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Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022

What is a Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heaters use the sun rays to heat water in a building. There are two major kinds of solar heating equipment – active and passive.

The passive heating is based on the architectural design for providing a system to the building. You could utilize the building’s structure, site, and materials to gain a maximum heating and lighting effect of the sunlight that falls on it. It would lower or eliminate the fuel requirements. 

But in active heating, mechanical methods are used to collect, store, and distribute the building’s solar energy for providing hot water and space for heating. 

Now You would convert the sunlight falling on the collector array of the building into heat. It is transferred to the carrier fluid (which would be liquid and less common to the air), and this is pumped to the storage, conversion, and distribution system.

How Does Solar Water Heaters Work?

Light Gets Absorbed By Solar Collector

The solar water heaters would absorb the light using the collector that is placed on the roof. Then the solar power heating systems will convert the light into heat. 

Heat Transferred To Water Tank

Now The solar water heaters would pass the heat to the tank. And this is done by the circulation pump. Here such an exchange would be triggered by the thermal regulators. However, exclusively when the collector is hotter compared to the water present in the tank. So, it would prevent the circulation pump from using unnecessary electricity and even help avoid overheating.

Insufficient Sunlight Means Going For Back-Up water Heater

Sometimes there would be insufficient sunlight. In that case, the water gets pre-heated, and the back-up system would now take over to bring the water to the necessary temperature. Here you could use such a system right at the constant temperature all around the year. 

Kinds Of Solar Water Heaters:

Following are the types of solar water heaters – 

Thermosiphon Systems

These solar water heaters can heat water or even anti-freeze fluids like glycol. Here the fluid would rise using the natural convection from the collectors to the storage tank. Then this is placed right on the higher level. 

Here no pumping system is needed. In the thermosiphon systems, the fluid movement and even the heat transfer can increase the temperature. So, such systems are much effective in areas that are having high levels of solar radiation. 

Direct Circulation System

These systems would pump water from the storage for collectors and that too during the sunny hours. The freeze protection is gained by the re-circulation of the hot water from the storage tank. You can even do it by flushing the collectors (which is drain-down). 

Here as the recirculation would increase the energy usage, while the flushing ends up and lowering the hours of operation, there would be a direct circulation system used in such areas where the freezing temperatures are somewhat infrequent. 

Drain-Down Systems

Such solar water heaters are somewhat indirect water heaters. Untreated or treated water is often circulated through a closed-loop, and the heat is transferred to the portable water using the heat exchanger. 

So, when there is no solar heat available, the collector fluid would get drained through gravity. It can avoid the freezing and conventional loops in which the collectors’ water would reduce the stored water temperature.

Indirect Water Heating System

In this system, the freeze-protected fluid would be circulated using a closed loop. Here the heat would be transferred to portable water and that too using a heat exchange having 70 to 90 percent efficiency. Frankly, the most commonly used fluids for freeze protection are the water-ethylene glycol solution and the water-propylene glycol solutions.

Air Systems

Air Systems are an indirect system where collectors heat the air, which is moved using a fan through the air-to-water heat exchanger. Here you would use the water for domestic needs or even the service needs. The efficiency of the heat exchanger is somewhere around the 50% range. 

Benefits Of Solar Water Heater

No CO2 emissions during the operation.
Endless amount of energy and free of charge.
Cost-saving where up to 60% of less energy is used for heating water, and that too up to 35% less energy for space heating. 
Reduces the consumption of fossil fuels

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Solar Water Heating Systems


The solar water heater has two types of water heating systems –

► Flat Plate Collector (FPC) – Itis a system made of metal and very expensive. Those solar water heaters made from this system are more durable. Also, they would have a longer life too. 

But suppose you are using the FPC at regions where the temperature would go below zero. In that case, you need to use expensive anti-freeze solutions to protect it.

► Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) – This system is much cheaper. However, the evacuated tube collector is made of glass. So, evacuated tube collectors would get damaged easily. Also, you would have to pay a huge amount of money for repairing it. If your water supply provides saltwater, you would have to use the heat exchanged to secure the system’s heating water capacity.

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Large solar water heaters are more expensive. However, at the same time, they are more efficient too. If you want a solar water heater that is extensively used, then go for the bigger one. It would be a better option than purchasing two smaller ones. Not only that, you can save on cost and get more efficiency.

Dual Function

Most of the standard solar water heaters available in the market would work only when the weather is nice and warm outside. But if you are looking to enjoy your device’s consistent performance, try to go for one with a dual function device. Here, the dual function would guarantee the device’s special operation even when the outside is not sunny.


You might find various inexpensive solar heating models and that too from lesser-known solar water heater manufacturing companies; it might be great to select water heater manufacturing companies in India you are already aware of. Here, this would confirm the product’s reliability and make sure that the device would last longer than the lower-budget variants. 


There isn’t any need for settling for a solar water heater that is not covered by any kind of warranty. Ideally, for the best solar water heaters, the solar water heater manufacturing companies in India would give 10 to 15 years of warranty.


You have to make sure that the solar water heater purchased by you has all the necessary certification. So, this would help in assessing the effectiveness and reliability of the products.

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Top 15 Best Solar Water Heaters In India 2020

1) Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 2

The Supreme Solar 200 LPD is one of the most remarkable solar water heaters manufacturing company in India. It contains various great features. Also, it is the best system and more efficient manufacturing companies. These so-called solar water heaters can easily hold around 250 liters of water. Additionally, this is the best choice for any medium-sized family. 

The coating present helps in enhancing the sunlight absorption capacity, so making it fast. Another aspect that you would greatly get impressed with would be its durability. The material used for making these solar water heaters by the company is of high grade.

These would include the solar glass, which is of great impact resistant and even to an extend scratch-resistant. So, it means that the solar water heater would easily withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

Here the solar cells are extremely well-designed for increasing the functionality and that too to a great deal. The Supreme SS-004 solar water heater is what you would want if you require hot water all year around. 

Pros And Cons

These products are highly durable.
The unit can easily hold a huge storage capacity of water.
The machine is highly scratch resistant.
You can only use the solar water heater in medium-sized homes where the demand for hot water is less.

2) V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater

We always have to purchase those products that are having a great design. The V-Guard products manufacturing companies in India are remembered all over the years for making the heater durable and even compact. 

The evacuated glass pipes can easily absorb more heat for doing the job faster. Also, the proper PUF installation present in the tank is created of high-grade stainless steel. Also, it would be having a food-grade layer so that the heater’s water is safe for your body. 

In most Indian houses, You would need a solar water heater that is durable and compact. On top of that, it has to be of low-maintenance. With the V-Guard water heater, you can get warmer water using the best solar energy power.

Pros And Cons

The absorber coating would increase the heat that is taken by the tubes.
The PUF insulations would work well for retaining the water’s warmth. 
The ISI electric backup heater would assist during emergencies.
No warranty information is provided by the manufacturing company in India.

3) Haier Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 3

The best part of using the Haier Stainless Steel Solar heater r products are that it has a digital display. Even the temperature display is great where the user could see the water temperature right on the screen. Even there is a screen to show off the water level. So, this helps the user to plan his or her usage based on the water level. 

Another important feature of this solar water heater is the electric backup, where the user could control the electric backup from the LED controller. The auto water feed feature contains three programmable modes that can be used from the digital interface. 

Pros And Cons

The additional control pump for the water recharge is present for the low water pressure region.
India’s first non-mixing technology is where 30% of more hot water output is provided from the same tank capacity.
There is an electric heater backup.
These products have less warranty period.

4) Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 4

Unlike other solar water heaters available in India, the Suntek provides a cheaper and efficient way of enjoying hot water all year around. The solar water heaters come with a capacity of 100 liters, and it is enough for accommodating small households.

The stainless steel inner tank would also make sure that the hard water won’t lead to the scaling with time. On the other hand, The outer tank is extremely well coated and make it rustproof. 

So, it means that you can place it safely outdoors without having any issues. Furthermore, the component is easy to install too.

Even your local technician would not need to take a huge effort to fix it. The presence of high quality, along with the leakage-free tank, makes it ideal. 

Pros And Cons

It is inexpensive.
It is highly durable.
The material used is highly rustproof.
The solar water heater is suitable for those households that have fewer people.

5) GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 5

Whenever one goes to purchase a solar-powered solar water heater, there would be a choice between either going with a domestic or commercial one. With GreenLife, your choice becomes easier, as this is the single model that can be used for both purposes.

The sturdy tubes present in it, along with the well-insulated tank, will provide you with the best heated water. On top of that, the heater would easily last for a long time as it is made of top quality materials. 

Also, the in-built electric heating facility’s presence would come in handy and even on non-sunny days. Most people complain about the electric heater getting ruined immediately. 

With the GreenLife, they won’t have to worry about buying the GreenLife solar water heater. 

The solar water heaters contain an epoxy coating present in the tank and even outside of the tank that increases the lifespan. The presence of the equipment’s sturdy construction and the frame would help survive in all the weather conditions.

Pros And Cons

The solar water heater is durable and constructed strongly.
There are ten pipes present in it which help in heating water. 
The presence of the electrical backup for any urgency.
The tank is small, but it is best for household needs.

6) Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 6

When you are going to purchase a solar water heater, it is important to note whether it remains constantly hot. The Saur Shakti would provide high-density PUF insulation in the heater’s tank. Also, it will help the water to remain always hot, even at night. 

So, you get hot water all day long. Also, the container is created of galvanized iron that avoids corrosion and scaling. The galvanized steel is the perfect one, and it provides a huge amount of durability to this solar heater.

The presence of the 3T glass tubes won’t lead to damage in any weather condition. Also, the solar water heater has a good stand that provides good stability. Due to the high absorption power, the tubes allow the water to get heated immediately and reach the tank faster. 

The heater’s whole body would easily withstand the pressure, so making it the best choice for all kinds of household. 

Pros And Cons

The solar water heater is made from highly durable and galvanized steel.
The tank can easily retain the warmth of the water for a long time.
The stand of the water heater is quite sturdy and that too at a 45-degree angle.
The solar water heater is a bit costly. However, it does have some great features.

7) Global Solar Energy Domestic solar water heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 7

The Global Solar Energy Domestic solar water heaters contain the SS electrical filament best for backup. Also, it has a backup of Cu-Ni-Al selective coating that is of high absorptivity and even low emissivity of magnesium anode from the galvanic protection.

It also contains a non-contact copper coating present in the vacuum for providing a clog-free performance. The Ultra Modern Azuretech support structure provides an easy fitment for various roof types. Also, the solar water heater provides long life and low maintenance.

Pros And Cons

Low maintenance and long life.
Eco –friendly and provides high-density PUF insulation for high heat retention.
Cooper coating at the vacuum for clog-free performance.
The warranty period is very less.

8) Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 8

The Solarizer Value Solar water heater has an inner tank of a glass-lined coating. It makes the life of solar water higher compared to others.

The glass line solar water heaters are more reliable than the other water heater present in the harsh water area. Also, the glass coating avoids any kind of corrosion and the formation of toxic substances and impurities.

Additionally, the anode present in the Solarizer contains stainless steel mounting head. It makes it easier to remove and replace.

Pros And Cons

The solar water heater has a unique absorber that can easily withstand more than 220V.
It prevents the corrosion and formation of a toxic substance.
Leads to high transmission.
The solar water heater can only accommodate medium-size homes. 

9) Intersolar Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 9

Heating your household water is the major consumption of energy in most Indian homes. The Inter Solar Water heater helps the environment by reducing the emissions of CO2, and it can lower the heating cost by 70%-90%.

Also, the selective coating of the inner cover of the evacuated tubes can easily absorb the heat. As the temperature rises, the density of the water drops, and the weight goes down. Here the hot water will go up to exchange with the cold water present in the tank. 

Pros And Cons

The unit comes with the best insulation.
The solar water heater is durable.
It is easy to install.
The solar water heater is only suitable for homes having fewer family members.

10) Samurai Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 10

It is one of the best Samurai Solar water heaters that easily supplies good hot water to large families. Well, the major reason for that is the capacity of 300 liters it has. The material that makes up the tank is pure aluminum. 

Additionally, the solar water heater can heat water at a faster rate. You would immediately get hot water supplied as per your needs. The water heater has high-grade solar cells. These cells are efficient enough to make sure that the water is heated to a pleasant temperature. Also, the solar water heater is one of the cheapest ones available in the market. 

Pros And Cons

The water heater is durable.
It has high-quality solar cells.
It is manufactured using good quality materials.
You can use this solar water heater at home and not in other facilities and industries. 

11) Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 11

Being one of India’s leading solar water heater manufacturers, Racold has developed a wide range of solar water heaters that can use good and high energy. It contains high energy run absorption vacuum tubes over 1800mm in length, ensuring optimum energy absorption and high efficiency are produced.

Also, the vacuum tubes are created to keep up with international standards. These make sure that optimum energy absorption and best efficiency is present. 

Pros And Cons

Racold works best with hard water.
There are no pipe blockages.
The tank capacity is around 150 LPD/Liters.
The water heater can be used by three to four people having a single bathroom.

12) ONYX ELECTRONICS Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 12

Being in the market for more than seven years, this is a successful hybrid solar air conditioner company and the best solar water heater in India. The water heater has an evacuated tube that makes it quite suitable for industrial and domestic usage. 

Furthermore, the Onyx solar water heaters are assembled right at the state of the art factory in India. They have qualified and experienced engineers who manufacture and install solar water heater to extract quality standards.

Another major advantage of this solar water heater is that it is fully stainless steel. It has got the best-evacuated tube that provides and allows the easy flow of the heat. 

Pros And Cons

It is made from full stainless steel.
They have experienced engineers to install.
The best-evacuated tube range of solar water heaters.
It does not have a good solar panel.

13) Megapower Solar water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 13

The Megapower solar water heater comes with the best inner tank having 304 liters. This so-called capacity is great for large families. Also, the container is built using state-of-the-art technology.

The best aspect of this water heater is that it can handle hard water without any problem. The presence of the evacuated glass tubes ensures that there isn’t any kind of scaling deposits occurrence. 

Additionally, the solar water heater uses a high injection PUF material. It helps in making the water temperature high even during the cold nights.

Pros And Cons

The solar water heater is extremely durable.
It has great capacity.
The material is corrosion-free.
The solar water heater price is quite expensive.

14) Sun Zone Solar 100 LPD Concentric Tube Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 14

The Sun Zone Solar water heater is one of the best solar water heaters in India. The water heater is not only efficient but provides great functionality too. 

Here the first appealing feature of the Sun Zone water heater is the inner tank. The solar water heater is also made of stainless steel and properly welded to make sure that there aren’t any leakages. Additionally, the tank has high-grade PUF insulation.

Frankly, this feature allows it to retain the water’s heat for a long time easily. So, you can easily enjoy the hot water right on demand. Being an eco-green solar water heater, it comes with durable material to make sure that it would last longer. 

Pros And Cons

It is easy to install.
The system comes with the best quality materials.
It would last longer.
The unit is very much expensive.

15) AWCRE- Solar Water Heater

Best Solar Water Heater In India 2022 15

If you have family members of 6 to 9 people, then the AWCRE solar water heater is a perfect choice. The system is created for sustaining households having many individuals. Also, the unit has a capacity of 300 liters. 

Furthermore, the solar water heaters use the ETC tube to absorb a huge amount of heat. Also, it can enhance the rate of water conversion from cold to hot water. The unit is properly developed and created for holding the tubes at the ideal angle, thereby exposing them to a lot of light.

So, this would increase the amount of heat absorbed. The solar water heater is even easy to install too. Here, each of the components would flawlessly fit each other, thereby making it easy to setup. It is a system that would last for a longer time. 

Pros And Cons

It contains high-quality tubes.
The whole unit of solar water heaters are rustproof.
The water heater is durable.
You cannot use the solar heater for industrial needs.


As clearly stated above, the fifteen ones are the perfect solar water heating system for Indian homes. So, when you will purchase any one of them, make sure that it is as per your requirement. 

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