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Best Portable Water Purifier in India 2023

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Do you know the best feeling a person has in drinking pure water is happiness? Well, there is the feeling of being gratified, but it is more about safety. You feel safe in drinking clean and pure water without even thinking whether it is harmful or not. 

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But that is not the case with the water from water purifiers. Water filters and purifiers are common instruments to help people avoid harmful bacteria and germs.

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Now you do have to keep in mind that it is impossible to bring or take purified water to every place you are traveling too. In such a situation, you need to depend on a portable water purifier. 

There are the best portable water purifiers in India, and these are easy to use. And most of them are from reputed and famous brands. A portable water purification system is light in weight, and you can take it anywhere. Plus, they are handy in terms of usability. 

Benefits of Best Portable Water Purifiers In India

Besides the fact that portable water purifiers assist you in being safe, they provide you with clean water and other significant advantages. Being small in size and the shape of a bottle, they are easy to carry with you. Frankly, it is on the go product when you want to have clean water every time without waiting for anything. 
If you aren’t using the portable water purifiers, then you end up purchasing packaged water bottles. They are costly, and you end up saving a lot of money by using portable water purifiers. Also, by avoiding packaged water bottles, you are helping mother earth by reducing plastic usage. So, you are more environmentally conscious. 
Most importantly, if you are a traveler, this portable water purification system can be a great companion. You can take it with you to remote areas and valleys where you won’t find any source of clean or purified water. In such places, this portable water purifiers can be life-savers. 
Besides these features, the portable water purifiers are low in weight, small in size, and have higher efficiency. 

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Who Needs To Use Portable Water Purifiers?

Well, portable water purification systems are for everyone. With the increase in water pollution, there is a vast need to eradicate it, and this product is apt and highly reliable. 
Now people who like to travel a lot or go on adventurous camping trips and trekking can use the portable water filters. They are the best choice among people visiting remote places. 
Another reason for using a portable water purification system is at places where there won’t be clean water or where the amount of freshwater is low in quantity. In such areas, the chances of getting clean drinking water are less. 
Also, if you are a person who loves hygiene and cares about his or her health, then a water filtering system is an excellent product to have during traveling. 

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Top 5 Best Portable Water Purifiers in India – Reviews

1) Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier

Key Features

  • Filters up to 1000 liters (which is 264 gallons) of water and help in removing 99.9% of waterborne diseases. 
  • The product helps in reducing turbidity and filters it down to 0.2 microns.
  • The portable water filter has a very high flow rate and is accessible to clean and durable. 
  • The shelf life of the water filter is five years when stored at room temperature. 
Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier

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1.Bestsellers Rank#1 in Camping & Hiking Water Purifiers
2.Customer Reviews4.7/5
4.Return Policy10 Days Returnable
5.Prime AvailabilityN/A
6.ShippingFree Delivery

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Do you know that the award-winning LifeStraw water filter is incorporated into a sports bottle? This helps to provide users and school children access to safe drinking water even when there is polluted water available Or no water source nearby. 

All you have to do is place the Lifestraw personal portable water purifier into the bottle and use it to scoop water from any pond, tank, river, or stream. You will get a fresh supply of lot of clean water to drink. You can take the LifeStraw personal water purifiers for camping, hiking, or traveling to places where there is poor water quality. Your school going kids can even use it for their day-to-day needs. 

You can use the carabiner and attach it to your backpack. You can also store it in your preparedness kit to ensure access to clean, safe, and pure drinking water in emergencies. Also, the product can be used for filtering up to 1,000 liters of water. It removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria. Another best part of using this portable water purifier is that it reduces turbidity and filter it down to 0.2 microns. 

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This product is produced from high and best quality food grade plastic and that too as per the US FDA standards. The raw material for the bottle is made from Tritan (BPA Free). 

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Filters out 99.9% of waterborne protozoa and bacteria
Replaceable filters are readily available online
Reduces the bad taste, smell, and chlorine from water
Reduces physical impurities and turbidity
Improves the visual appearance of the water


Available only in a single color
Bottle and replaceable filters are bit costly

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2) Lifestraw Portable Plastic Water Purifier Filter

Key Features

  • The product helps in removing 99.99 percent of waterborne diseases. 
  • It can easily filter up to 1000 liters of water. 
  • The water purifier can reduce turbidity, where it filters down to 0.2 microns. 
  • The shelf life is five years when stored at room temperature.
  • The product provides a high water flow rate and is easy to clean as well as durable. 
  • It is one of the best and award-winning and internationally recognized water purification systems.
Lifestraw Portable Plastic Water Purifier Filter

1.Bestsellers Rank#698 in Water Coolers, Filters & Cartridges
2.Customer Reviews4.3/5
4.Return Policy10 days returnable
5.Prime AvailabilityN/A
7.ShippingFree Delivery

As one of the best portable water purifiers in India is an advanced 2-stage water filter bottle. It helps in protecting against parasites, bacteria, and microplastics. Also, it helps in reducing chemicals like chlorine and improves the taste of water.

The leakproof, robust, BPA free bottle is created for harsh conditions and longevity. Also, it is ideal for camping, hiking, travel, and everyday use.

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Versatile, ultralight and long-lasting filter with expanded protection
Easy to convert your water bottle into a powerful filter to remove parasites, chemicals, and bacteria
Leakproof water bottle and filter system having integrated advanced filtration


Only available online

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3) RAMA Spirit Siphon Kit 99.99% Bacteria-Free Water Filter and Purifier, Portable

Key Features

  • You can use the product with any existing vessel or container that is present like bubble top cans, buckets, drums, etc. 
  • It removes more than 99.99% of all kinds of bacteria.
  • Greater the difference among two containers, the higher will be the flow. The product provides five liters for an hour. 
  • The product is easy to clean and reuse. You just need to scrub the ceramic surface under the running water. 
  • Ceramic contains traces of silver, and this is manufactured by British technology and imported materials.
RAMA Spirit Siphon Kit 99.99% Bacteria-Free Water Filter and Purifier, Portable

1.Bestsellers Rank#154 in Water Purifier Accessories
2.Customer Reviews3.9/5
3.Warranty6 Months
4.Return Policy10 days replacement
5.Prime AvailabilityN/A
6.Shipping+12.5 Rupees

RAMA Spirit Siphon Kit is one of India’s most effective, economical and reliable water filters. Not only is it portal, but it also removes greater than 99% of all kinds of bacteria. Most importantly, it is easy to use, even during emergencies. 

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This product helps in getting pure and clean water. Also, it retains essential minerals and removes harmful bacteria. The Siphon kit needs less set up too. The Spirit ceramic is impregnated with silver. 

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Can be used on any existing container or vessel
Removes more than 99.9% of all bacteria
Easy to clean and use


Suitable only for Indian water

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4) GP- Bottle Water Purifier- (A Pack of Three Filters) Activated Charcoal Block Technology/Portable

GP- Bottle Water Purifier- (A Pack of Three Filters) Activated Charcoal Block Technology/Portable

1.Bestsellers Rank#2367 in Water Purifier Accessories
2.Customer Reviews2.6/5
4.Return Policy10 days returnable
5.Prime AvailabilityN/A
6.ShippingFree Delivery

The GP bottle water purifier is nothing but a small bottle filter fitted with activated charcoal block. It helps in the purification process of water and that too in an efficient manner. The filter is easily fitted into any disposable plastic bottle like Bisleri 500 ml, 250 ml, and even 100 ml bottle. 

This purification filter can remove all kinds of organic impurities, pesticides, heavy metal ions, chlorine. Also, it improves the odor, taste, and color of the water. Most importantly, it won’t remove the essential minerals in the water. 

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  • This is the best portable water purifier in India that can be used for hiking, camping, and traveling. Even you can use it daily at home. 
  • The product is made up of BPA free, non-toxic plastic with a convenient carry cap. 
  • The portable water purification system is a chemical-free filter, and it can be fitted easily on any standard size bottles like Bisleri 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml bottles. 
  • It can lower the content of chlorine, odor, taste, and heavy metal ions. Also, it controls and removes organic chemicals, protozoa, waterborne bacteria, fungus, etc. 
  • The product is an instant water purification system on the go. You can drink safely from any public water source with this portable water purifier. 

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Useful for camping, hiking, and traveling
Can be used daily at home 
Made from BPA free and non-toxic plastic
Easy to fit on any bottles of standard size
Reduces bad taste, chlorine, odor, and heavy metal ions.


Can be fitted only on standard size bottles
Water comes out in small proportions

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5) Neera Bottle Water Purifier- (A Pack of Three), SHUNGITE -C60 Fullerene Block Technology/Bottle Water Filter/Personal, Pocket, Portable Water Filter/Traveler Water Filter

Neera Bottle Water Purifier

1.Bestsellers Rank#1311 in Water Purifier Accessories
2.Customer Reviews3.0/5
4.Return Policy10 days returnable
5.Prime AvailabilityN/A

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This is a small bottle filter that is fitted with a shungite block. It helps in effectively purify water. The Neera bottle water purifier is one o the best portable water purifiers in India that can be fitted into any disposable plastic bottle like used Bisleri 500 ml, 200ml, and 1000 ml bottle. 

The best part is that it is easy to insert into such plastic bottles, and you can take out the filter from the bottle in an easy way. 

The water purifier is made from filter Shungite that has C60 fullerene. The C60 fullerene is a nano molecule and contains strong bactericidal properties. As soon as the water passes through the filter, the bacteria gets killed. 

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  • The water purification system is eco-friendly, portable, and easy to use. It does not remove any of the essential minerals from the water. 
  • The product ensures that the water is not contaminated by any chemical, so you end up drinking water anytime and anywhere. 
  • The Neera Bottle Water Purifier is a small bottle filter, and it is fitted with shungite block. It makes sure that the water is purified effectively. 
  • The filter can be installed into any kind of disposable plastic bottle. 
  • It is easy to insert and take out the filter from the disposable bottle. 

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Portal and eco-friendly
Easy to use
Does not remove essential minerals
Can be fitted into any disposable plastic bottle


Ii is available only online

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6. ZIGLY Outdoor Portable Water Filter Purifier Filterpen

ZIGLY Outdoor Portable Water Filter Purifier Filterpen

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Wrapping Up

The best part of using portable water filters is that it gives essential filtration. Also, it can be used as the best portable water purifiers. Most importantly, you can’t use it as a substitute for your home water purifiers. 

However, these best portable water purifiers in India are useful to any person that is on the lookout of the clean and best drinking water on the go. If you are a person who likes to travel to remote areas and go on adventure treks, then the portable water purifiers are the perfect travel gear. 

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