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Best Water Heater In India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The Usability of water heater is more during winter days everywhere. Choosing an appliance is an important thing. Moreover, while choosing an electrically related appliance, proper investigation is needed. So, we have listed the top 10 best water heaters in India after lots of research. We have given ten products with the price, advantages, disadvantages, capacity of the heater, etc. Check the brief explanation of each product below.

Top 10 Best Water Heaters In India 2023

1) Crompton Bliss 1-Litre Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1

The Crompton Bliss is one of the best 10 litre water heater in India and different from other storage water heaters. With this water heater, you can instantly get hot water, and that too as soon as you switch on the geyser. It has a five-star bee rating.

Commonly, the Crompton water heater is available in 1 and 3 liters. These Crompton water heaters are not new to the Indian customers and have been in the business for more than 75 years.

Here the instant water heater is a huge boon to various households that need faster hot water. The appliance has a sleek design and adds a huge amount of elegance to your bathroom. 

Along with being attractive, the Crompton Bliss provides a great towering performance. It has a 3000W copper heating element that allows for faster heating of water, which suits your needs. 

Pros And Cons

It is attractive and compact.
Provides hot water immediately.
It is low-cost equipment and easy to install.
The water would be too hot, so you need to keep the cold water tap on at the same time.

2) Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2

The Bajaj New Shakti water heater is available in many capacities that range from 10L to 25L. The 10 liters model has a high storage water heater capacity and is perfectly suitable for high rise buildings.

Throughout India, there are high-rise buildings, and these are mushrooming all over the cities. So, the demand for good hot water is necessary and that too one which can withstand around eight bar pressure. 

You get from this water heater the feature of the Titanium Armour technology. This special vertical water heater contains an inner tank coating that can avoid all kinds of corrosion and rust. So, it increases the tank life. Another exciting aspect of this vertical water heater is its rust-proof and external body made from a single weld sheet metal.

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Additionally, this vertical water heater electricity consumption is more and is quite efficient too. It would be capable of fulfilling all your hot water requirements. The vertical water heater features the innovative tech, swirl flow technology. It would make sure that you get 20% faster-heated water and saves a lot of energy.

Pros And Cons

It has a good performance record and consumes around 1.75 to 2 units per cut off.
Suitable for small families.
After-sales services are available.
The pipes and 3-pin plug are not part of this package. 

3) Bajaj Flora Instant 1 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 3

Bajaj is one of the most famous brands and has a good name for manufacturing the best instant water heater. This heater is available in three major configurations 1L, 3L, and 4L. Now the one-liter version of this water heater has an exquisite design and would easily mesmerize your whole bathroom.

Also, the glamour quotient would be great for your bathroom and take it to the next level. Sometimes you would not be having time at your hands and would require a faster hot water shower bath. 

The Bajaj instant water heater is the best geyser in India, and you can easily open the cold water tap along with the hot water one to get perfectly warm water. Also, the water heater has the best thermoplastic outer body. So, there would be no chance of any rust formation and even corrosion. Plus, the thermoplastic water-resistant feature won’t allow any water droplets or even specks to get stuck to it and even damage the appearance. 

Also, the 3K heating element is quite powerful for heating the water instantly. It is one of the best water heaters in India, suitable for people living in cities and even places where one can comfortably bear around 9 bar pressure. The neon indicator’s presence would be the best feature that allows you to get hot water immediately. 

Pros And Cons

These water geysers are compact and one of the most attractive appliances to be used and adore in your bathroom.
You can easily place the geyser right at your washbasin and kitchen for getting a continuous supply of hot water.
You can instantly get hot water all the time.
The water heater is not suitable for large families.

4) AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Liter Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 4

The AO Smith HSE water heater contains the Blue Diamond technology. It would help at increasing the durability of the storage water heater tank. Also, the water heater contains a stronger lining leading to lesser corrosion. 

Having a 4-Star BEE rating, the model helps and brings about the best energy efficiency and reduces the power bills. The AO Smith heater can easily address the possibility of sedimentation of the filaments. So, the life of the filament would increase. 

For taking this one step further, an anode rod is present in the model and helps fight against corrosive elements using the specialized cathode action.

Pros And Cons

The build quality is best and sturdy.
The glass-lined tank leads to a longer life.
You can get hot water within 5 minutes.
The indicating light is very dim, and you need to look keenly at it.

5) Lifelong Flash 3 Liters Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 5

One of the preferred and the best way to start and end your day would be a hot shower from the Lifelong Flash water heater. You get to become fresh and charged. Also, the water heater has a two-year warranty when you purchase it.

The Lifelong Flash has a high pressure along with a good application. The ergonomic design has a rare combination of technology and style. Also, the heating element would make sure that you get hot water in no time. 

The water heater provides three main levels of safety against the high temperature and even the cut-out pressure. It has a good thermostat and even the best safety valve. The Stem type thermostat and even the cut-out make sure that there are automatic temperature control and extra safety. 

Even the water heater is and has a corrosion-proof thermoplastic in its external body. The efficient heating element leads to a longer life. The neon indicator provides the power on and heating function. There are even various safety systems present in this water heater. 

Pros And Cons

The water heater has a high density and PUF injection technology. It makes sure that there is a high retention of internal heat and temperature. So, this would lead to enhanced energy efficiency and lowers the electricity bill.
The technology used for this water heater is used for creating a three-level of safety. It would against high temperature and pressure. Along with the water heater would take into account the cut-out thermostat and safety valve.
The water heater is ISI certified and is considered for the high quality and safety standard the ISI certification.
The water heater is not suitable for large families.

6) Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006 6-litres 5 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 6

The Crompton is considered to be the best manufacturers of the best geysers in India. They are available in 6L to 25L. Also, the water heater has a five-star energy rating and qualifies to be the best energy-efficient appliance.

The storage water heater tank is quite popular and can easily store a huge amount of water and that too at a later stage. Here this water heater features the best insulation in the form of the PUF injection technology for keeping the inner water warm for a long period. 

The best aspect of the Crompton water heater would be the presence of the thermostat that helps control the water temperature. It won’t allow the water to get heated right above the set temperature and even by switching off the power supply. Thus this is an excellent safety system.

Additionally, the Crompton water heater contains a nano polymer-coated water tank. It would provide better heating efficiency. Frankly, water heaters won’t work well with hard water, and this is due to the formation of the salt film over the heating element. 

Pros And Cons

Best energy-saving water heater.
Provides sufficient storage for smaller families.
Has a great safety system of the highest standard.
For certain consumers, they have complained the water takes a lot of time to heat.

7) Havells Carlo 3 Litre Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 7

Throughout the world, Havells is considered to be the best brand for electrical products. They provide a wide range of instant water heaters for solving all kinds of hot water worries. 

The electric water heater of Havells is quite ideal for getting hot water right away from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Also, the water heater is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Also, the electric geyser is quite durable and strong for lasting a long time. Some of the major features of such water heating appliances are shockproof and rust ABS outer body, stainless steel inner tank, twin indicator lamp, etc.

Pros And Cons

The instant water heater contains a dual LED indicator that indicates the real-time hotness of the water.
The water heater is quite suitable for high-rise buildings and even for pressure pump applications. 
The instant water heater contains a multi-function valve that avoids the water pressure for increasing the range beyond 6.5 bars.
The indicating lights are very dim.

8) Racold Pronto Neo 1 Liters 3Kw Vertical Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 8

The Racold Pronto model water heater is considered to be one of the best geysers in India. It can instantly produce heated water and has various great features. 

Even though it is an Italian inspired water heater, the design is ideal for Indian water conditions. It can also retain the elegance of the Italian design and provides a rare combo of style and technology.

Here the water geysers contain a powerful 3KW water heating element for making sure that you get hot water all the time. Now the positive aspect of the water heater would be its capability for withstanding the high pressure. The water heater can also comfortably beat the six-bar pressure and is best for high-rise buildings.

Additionally, the water heater contains a high-density PUF injection technology that makes sure that heat is retained inside the appliance, leading to higher and better energy efficiency. 

Pros And Cons

The instant water heater is attractive and powerful.
The instant water heater contains a good safety measure, making the water heater the safest one to use.
Provides instant hot water in a matter of minutes.
The water heater lacks proper storage.

9) AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 9

The AO Smith is one of the top-quality international water heaters, and the AO Smith model is available in two sizes 15L and 25L. 

If you are looking for water heaters to save electricity, go with the AO Smith water heater. The SDS-Green series is considered to be one of the most energy-efficient ones. Besides giving you the benefit of low electricity bills, this water heater comes with excellent features.

The strong heavy gauge alloy steel storage water heater tank is 25% stronger than copper or standard stainless-steel tanks. The Blue Diamond glass-lining technology makes the tank corrosion-resistant, thereby increasing the tank’s lifespan.

Pros And Cons

This water heater comes with excellent insulation that retentions the temperature of the water for an extended period.
The water heater is one of the durable ones.
One of the best water heater which saves more energy.
The installation issues are commonly persistent with the water geysers, and there aren’t any necessary accessories along with the package during the installation.

10) V-Guard Victo 15 liters Water Geyser

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 10

Unlike other water heaters, the V-Guard is one of the ideal ones that provide a good amount of hot water for your bathroom. The water heater has a convenient control dial present at the front panel that allows you to regulate the water temperature based on your comfort level.

The V-Guard water heater’s major exciting quality is that it is created using high-quality mild steel along with an anti-corrosive powder coating. It would make the storage water heater tank last longer and even in the humid bathrooms. 

Another interesting feature is that the inner tank of this water heater is manufactured of thick-gauge steel and uses the single-line welding technology for securing against corrosion and hard effects of hard water. So, you end up with water geysers that would last for a longer time.

Another major feature is that this water heater comes with a four-layered safety system. It would comprise the high-tech thermostat and thermal cut-off mechanism for ensuring that there are no overheating and precise temperature regulations followed by switching off the power supply at the set temperature.

Pros And Cons

The water heater is highly energy-efficient.
The water heater provides a stylish look and even a decent performance.
The provision of the outlet and inlet pipes along with the free installation is a great feature.
The geyser would take around 25 minutes to heat the whole 15L water present in the tank.

Water Heater(Geyser) Buying Guide

What Is Heater/Geyser?

The water heating unit or geyser is a machine that creates a heat transfer process using the energy source. The energy source is used for heating water above the initial temperature. 

Typically, the water heater is used for domestic usages like cleaning, cooking, shower bath, and space heating. In various industries too, water heaters have got multiple usages in terms of steam.

Different Types Of Geyser Or Water Heater

The following are the various types of water heaters – 

● Electric Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 11

An electric water heater works just like the standard water geyser that you have seen or heard about. It would bring cold water from the dip tube and then try to heat it using the electric heating element present in the storage tank. 

Here the hot water would rise in the tank, and then it is moved into the home using the heat-out-pipe. 

Gas Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 12

A gas-powered water heater takes the cold water brought into the tank using a dip tube. This water is then heated using a gas burner. 

The burner would burn the gas, thereby releasing extremely hot and toxic air right up through the chimney present in the middle of the water heater storage tank. The chimney would move the toxic air outside while the chimney’s metal is heated that ultimately boils the water. 

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Solar Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 13

A solar-powered water heater would allow you to draw the energy from the sun. Frankly, for this water heater, you would need solar panels or try to add them. 

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Compared to other water heaters, this water heater style is the most energy-efficient, and it depends on the roof-mounted solar panels as it is the energy source. 

Here the energy is transferred to the closed-loop system, and this should contain the heat conductive material that would heat the water present in the tank. So, this can save a lot of money right on the sunny days and would work particularly better for those living in warm and sunny climates. 

But such water heaters would need a backup plan like electricity and natural gas. So, this type of water geysers would continue to run even on cloudy days.

Storage Water Heaters

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 14

This water heater is currently the best water geyser in India and something most people would be familiar with. This storage water geyser contains a tank that can hold water that must be heated. 

So, it means that the tank’s capacity can easily determine how much water is available right at once. Even the tank is insulated so that the water gets heated up and it remains warm until you require it. 

Here this tank would contain two valves, such as the temperature control valve and pressure control valves. The temperature control valve would open up for releasing the heat and moderate temperature while the water would be reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressure release valve would also get opened up for releasing the pressure as and when it reaches 150 psi(Pounds per Square Inch).

Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater In India 2023 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 15
Credits: aosbath

The instant water heater is the one that has a small storage water heater capacity. But they have a high heating rate. Such water heaters have more than three liters of storage capacity, and they are called instant geysers as they have low storage water heater volume and high heating rate.  

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It would be wise to keep in mind some aspects while purchasing the best geysers in India.

The major ones are –

► Capacity

Always think about the household usage of the hot water that you want. Here this is what determines the capacity requirements of the water geyser you need. Now for a single person or any nuclear family, you would have to go with the smaller tank water heaters. 

There is another factor you might have to take into account. Does the water heaters have both usages in the kitchen and bathroom? Or should you install them individually at each of the locations?

In areas where there is extreme winter, you would have to go with a water geyser with a larger capacity. 

► Material

Now when you live in areas where they are getting hard water, you need to pay special attention to the tank and even the heating element material. So, when both of them come into direct contact with the water and even hard water, there would be a high magnesium and calcium content, leading to building up or scaling. 

Frankly, this can lead to decreasing the efficiency, corrosion, and shorter lifespan of the heater. You might also better check out for a corrosion-resistant water heater that is reliable, efficient, and even long-lasting. 

► Heating Element

One of the major necessary things to look for in any of the water heaters, especially in the electric storage water heaters, is whether the tank would directly contact the water or not. 

Now, if you have hard water at your home, then the water heater tank would be more prone to scaling and corrosion. Most people don’t know that hard water has a high concentration of minerals. These are usually magnesium and calcium, which would make the inner tank corrode faster. 

So, you must check out the quality of the tank just before purchasing it and even make sure that it is an anti-corrosive powder coating tank. Here, it is equally necessary to check whether the heating element used right inside the water geyser is resistant to corrosion. 

► Insulation

For a high energy-efficiency of the water heater, the heat that is created by the heating element should be inside the tank. It must be for a longer period. Now it is the poor insulation among the tank and the water heater’s outer body that would lead to high power consumption. So, one needs to make sure that the water heater’s insulation material is of high quality.

► Wattage

According to the Energy Star program, BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency), they rate electric water heaters right on a scale of 1-5. Here the more stars, the more energy-efficient the water heater is. So when you purchase the water heaters, check for bee rating.

In most cases, the water heater’s wattage would not be the right aspect to consider when evaluating power consumption. Rather the necessary aspect is to consider the amount of hot water used and the standing loss (the heat loss from the sides, top, and bottom). The standing loss is the major factor that increases the power consumption of water heaters. The water heater’s time to raise the water temperature by a particular degree is another major factor.

► Build Quality

When you live in an area that is getting hard water, you need to pay special attention to the tank and even the water heating element material. 

Here, both of them would contact the water and even the hard water with a high content of calcium and magnesium. These would be leading to built-up and scaling. Also, this can lead to the decreasing of corrosion, efficiency, and a shorter lifespan. 

► Electric Consumption

When installing the water heaters, you would know that it would increase your power bills a lot. The power consumption of the water heater is based on various factors. The first one is the volume of the water used. 

So, here if more hot water is consumed, electricity consumption will be more. Another aspect to be considered is the temperature of the input water. If you live in colder places, you need more heating effects than people living in a warmer climate. 


Some of the major features of the best water geyser in India are – 

● Automatic Shut Off

The water heater’s automatic shut-off safety valve helps detect the leakage as early as possible, and it would allow the flow to be stopped. The better part is that some of the automatic shut-off safety valves can contain a disconnect for the power. It would mean that there would be a huge difference between repairing the leak and replacing the water heater. 

Here the idea would be to place the device at a location that can measure small amounts of water and even turn off the flow just before any serious damage happen.

● BEE Star Rating

Suppose you check the BEE rating or star level. In that case, it refers to the grade of the standing loss that is commonly displayed on the electric water heater label. You might see it among the minimum and the maximum that is five stars. 

● Fuel Or Circuit Breakers

Most of the water heaters, especially the electric geysers, might use the directly immersed heating element to heat water. The best water heater would have this heating element controlled by a microprocessor control module or a simple thermostat. 

Now they would make these materials in the form of heating elements that can affect one’s option and output. So, the voltage or wattage of a good water heater and the storage water heater capacity are some of the major options you would like regarding the fuel or circuit breaker. 

● Fire-Retardant Cable

Nowadays, most electric water heaters have fire-retardant cable, and this would resist the combustion and even the propagation of the flames when there is a fire.

● Flame Failure Protection

This feature is used to avoid the basic buildup of huge amounts of gases when the pilot system goes out at the gas heater. Most of the famous brands like Havells and Racold use this. Here You would do it from the arrangement of the coil, thermocouple, and valve. Some of the latest gas heaters would be having a default timer that would be around 15-20 minutes.

● IPX4 Protection

The water heater would have a safety system that protects against all kinds of dry heating, over-temperature, over-pressure, and even various kinds of electricity leakage. Much of the water heater brands would have this feature to secure the water seepage from the protection’s IPX4 level.


Nowadays, most water heater manufacturers would provide a six to ten-year warranty on their product. Even the heating element and thermostats would have a certain warranty and help the tank fail in the first six years. 


The price at which you choose the water heater is an important factor. Most of the water heaters are available at a low and discounted price, and they would be based on one’s needs and necessity.


When you are purchasing a water heater, always go for the branded ones. They provide a good warranty and have great features. 

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