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5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023

Are you planning to upgrade your current purifier? 

Do you need to buy a new water purifier for removing biological and finer contaminants? 

If yes, then you are at the right place because we will be discussing the best UV UF water purifier in India

UV or Ultraviolet filtration tanks help remove the biological contaminants from the water like bacteria, viruses, and others. On the other hand, the UF filter membrane removes the finest particles from the water, which might prove to be harmful to you. 

These two filtration technologies have become quite popular lately. And that’s why many companies are manufacturing water purifiers with both UV and UF technologies. 

In the below discussion, we will discuss the best water purifiers with UV UF technologies that you can get in the market. In addition, we have also discussed how you can decide which purifier will be the best for you. 

How We Tested And Picked The UV UF Water Purifiers? 

Since most purifiers come with UF and UV technologies, it was very difficult for us to choose the best purifiers from the list. This is why we first gathered all the possible names which have gained a lot of reputation lately. After that, we used the divide and conquered method to compare the products based on certain factors. 

Since we are talking about purifiers, we considered features like flow rate, tank capacity, water purification rate, filter longevity, and so on. In the end, we compared the products based on the prices and picked out five names that will be affordable for most people in India. 

Top 5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India 2023

1. AO Smith X2

5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023 1


  1. Has LED indicator system 
  2. Comes with a 5-litres water tank 
  3. Aesthetically pleasant 

Suppose you are looking for a purifier that can be mounted on the wall in your small to medium-sized kitchen. In that case, the AO Smith X2 is certainly the best choice in the market. It has a slim and slender design with a white body made of ABS food-grade plastic. Over it, beautiful patterns are made with a matte black shade that makes it look wonderful. 

A 5-stage purification system is present, starting with the sediment filter to the UF membrane. Then, a UV lamp kills all the microbes that pollute the supply of water in your area. And the UF layer will remove all finer debris that hasn’t been removed earlier. So, the water dispenser will be of high quality and completely safe. 

A five litres storage tank is presently made from food-grade plastic. Hence, it will add no chemical contaminants to the stored water. In addition, the product comes with a digital display screen with different indicators for quick alerts.


  • Alerts about depleting UV lamp life for quick replacement 
  • Has food-grade plastic storage tank for no chemical contamination 
  • Has the ability to remove dissolved solutes up to 200ppm


  • It can’t place it over the tabletop or kitchen counter 

2. Kent Ultra Storage

5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023 2


  1. Perfect for both domestic and commercial places 
  2. Comes with 8-litres of water tank 
  3. Has 11-watts UV lamp for better purification 

Suppose you are willing to upgrade your current UV water purifier to a far more advanced system. In that case, Kent Ultra Storage is the best choice. The purifier has both UV and UF technologies, but the UV lamp also works on 11-watts power, which is strong enough to kill all the microbes within a few seconds.

Even though multiple purification layers are present in the product, the flow rate is 60L per hour, one of the fastest. In addition, the storage tank has a capacity of 8 litres which will meet your family’s needs easily. The UV lamp removes different types of microbes and other biological contaminants like spores and cysts. 

On the other hand, finer solute impurities get eliminated by the UF filter. Hence, the water stored in the tank is ideal for both kids and adults. In addition, the water taste is enhanced by the mineral balancer, which adds essential mineral ions to the purified water.


  • Prevents wastage of water by shutting down automatically 
  • It can purify both municipal and tap water 
  • Will alert you for both UV lamp and filter change 


  • Has a bulky design as compared to other competitors 

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel

5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023 3


  1. Sleek and elegant design 
  2. Can filter up to 200ppm 
  3. Equipped with copper filter 

Copper has proven to be quite helpful for us in recent years. This is why in ancient days, people used to keep water in copper bottles and jars overnight. So, if you want to enjoy all the health benefits of copper, having this copper impregnated UV UF water filter will be the best choice from Eureka Forbes. 

The Aquaguard Marvel model comes with an 8-litres water tank, ideal for a family of 4 to 6 people. Moreover, the purification rate is also high so that the tank will get full in no time. Once the tank gets filled, you will be alerted, and the purification process will be stopped automatically. This will save both electricity and water a lot. 

In addition to the UV and UF purifying technologies, a copper cartridge is specially added to the product. So, the purifier water will dispense won’t have any biological and chemical contaminants, micro solids, etc. But it will surely have copper ions which will help your immune system become stronger.


  • Can retain all essential minerals with Mineral Guard technology
  • Equipped with an electronic boiler in the UV tank for better microbe removal 
  • The dispensed water enhances the taste


  • Has no RO filter for removing hardness from water 

4. Aqua Libra

5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023 4


  1. Has TDS level adjuster 
  2. Comes with the extra protection of the RO layer 
  3. Has copper cartridge

Suppose you want all the three major filtration technologies in one single purification unit. In that case, the best product will be Aqua Libra. It has a UV tank for microbe elimination and cysts and spores, and a high-quality UF membrane is also present for microfiltration. On top of these two filters, you have an RO membrane for removing chemical impurities of all sorts. 

Advanced copper technology is added to the filter so that you can enjoy the benefits of copper ions. Furthermore, to adjust the water taste, a mineralizer is added to the purifier design. Not only will it adjust the taste but also add essential minerals. Besides, you will get purified water with balanced pH levels suitable for your body. 

If you receive water with varying TDS levels, this is the perfect product that you need to have, thanks to the TDS adjuster. Thanks to this feature, you will remove the dissolved particles as per the water TDS level.


  • Has a sturdy and durable water dispenser tap
  • Needs to be wall-mounted and hence perfect for small kitchens
  • Has a total capacity of 14-litres for storing water 


  • It can’t place it on the tabletop in case wall mounting is not possible 

5. Havells Active Plus

5 Best UV UF Water Purifier In India For Home Use In 2023 5


  1. Has smart alert systems 
  2. Aesthetically pleasing for the eyes 
  3. Space effective and wall-mounting design 

Sometimes, people forget that the purifier is on, which leads to wastage of water. Most of the time, users completely forget about replacing the UV lamp or the filters before their expiry. Such actions can make the purifier less efficient and risk the safety of the dispensed water. 

That’s why the purifier from Havells is loaded with different alert systems. So, now, even if you forget something, the purifier will tell you immediately. Also, with the iProtection technology, the water purification will be turned off immediately so that you don’t get harmful water to drink. 

It is equipped with a purification monitoring system to ensure that both the UF and UV filters are working fine or not. This way, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the drinking water. In addition, a taste enhancer is present in the purifier for ensuring that the water tastes sweet and not bitter due to contamination.


  • Has a futuristic design for modern kitchens 
  • Filter change and UV fail alerts for quick knowledge about water quality 
  • Saves water in every purification cycle 


  • No activated carbon filter is present for removing the physical and colloidal contaminants

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best UV UF Water Purifier

  1. Size: The first thing you need to worry about is the size of the purifier system. If you are mounting it on the wall, the appliance must not take up lots of space. 
  2. Filtration technology: You need to decide whether you want some other purification technologies, too, along with the UV and UF filter. 
  3. Alert system: You should always buy a purifier with alert systems. This way, you will never forget about flyer change or to turn off the purifier once the purification is complete. 


Here, we have discussed the top five UV UF water purifiers you can find in the Indian market. Each product comes with different features, which you need to learn about before you make the decision. If you are still confused, we recommend the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel, which comes with an activated copper cartridge. Also, the AO Smith X2 is amazing as it has high aesthetics with high-quality UV lamps for removing microbes. 

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