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5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023

Do you want to install a water purifier but don’t have enough space on the wall or the counter-top? 

If yes, then choosing the under sink water purifier will be a perfect option.

These purifiers are placed right under your sink such that you won’t have to face any space shortage in the kitchen.

Water supply is given from the pipeline connecting your sink to the main supply source. 

Fortunately enough, several different such purifiers are now available in the market.

But the main problem is in deciding which will be the best under sink water purifier in India. You can’t probably afford to make a mistake while weighing your options. 

That’s why in the following article, we have compiled a list of the top five under sink water purifiers that you can find in the Indian market with ease. 

How we tested and picked the best under-sink water purifier in India? 

Not all the under-sink water purifiers have the same set of features. Some are common, while some are unique to the product or brand we are talking about.

Bearing the differences in our minds, we devised a testing strategy to compare different products based on a series of factors.

First, we considered the filters present in the water purifier because that determines water’s purity. 

Next, we took the capacity and storage tank volume under consideration. After all, different families have different needs.

We made sure to include affordable products in our list without compromising the quality of the appliance or the deliverability.

To understand how the price varies with different products, we have used a price comparator, which helped us compile the most amicable list of five best under sink water purifiers in India. 

Top 5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023

1. KENT Excell+

KENT-Excell+ Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India


  1. 7-liters storage tank 
  2. Hydrostatic pressure generator in the tank
  3. RO+UV+UF filters for 100% purification
  4. Can remove hardness from the input water supply 

Kent Excell+ can be used under the sink and under the counter, one of the major plus points. As the purifier has the Mineral RO Technology of Kent itself, the water will have all the essential minerals.

Only the heavy metals like arsenic and mercury, dissolved compounds, hardness will be removed by the RO membrane.

Its followed by the UV tank where the radiations are used to kill the microbes and all other biological components.

Last but not least is the Ultra Filtration filter removes any unwanted components from the water that might have escaped the RO and UV filters. 


  • It can be connected with a water cooler 
  • Lightweight water purifier for under-sink installation
  • TDS control feature available in the purifier


  • Only 15 liters/hour filtration capacity 

2. A.O.Smith Z2+

5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023 1


  1. Can remove hardness up to a level of 400 pp,
  2. Contains a special silver-coated carbon filter
  3. Attached swivel faucets 
  4. Ro filter change alter system 

The A.O. Smith Z2+ is one of the most advanced purification systems with RO membrane and a special silver-coated post carbon filter.

The purification is done in six different stages, starting from pre sediment filter and ending with the patented SCM-TECM or silver-carbon-mineral technology.

It is the last filter technology that accounts for the purifier’s high performance as it is made from a carbon filter with a silver coating for ensuring proper Ag concentration in water.

Also, the mineralizer technology will help in restoring the proper ionic balance of the purified water before it is dispensed.

As it contains a WQA-approved RO membrane, you can drink the water without worrying about the purity level.


  • Can handle water having up to 2000 TDS 
  • No wastage of water occurs with A.O. Smith Z2+.
  • No RO membrane bypass is present. 


  • The indicator display screen is not visible

3. KENT Sterling

5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023 2


  1. Sleek and modern appearance 
  2. Highly space efficient with compact size 
  3. 1-year warranty 
  4. Plastic material construction 

For enjoying 100% pure water with no taste or odor, the perfect under-the-sink purifier will be from Kent- The Sterling. The main reason for such a high-performance level is the double purification technology.

First, as the water passes through the sediment filter, all the heavy physical impurities are removed. After this, the water passes through the RO membrane, where dissolved chemicals, heavy metals, and others are removed.

Next, the UF membrane removes any finer contaminants present in the RO-filtered water. After this, the purified water passes through the TDS controller valve, which restores the mineral concentration.

After this, the water flows to the UV tank, where the rays kill all the microbes and stores the purified water in the tank.


  • Auto-purification once the water level falls below the threshold 
  • It can store it under the sink in a small space
  • Hydrostatic pressure is built up for continuous water output


  • No separate mineral balancer is present 


5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023 3


  1. Best purification technology with 8 stages 
  2. Slim and sleek design 
  3. Digital face indicators 
  4. 1-year warranty provided 

Suppose you are looking for a purifier with RO and UV filter combination providing alkaline water. In that case, the Havells UTC is the ideal choice.

The purifier comes with 8 different purification stages, starting with the pre sediment layer to the post RO activated carbon layer.

A revitalizer is also present, maintaining the water’s pH between 8 to 10 and maintaining the ionic concentration.

Havells has included a membrane protector at the second stage to ensure longer durability of the RO layer. There is an i-Protect sensor that makes the LED blink once there is a UV failure. 


  • It can be connected to a rotating faucet for better usability 
  • Will fit in a small, slender space under the sink
  • Alerts when water input pressure is low


  • Average water capacity of the storage tank

5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UTC

5 Best Under Sink Water Purifier In India 2023 4


  1. Small and compact water purifier 
  2. 8-liters of water storage 
  3. 1-year warranty 
  4. TasteGuard feature available 

No other UTC purifier will provide you with the option of altering the taste of the water after purification, all thanks to the TasteGuard feature.

It will allow you to adjust the water’s taste according to the source. The RO membrane will block the unwanted chemical compounds, heavy metals like arsenic and mercury, and the hardness from the incoming water supply.

Once it is done with purification, the water will then enter the UV chamber, where the rays will help kill all the biological contaminants, which can be viruses, water-borne protozoa, and bacteria.

Mineral enhancer is also present in the purifier that will add important minerals to the water and restore the ionic balance. 


  • Large water storage tank present
  • Low power consumption 
  • 100% purity of the input water with no contaminant


  • Water flow for purification is low

Things to consider while choosing the best under sink water purifier in India 

  1. Tank capacity: Your first task will be to choose a UTC filter with a storage tank of amicable volume. If you are a family of two to three members, a 5-liters or 7-liters storage tank will be the best choice. You will need 10-liters or more storage only if you have a large family. 
  2. Filtration technologies. RO filter will remove the chemical contaminants while the UV tank is added for killing off the biological contaminants. Similarly, a mineral balancer will restore the proper ionic concentration of the purified water. So, based on what type of purification you want, you will need to make the perfect choice of filters. 
  3. Size: No matter how efficient the UTC purifiers are, you still need to consider the size and whether or not the product will fit in perfectly 


Under the sink, water purifiers are very helpful as they will help you save more space in the kitchen and make it look aesthetically pleasing. With different types of purifiers present in the market, choosing one can be a real challenge. That’s why you need to select the best under sink water purifier in India based on your needs. For example, Kent Excell+ is ideal for those who want multiple purification units, including the ultrafiltration filter and the usual RO filter and UV tank. Similarly, suppose you want to drink healthy water having all the essential minerals. In that case, you can choose the Kent Sterling since it comes with special mineralizer technology.  

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