of hot water, and that to various large households. 

The other applications that demand water heaters consist of the – 

● Booster for appliances like clothes, washers, and dishwashers.

● Remote bathrooms and hot tubs.

● Booster for solar water heating systems.

Advantages Of Instant Water Heater

Some of the major advantages are – 

● The instant water heaters are more than the normal products that you see in each household.

● Priced cheaply, it can store a huge amount of water all at once. Unlike other instant water heaters, there aren’t any kind of breaks in between. You get a continuous supply of hot water. 

● Such instant water heaters are quite suitable for use in the bathroom and have a storage capacity ranging from 6 liters to 30 liters.

Having a large storage space, such instant water heaters would take a huge amount of space, and you would need a large wall-mount for hanging it in the bathroom. You also need to wait for 5 minutes before getting hot water, which can be annoying at times.

Disadvantage Of Instant Water Heater

● The instant water heater can’t supply the required amount of hot water simultaneously, like laundry and showers. 

● Unless the system is equipped and modulates temperature control, it won’t heat the water to the constant temperature and at various flow rates. So, this means that water temperature will fluctuate uncomfortably. Also, the water pressure will vary in various parts of the house. 

● Electric instant water heaters need high relatively electric power, and they can heat water faster and that too at the required temperature. In certain cases, electric services will have to be upgraded.

● Tankless instant water heaters have to be vented outdoors, and these are either with a direct vent or conventional kind of exhaust fire.

● Some of the instant water heaters would be gas-powered, and their unit will have a pilot light. Plus, it will lead to a waste of energy. 

Things To Consider For Purchasing Best Instant Water Heaters In India

Unlike in the older days, when you are using a water heater, you would have to wait for hours to get the water heated for your bath. With an instant or tankless water heater, you get instant hot water right on-demand rather than waiting for the tank to get filled with water and heating the water like a storage geyser.

Additionally, the instant water heater has limited storage capacity, and they are perfect for families containing 3-4 members. Besides being compact, they are the best choice for the kitchen and even smaller bedrooms that contain space constraints. 

► Water Heater Size

Regarding the capacity of the instant geyser, it varies from one liter to 3 liters. Also, you might come across a few models with less than 6 liters as capacity. Plus, you can choose the size based on the total members of the family. 

► Geyser Wattage

The higher the wattage of the water heater, the faster the heating would be. The instant water heater comes around 3000 watts (3kW) or 4500 (4.5kW). Compared to the 3kW instant geyser, the 4.5kW will be able to heat the water faster.

► Tank Material

The material with which the tank is created is based on the quality of the geyser. Also, its quality would have a direct impact on the efficiency and durability of the geyser. Here generally, the water heater tank is created using thermoplastic, copper, and stainless steel.

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► Heating Element

The heating element is a significant factor compared to other factors. Now, most brands would be using copper heating elements and a coating to prevent corrosion materials.

Certain manufacturers use glass-coated Incoloy heating elements, and these are considered to be the best ones in the market for preventing corrosion. Even though they are expensive and would last for four years, too, with hard water as the major source, another major option is the glass-coated copper heating element. This would work better and is not expensive. The copper-heating element can last for two years, and it can be used for treating hard water.

Hardness Of Water

As we know, the hard water can create scaling right inside the geyser’s water tank. This will lead to huge damage to the heating element present too. Due to this, the corrosion will occur faster, and you would need to repair the geyser quite frequently or end up purchasing a brand new one. 

► Power Consumption

Besides falling for the marketing gimmicks, you would need to think about purchasing a good water heater that is energy-efficient. The energy efficiency of the water heater helps to determine or is determined with the energy star rating. The higher the BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency) star rating, the lesser consumption will be. Also, it will increase the lifespan of the heater.

► Bar Pressure

The water pressure present in the water heater can be easily measured right in the bar. The bar pressure would mean that the water pressure gets hit the geyser or heater’s water tank. 

Here this pressure would vary right from building to building. For example, if you live on the 4th floor of the four-storeyed building, then your home’s water pressure will be lesser than the ones living on the ground floor. 

So, here when the water pressure comes into direct contact with the water heater tank’s inner walls, there is a huge chance that the inner walls become thin and they can get damaged over a while. At times, the water would start leaking from the geyser tank.

► Fuel Type

The instant water heaters are based on two kinds of fuel types. One is gas and electricity. In India, using natural gas as a fuel alternative can be a bit tricky. So, most of the models would be electricity-based ones. Plus, these models can be convenient ones when it comes to power consumption and installation.

► Price

It is easy to get a good and instant water heater at Rs 2000 and Rs 3000. The price would be based on the capacity that is provided along with the wattage used. Now high capacity tank and higher wattage will cost a bit more than the regular-sized geysers. Most importantly, the tank material and the heating material used would greatly impact the instant water heater’s price.

► Warranty

The water heaters are most prone to various kinds of damages, and these are ones concerning houses having a hard water supply. They need regular maintenance and servicing. It is also necessary to purchase a geyser from a reputable brand providing a good warranty and even after-sales service support. 

Sometimes you would face issues while providing geyser for serving, especially when purchasing a local or lesser-known brand. Certain brands provide a warranty of 4-5 years present for the tank and 2-3 years present for the body and other major parts of the geyser. 

Features Of A Good Instant Water Heater

Some of the major features are – 

● Temperature Control

Most of the tank-less water heaters are available with the adjustable temperature controller, so you can easily set the water temperature as per your requirement. Well, not all models come with this feature. These are commonly available for the high-end version. Not only that, all the basic versions have the default water boil temperature-related settings.

● LED Indicator

The LED indicator is quite helpful for users so they can easily know the operations being carried. Also, it is a required feature. Here most of the water heater would come with 2 LED indicator options, where the red and green colors are used. The green color displays the power on or off, and the red is for the heating element. 

● Auto-Off Feature

Using the auto-off feature, the heater will get turned off automatically when it reaches a certain temperature. The feature is also quite useful n saving electricity and even securing the heater from all kinds of damage and burning. At times you might be having the habit of forgetting to switch off the heater after usage, then this feature can be pretty useful.

● Temperature And Pressure Control Valves

Nowadays, certain manufacturers would provide temperature and pressure relief valves or the so-called T & P valve and high bar pressure.

Here the T & P valve will relieve the excess temperature and pressure present in the heater. These will be done when it reaches a critical point.

The closed water heater system’s thermal expansion is an inescapable fact that functions for both the abnormal and normal water heater. When you check out the standard water heater, the water will be heated using either the gas burner or electric element.

So, when the water temperature reaches around 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit, both the water and the heater’s metal tank would begin to expand. A small expansion would also be considered normal and too, with huge expansion being an unsafe one.

● ABS Plastic Body

The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) the plastic helps in avoiding the accumulation of rust. Also, it provides a shock-free body for various users. 

● Fire Retardant Cable

Such cables are very helpful in limiting the fire’s spread whenever there is a short circuit.

How To Use The Instant Water Heater Optimally?

Now there is no rocket science on how to use the water heater properly, but there are certain tips on how one can easily increase the efficiency and even the appliance’s durability. Well, these are as follows. Here as soon as you get up, just turn on the water heater. Somewhere it would take around 4-5 minutes to heat the water. 

When the indicator informs you that the water is hot, you can open the hot water tap at a flow rate of around 20-30%. In such away, you can begin filling the bucket with a continuous flow of hot water. Now in the meanwhile, you can brush your teeth and even use a towel. As soon as the bucket gets filled, around 50-60% full, you can on the cold water tap, and the bucket will get full with good heated water. 

Top10 Best Instant Water Heater In India 2023

1) Bajaj Flora Instant 1 Litre Vertical Water Heater

As one of the reputed brands, Baja is prestigious in manufacturing instant water heater. They have exquisite designs that mesmerize you and even help enhance your bathroom’s glamour quotient to the next level.

Sometimes you would not have much time right in your hand, and then you would want a faster hot water bath. With the Bajaj Flora, you get instant water. Easily you can open the cold water tap together for getting the perfectly warm water right in your shower. 

With the Bajaj instant water heater, you get a thermoplastic outer body. Also, there is no question of getting any kind of rust formation or corrosion. Additionally, the thermoplastic water-resistant feature won’t allow the water droplets or specks to get stuck on it and damage the appearance. 


● Elegant Body Shell

There is no doubt you are going to be mesmerized by the elegant design of this water heater. The instant water heater helps in raising the glamour quotient of your bathroom with ease.

● Instant Water Heater

You might want to take a faster hot water shower. In such a case, just switch on the water heater and behold. You get hot water right from the shower sprays without needing to wait for a few minutes. Wouldn’t it be that fast? Well, it is.

● Thermoplastic Outer Body

There is no doubt that you won’t see any kind of specks present on this water heating appliance. Plus, the manufacturers have ensured that you won’t be able to view the thermoplastic outer body.

● Fire Retardant Cable

The safety concern of users is kept in mind while using this water heater. Frankly, the water heater is provided with a fire retardant cable that will not catch fire when there is one.

● NEON Indicator

If you are waiting for the water to get heated, then you don’t have to worry about this water heater. The neon-indicator allows you to know when the water is getting heated.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► The water heater is a compact one that is quite attractive and can adore your bathroom.

► You can place the geyser in your kitchen or washbasin for getting a continuous supply of water.

► You get instant water at any time.

The cons are – 

► This water heater is not suitable for large families.

2) Crompton Bliss 1-Litre Instant Water Heater

The Crompton Instant water heater is quite different from the storage water heaters. Here you would get the hot water instantly, as soon as you switch on the geyser. The Crompton water heater is not new to the Indian bathrooms, and the company has the heritage of being in business for more than 70 years. 

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Now this appliance has a sleek design, thereby providing good elegance to your bathroom. Also, it is attractive and has a towering performance. The presence o the 1000W copper heating element will allow for quick heating of the water that suits your requirements.

This water heater can easily take care of about 6.5 bar pressure, making it the best and ideal appliance for high-rise buildings. With this water heater, you get the 3L capacity, and there would be a continuous hot water supply.

Also, the stainless-steel weldless tank can easily retain the heat efficiency for enhancing the performance level. Furthermore, the heater will feature the best anti-siphon protection that prevents the water’s backflow into the storage tank. 


● Sleek Design

As an aesthetically created appliance, it would add more elegance to your modern bathrooms. It can also measure around 350 x 210 x 210 mm right in the dimension and weigh around 3.5 kg.

● Powerful Heating Element

The water heater is a built-in high-quality material, and it contains a 3000-watt copper heating element. This will allow the geyser to heat the water faster. 

● 6.5 Bar Pressure

The water heater features the best 6.5 bar pressure, and it is commonly used for high rise buildings. Also, it can withstand huge pressure up to 6.5 kg/cm2

● Stainless Steel Weldless Tank

The body of the container is crafted using stainless steel. This helps in retaining the heat and even efficiently multiples its performance to a huge extend.

● Anti-Siphon Protection

The water heater is created to prevent any kind of backflow of water right from the tank. It will secure the heating element from all kinds of dry heating damages. 

● Safe And Secure

This water heater provides dual safety with a high precision thermostat, the reset knob, and the preset thermal cut-out. It is engineered to be protected from sudden power cuts and voltage variations. 

● Easy To Use

Now equipped with tiny LED indicators, the water heater will tell you when the water is ready to use. Also, as soon as the green light glows, you can easily use the water.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► It is compact and attractive.

► It is low-cost equipment and easy to install.

► Also, it provides hot water instantly.

The cons are – 

► The water would be quite hot, so it might be good if you keep the cold water tap on at the same time.

3) AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Instant Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined provides an instant water heater for your kitchen. You can think of it as the convenience of the small indulgences of your life. 

It is of superior quality and provides a longer warranty compared to other water heaters. Plus, most water heaters suffer from sediment and scale present on the surface, leading to premature failure. Now the glass coating of this water heater will avoid scale formations and extend the heating element’s life. Plus, the water heater has a superior thermostat.

So, if any fault occurs, the water temperature might exceed the preset level, and the Thermal cutout would remove the power supply for safety.


● Stronger Heavy Gauge Alloy Steel Tank

The water heater is 23% stronger compared to the standard stainless steel or copper tanks. Also, the water heater has a blue-diamond glass-lining technology run feature. This will provide twice corrosion resistance compared to the industrial standards and increases the lifespan of the tank.

● Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank

The water heater increases the life of the inner tank. The lining is quite robust, and there is more corrosion resistant than other ones present in the industry.

● Long-Lasting Heating Element

The water heater is created of incoloy, and it won’t accumulate the calciferous deposits like copper element. Also, the tank is coated with the Blue Glass formulation that will easily reduce the scale accumulations and even extend the life of the heating element.

● Long-Lasting Anode Rod

The customized alloy of the water heater will work in various kinds of water conditions. It can protect the tank and the heating elements from getting corrosion. Plus, it has twice the lifespan compared to the regular magnesium anode.

● High Rated Pressure

The eight-bar pressure ratings are quite ideal for high-rise buildings. 

● Thermal Cutout

The product is safety assured, and even when the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level.

● Safety Valve

Automatically relieve the pressure and even discharge the water as the pressure overshoots the preset limits.

● Longer Warranties

The water heater provides five years on the inner tank. Plus, it provides a 2+1 year extended warranty on the heating element and the 2 Years of comprehensive warranty on the product. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► The tool is great for providing the best insulation and allows the retention of the water temperature for extended periods.

► The water heater is a durable one.

► The water heater is energy-saving.

The cons are – 

► The installation procedure is filled with issues as the package might not contain the necessary installation equipment.

4) Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

Havells creates the best instant water heater, and it is one of the famous ones too. The 3-liter instant water heater has the best features. The instant water heater is the best one as you get hot water in a matter of minutes when you are switching the device on.  

With this water heater, you can turn on the cold water tap and the hot water to get a warm water shower. Also, the Havells Instanio has a thick stainless-steel inner tank. This is of superior 304-grade material and is rust and shockproof. The outer body is created of ABS plastic that lasts long as it is corrosion-resistant.

Frankly, the heater is available with the LED indicator that changes to amber as soon as the water is hot. So, you get o switch on the water supply for getting hot water instantly.


● LED Indicator

The equipment has a color-changing LED indicator, where the color changes when the water heats to the required temperature.

● Outer Body

The water heater is rust and shockproofs, containing an ABS outer body providing long life.

● Inner Tank

The inner tank of the water heater is stainless steel and is 304 grade.

● Power Cord

The power cord of the water heater is fire retardant and provides maximum safety.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► You get hot water within no time.

► The thermostat and other safety devices are unique accessories.

► The water heater has a long-lasting outer body and inner tank.

The cons are – 

► The water heater lacks a proper storage facility, and that is a major drawback.

5) Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater

The most common way for anyone to begin their day would be with a short hot shower. When the Lifelong Flash water heater powers it, you are bound to get charged and fresh.

The Lifelong Flash Instant water heater comes with the best high pressure and the standing capacity that makes it quite suitable for high rise buildings. Also, it is great for providing high-pressure pump applications. 

The ergonomic design of the water heater, along with the rare combination of tech and style, is seriously something to look out for. With this tool, you can ensure that you get hot water in no time.


● Flash Instant Water Heater

The water heater is a required addition to your home and provides a great value for money. Also, this is the most common water heater that allows you to begin and end your day. 

● NEON Indicator

The neon indicator provides the source for power on and heating. It provides the status of water heating and readiness.

● Prevents Rusting

The thermoplastic outer body of the water heater eliminates corrosion and rusting. 

● Three Safety Levels

The technology designed for this water heater helps and gives three safety levels against the high temperature and pressure. This is the most cut-out thermostat and safety valve.

● Energy Efficient

The high density and the PUF of the water heater make sure for the retention of the internal temperature and heat. Also, it results in enhancing energy efficiency and lowers electricity bills.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► The water heater is energy efficient.

► The water heater provides high pressure bearing ability.

► It has an excellent safety feature and an international standard of a thermostat.

The cons are – 

► The water heater does not come with a power plug.

6) Bajaj Ivora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

The Bajaj Ivora vertical water heater is the best one that can provide hot water in a single instance. Fire retardant cable, the corrosion-proof thermoplastic external body is some of the major aspects that might please you to purchase this water heater. 

Another major feature of this water heater is that it provides efficient water heating for a long time. The neon indicator displays the power on when the heating function is on.


● Elegant Body Shell

The best thing that might mesmerize you is the elegant design of this water heater. It will raise the glamour quotient of your bathroom with ease.

● Instant Water Heater

The best part of using this water heater is that you can easily take quick hot showers. All you have to do is switch on the water heater, and you get instant hot water in a matter of minutes.

● Thermoplastic Outer Body

There is no doubt that you won’t see any kind of corrosion specks on this water heater. The manufacturer has made sure that you won’t see the thermoplastic outer body getting damaged.

● Fire Retardant Cable

If you are concerned regarding safety, then no doubt, this is the best water heater for you. You get instant water without any kind of fire as it is made from a resistant cable that avoids the spread of fire.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► You get a free installation from the company.

► The product is made of high-quality material.

► It saves a lot of electricity.

The cons are – 

► You need to purchase all the accessories separately.

7) ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR 3 KVA SPECIAL Anti Rust Coated Tank Geyser

To experience the utility of one of the most premium quality water geyser heaters, start using the ACTIVA PREMIUM Instant 3 Litre Geyser. No doubt, this is an awesome water heater that comes with having an array of features. It will ensure that you can get hot water no matter when you want it. This heater from ACTIVA is made from very high-quality material, ensuring you can use it for along time.


● High-Quality Thermostat

The water heater has a special anti-rust coating on the tank and geyser to save it from rust or corrosion, thereby increasing its life.

● ISI  

It has BIS approved ISI specification on an element to ensure the long-lasting life.

● Instant Water Heater  

Having a capacity of 3 liters, the water heater is apt for small families and provides instant heated water.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

► It is effective in heating water.

► It has an impressive safety feature.

► There is a special coating that avoids rust and corrosion.

The cons are 

► The after-sales service is bad.

8) Racold Pronto Neo 1 Litres 3Kw Vertical Water Heater

The instant water heater by Racold has the options for a small as well as medium size family. It is available in various 1, 3, and 6 liter capacity of instant hot water. Besides that, it can withstand high-pressure up to 6.5 bars. It is built with Italian design, thus giving it an elegant style. 


● Instant Water Heater  

This instant water heater features a powerful 3KW heating element to ensure that you get hot water instantly every time.

● High-Pressure Resistance  

Pronto Neo’s high pressure withstanding capacity makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications.

● Italian Design 

The elegant Italian design of this instant water heater with a rare combination of technology and style.

● Faster Heating  

The high-power heating element ensures you get hot water in no time. 

● PUF Insulation  

The high density and thick PUF ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

Pros And Cons

The pros are- 

► It is attractive and powerful at the same time.

► It provides an excellent safety measure to make sure that the water heater is safe to use.

► It provides instant hot water within no time.

The cons are- 

► It lacks proper storage.

9) V Guard Water Heater Sprinhot 3 Litre for Bathroom and Kitchen

Get the comfort of the V-Guard Sprinhot instant water heater for your homes. It has a long-life heating element providing the best performance. 

Also, it has extended durability for many years. With automatic temperature regulation through the thermostat, this V-Guard 1 Litre Instant Water Heater keeps your power bill and heating status optimized. Its sleek aesthetic looks will add to your kitchen and bathroom decor. This geyser is perfect for providing you with hot water at any time of the day when you need it promptly. 


● ISI Marked  

Round the clock impromptu hot water solution for your kitchen or bathroom

● Sturdy inner tank  

Sturdy inner tank made of 304-grade high-quality stainless steel and long-lasting outer body made of rustproof ABS material

● Automatic Temperature Regulation  

Automatic temperature regulation through the thermostat to keep your water temperature & electricity bill optimized

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► The product is worth within the given price range.

► It consumes a huge amount of electricity.

► The product can be easily accommodated in small bathrooms.

The cons are – 

► It takes a few seconds for revitalizing hot water after the initial delivery.

10) Morphy Richards Quente 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Unlike other water heaters, the Morphy Richard is a pioneering one in various households. This water heater is primarily focused on improving the efficiency and designs that suit the modern-day washroom beauty. Besides providing instant hot water, this is a great one that you can use in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., for providing good heated water.


● 3000 Watts

The water heater is quite modern and efficient. The heating element is quite powerful and helps you to supply hot water in a matter of minutes.

● Indicator Light

The light indicator displays the power on and heating. It shows whether the heater is on or off.

● Efficient Heating Element

The water heater features heating elements using unique technology. So, it is quite durable.

● Rustproof and Elegant Exteriors

The water heater is engineered with a high-grade plastic body, and that keeps away the rust. The minimalist design can suit all kinds of modern bathroom interiors and even takes less space.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

► It is affordably priced.

► It has a rustproof body.

► It has a modern design language.

The cons are – 

► You might end up purchasing third-party accessories.


The above given are some of the best instant water heaters available in India. Try them to see the difference and purchase the one that fits your needs.

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