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10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 1

Just imagine you are coming home after facing the scorching heat of the sun. Tired and sweaty, the first thing you would reach out to would be a glass of cold water. With your throat getting dried, the quenching thirst gets subdued with the chilled water. 

Now having the best water dispensers (also called a water cooler) would be a great solution. You get instant cold water, and not only that, you even get hot water at the same instance. So, you have the chance to have a glass of chilled coffee and a hot cup of tea in a single instance.

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Frankly, you can use water dispensers all year round to meet your water requirement. Previously, the only place to get water dispensers in India would be offices and malls. But now you can even find it as popular appliances at your home too.

Top 10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022

1. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 2

Blue Star BWD3FMRGA is the best hot and cold water dispenser in India, which is quite different from the other water dispensers available in the market. They come with the 14-litres of the cooling cabinet (i.e., fridge) right at the bottom. These can be used as storing cans and cold drinks. It also contains a removable drip tray which is easy to clean.

Here you would even use the cooling cabinet for storing tiffin boxes. You can organize the food items properly in the refrigerator and because of the compartments present in it.

No doubt, this is a perfect water dispenser for your office and showroom. The water dispenser price is affordable with high quality when compared to other brands

Pros And Cons

Freedom to switch off the heating and cooling function as per your water requirements, thereby saving electricity.
Comes with an additional cooling cabinet.
Dispenses cold, hot, and normal water.
Safety lock present on the hot water tap.
The normal tap water would sometimes supply cold water.

2. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 3

Voltas Mini Magic is an affordable mini water dispenser with a tabletop that is perfect for running low in the floor space. The water dispenser got an anti-corrosive body, and this makes it highly durable. Also, it has hot, cold, and normal water functionality.

The LED indicators present in the water dispenser would provide an exquisite look to the water dispenser. And suppose you are looking for a mini dispenser, then you can consider the best water hot and cold water purifier to fulfil your need.

The water storage capacity is around 3.2 litres, and the hot water storage capacity is 0.9 litres. No doubt, this is a great and environment-friendly refrigerator. Plus, it comes with a hot water dispensing child lock safety, and this makes it safe around the children.

Pros And Cons

The tabletop water dispenser is compact, and this makes it suitable for even a small space.
The water dispenser has a hot water safety lock, and this makes it highly safe.
Hot, cold, and normal water tap along with no storage or cooling cabinet.
The water dispenser is hugely noisy.
Sometimes the hot water would get mixed with the normal and cold water.

3. Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 4

The Voltas Plastic water dispenser is the countertop water dispenser and has an attractive design and even adds good elegance to your kitchen. All you have to do is a single click of the three faucets, and you can easily quench your thirst.

Now the water dispenser is useful for your home and office use too. The unique and attractive design makes this an exception and one of the top-most ones on the list. Also, it comes with an LED indicator.

Pros and Cons

This water dispenser has a compressor cooling system.
The surface of this water dispenser is non-scratchable.
The maintenance required for cleaning is less for this water dispenser.
The water dispenser is compact and spacious compared to all other water dispensers.
The after-sales service is very poor compared to other water dispenser machines.
The heating faucet of this water dispenser won’t work for a long time.

4. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 5

Similar to the Blue Star, the Usha Instafresh cooling cabinet water dispenser has a great cooling cabinet. It is large and contains eighteen litres of a cooling cabinet that is useful and maintains a good low temperature. 

This won’t be a sufficiently low temperature to freeze or chill; however, it can easily keep the beverages and food materials cool. Also, the water dispenser is free-standing, and you can place it anywhere. The built quality is very good as it is made from a durable and corrosion-resistant material. Also, the water dispenser even features hand grips right on the side, making it easy to move from one place to another.

The water dispenser would provide hot, cold, and normal water at the same time. What makes this water cooler different from others is the three faucets that are durable, stylish, and even treated for bacteria. These features also make the water dispenser quite hygienic, and you can make sure that the faucet is clean.

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser has a hot, cold, and normal water tap.
The water dispenser comes with a child lock facility for the hot water faucet.
It comes with a cooling cabinet that has a huge storage capacity of around 17 litres.
The water dispenser has three LED indicators.
Various users have complained about the normal tap dispensing cold and chilled water.

5. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 6

The Voltas Mini water dispenser can easily dispense hot, plain, and cold water simultaneously. Here, this water dispenser has a heating capacity of 5 litres per hour and two litres of cooling capacity per hour. 

The water dispenser is a free-standing water dispenser that comes with a cooling cabinet. The cabinet capacity is around 20 litres, and this is sufficient for meeting major requirements. Also, the cooling cabinet can maintain a temperature of approximately 12 degrees Celsius.

The cold water storage capacity of this hot, cold, and normal water dispenser is 3.2 litres, while the hot water storage capacity is one litre. 

Here this would use an environment-friendly non-CFC refrigerator. The Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R water dispenser comes with the best LED indicators and hot water dispensing lock.

Pros And Cons

The cooling cabinet of this water dispenser would easily store up to six bottles of 1-litre capacity.
The water dispenser has hot water dispensing lock.
Also, it uses an environment-friendly refrigerator.
The water dispenser would dispense hot, cold, and normal water.
At times, the normal faucet can provide cold water instead of providing normal water.

6. Blue Star Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 7

The Blue Star Water Dispenser is a bottom loading water dispenser that can easily dispense hot, cold, and normal water. The best part of this blue star water dispenser is that you don’t need any kind of installation. It has a simple play and plugs machine type installation.

This water dispenser’s heartening feature is that there is no requirement for placing and lifting the bottle on top of the water dispenser. You can even slide it onto the cabinet at the bottom.

The body is also created of durable ABS plastic, and the tank is manufactured using food-grade stainless steel. Also, you won’t have to pierce the bottle cap, and the heavy-duty bottle piercer would take care of this.

Pros And Cons

No need for lifting and placing the water bottle on top of the water dispenser.
The water dispenser can dispense normal, hot, and cold water.
The installation process is very simple.
There is no separate refrigerator for storing cold water.
The water dispenser cannot cater to a 25-litre water bottle.

7. AmazonBasics Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 8

Being a premium quality water dispenser, this is made of high quality and durable PP plastic. The water dispenser heating capacity is 15 minutes and cools the water in 60 minutes after plugging it in.

There are three temperature taps for cold, hot, and normal water, and you can easily achieve the hot water temperature around 

80-85 degrees centigrade and the cold water temperature of 5-10 degrees centigrade.

The water dispenser can also be used with 20-litre water and provides a high-quality stainless steel water tank.

Additionally, the water dispenser can provide better cooling water capacity due to the superior compressor’s presence. Most importantly, it is safe to use as it has a child lock facility for hot water, and the noise is less than 55 decibels. 

Pros And Cons

The heating capacity of this water dispenser is 15 minutes.
It can be used with the 20-litres water can.
The water dispenser has a high-quality stainless steel water tank.
The water dispenser has only one year warranty.
There is no proper customer care in case of any issue.

8. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-F Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 9

The Voltas Mini is a top-loading water dispenser. You can easily get cold, hot, and even normal water depending on the requirements. 

The heating capacity of the water dispenser is around five litres per hour. Also, the storage container can store a decent amount of water, which would be sufficient for a huge family during a normal power outage. 

The product comes with the auto shut off feature and the bottle cap piercer arrangement makes sure that there is no spillage of water at any of the stages, even while refilling. 

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser is backed by strong Voltas technology.
The water dispenser can easily dispense hot, cold, and normal water.
It does not require any kind of installation.
Placing the bottle on the top would be an arduous task for various people who suffer from back problems.
There is no refrigerator.

9. Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 10

The Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser comes with the best cooling cabinet. Also, it has a large 18 litres of the cooling cabinet, and this is quite useful as it can maintain a low temperature of around 7 degrees Celsius. 

Now, this might not be a sufficiently low temperature for freezing or chilling, but it would help in keeping the beverages and food material cool.

Now, this is a free-standing dispenser and can be easily placed anywhere. The build quality is quite good and is created from a durable and corrosion-resistant material. 

Pros And Cons

The water dispenser dispenses hot, cold, and normal water.
They contain a refrigerator.
The water dispenser has a child lock facility.
The water dispenser is easy to use using the LED indicator.
You need to place the refilling water bottle right on the top of the water dispenser.

10. Atlantis Frosty Water Dispenser

10 Best Water Dispenser In India 2022 11

The Atlantis Frosty water dispenser is a plastic water filter that is present in white and grey colours. The capacity of the filter is around 3.51, and the wattage is around 110 watts. The size is LxBxH for this product and comes in 92cm x 33 cm x 33 cm. 

The water dispenser’s best feature is that it has a durable ABS plastic body and the best stainless steel tank. Also, this is commonly used in various households all over India.

Pros And Cons

Durable ABS plastic Body
The water dispenser cools around 5 litres of water per hour.
The water dispenser has a good stainless steel tank.
The water dispenser contains CFC free refrigerator
There is no proper customer care channel for communication.
The water dispenser has a warranty for one year only.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Water Dispensers In India(Buying Guide)

Some of the major things you have to consider are – 

  • Types Of Water Dispenser: The first thing you would have to do is decide which type of water dispensers is suitable for you, whether you require electric or non-electric water dispensers in India. Based on your budget and preferences, you could select the regular water dispensers unit to dispense hot water or just for the electric model one.

    Most importantly, water dispenser choices are based on where you are going to install the water dispensers and what you will use them for. Here your choice would vary from the free-standing to the countertop or the wall-mounted models. Sometimes you might want to consider if there is an electrical outlet where you are going to install the water dispensers.
  • Capacity: The amount of drinking water a dispenser can easily hold is another major factor you would have to consider. Here this can be dictated using a large number of people water dispensers can serve.

    When it comes to a large organization, you would need water dispensers with a stronger storage capacity and a high purification rate that can dispense the regular supply of drinking water to your family.

    Concerning small households, medium-sized water dispensers can be ideal. 
  • Water Temperature: Before you purchase water dispensers in India, try to find out if the temperature requirement you want. Whether you are going to make coffee using hot water or room temperature filled icy cold water, the water dispensers choice must be based on your specific needs.

    For that, you can check the water dispensers model and even the temperature preferences. Additionally, you should check whether changing the temperature is possible based on the weather conditions in the water dispensers.
  • Power Consumption: The different models of water dispensers have various capabilities, and that too for maintaining varying water temperatures. The colder the water is, the higher the water dispenser’s consumption of power.

    Here you would need to learn about the size and kind of compressor used in the water dispensers to know about the cooling abilities. If you are in a cool area, you would rarely need any kind of chilling water. So, you need to choose a unit having smaller compressor water dispensers, and vice-versa.

    Keep in mind that units that dispense both hot and cold water power consumption will be more than the units that produce only cold water. Additionally, you would have to check the metrics that indicate the drinking water cooling and heating capacity of the water dispensers for knowing the most efficient one.
  • Cleaning And Drainage Mechanism: Always try to check out the drainage mechanism and even the cleaning specifications. With a proper drainage system, you can keep your areas around the water dispensers dry and even avoid all kinds of accidents.

    Water dispensers would require regular cleaning for them to function smoothly. Also, it must be so easy to clean that you can take care of it hassle-free.
  • Noise: Even though most of the modern and the best water dispensers available at the market are operational and even silent, still certain models would make a lot of noise.

    When you are looking for the best water dispensers, don’t forget to check the amount of noise they would be making. Noisy water dispensers make it tough for employees to work and concentrate.

Wrapping Up

When you choose water dispensers, make sure that it is branded and of good quality. Also, you need to check whether it matches your requirement and your budget.

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