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Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023

Long working hours, traveling, exposure to the sun, and pollution would take a huge toll on your skin. Just think about it. Having a shower with hot water from a good water heater at the end of the long and tiring day would be a great idea.

Hot Shower Means Rejuvenating Yourself

Do you know that a hot shower is the best way to rejuvenate your skin? Well, it does far more than that. A great hot shower would have a therapeutic effect both on your body and mind. Here the soothing hot water would ease your tensed muscles. Also, it can refresh your mind. Various scientific studies prove that there are plenty of benefits to a hot water bath. But it is necessary to make sure that the water is of the right temperature. 

So, what is the solution?

Now, if you want to have a hot shower right at your end of a busy and tiring day, the best way is to purchase an instant water heater along with a pre-set timer. So, this way you can enjoy a great hot bath every day and would have great amazing effects of bathing with hot water.

Advantages Of A Hot Water Shower

► Reduced Muscle Stiffness

Commonly the day-to-day activities would lead to tensions on our muscles, and that can lead to stiffness. A hot water shower would be the perfect method for relieving the stiffness of the muscles. 

As soon as the hot water hits your skin, the blood circulation improves. And that would relax your muscles.

► Improving Quality Of Sleep

When you have a hot shower just before sleeping, it is the most dependable manner of getting a good night’s sleep. Here the water from the instant water heater would calm your mind and nerves, and that would lead to a good amount of relaxation. 

► Avoiding Any Allergic Reactions

The express heating from the water heater would wash off the pollutants and germs and that too effectively compared to the cold water. When you have a hot shower just before sleeping, your body would be free from all kinds of allergens and even germs.

► Deep Cleansing Your Skin

As soon as the hot water touches your skin, it will cause the skin pores to expand. The hot water acts as a deep cleanser for your skin and prevents breakouts and infections.

Types Of Water Heater

The following are the various kinds of water heater that are used by various families in India – 

► Instant Electric Water Heater

Right now, this kind of water heater is picking up fast in the consumer market. The instant water heater can save a lot of your money and is convenient to install and use. These have a high heating rate due to the presence of a small storage capacity.

► Electric Water Heater

The electric water heating system is quite famous among various Indian households. For heating the water, the system would be using an electric current that can pass through the heating element and that too through the thermostat. 

► Instant Gas Water Heater

There is a widely accepted notion that the gas water heater is more economical compared to the electrical. Don’t worry about the electricity bills and high electric charges with the gas water heater. 

When you are switching to the gas-based system, that would fit the whole water requirements. Also, it would quickly heat the water and eats less of the energy. Most importantly, you get saved from the hefty bill at the end of the month. 

► Heat Pump Water Heater

This water heating system is commonly liked and uses heat from the surroundings rather than creating it. Also, it is an effective breakthrough in heating technology.

Contrary to conventional water heaters, the heat pump water heating system would be the most economical one and saves a lot of energy.

7 Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023

1) Crompton Bliss 1-Litre Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 2

The Crompton Bliss 3-litre instant water heater is the best great water heater from the great brand. This makes sure that it provides the users with all the required benefits and advantages of getting a great water heater. 

Also, it comes with various multi-functional safety measures that would secure the users and water heater against minor and major damages and defects. Here the heating element used for this water heater is copper, and that requires less maintenance and even provides great efficiency. 

Furthermore, the water heater’s body is made of ABS material, commonly used in steel items, and makes the water heater rustproof. Also, the water heater has a copper heating element, and that is created of copper. This is quite powerful and created with the best quality material that leads to faster heating of the water.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

● The indicators are easy to use and can be used by any individual, and won’t require any practice.

● The heater is sleek and has a compact design. This would make it suitable for all households and won’t take up a lot of space.

● The water heater is made up of certain substances. This ensures that it won’t rust and can enhance the lifespan and the efficiency of the water heater.

The cons are –

● Here the only issue with the water heater is that it doesn’t have any inlet and outlet pipes. 

2) Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 3

Bajaj is considered to be one of the oldest and most reputed brands in the Indian market. The Bajaj Flora 3 liter water heater is one of the most trustworthy and reliable water heaters. 

The best part is that Bajaj has left no gap in making this water heater as per the users’ needs and expectations. So, the combination of attractive looks and unique functionality would make the Bajaj Flora water heater the best of its kind.

Here, various high-quality materials are used to make this water, making sure that the water is heated as quickly as possible for users’ requirement. Also, the water heater’s total capacity is three liters, which makes it suitable for use in the kitchen and even individuals’ general usage.

Also, the water heater is quite safe to use and comes with various advanced settings for providing great safety to users. The Bajaj Flora three liters water heater comes with eight-bar pressure ratings that make it easy to handle various pressure needs. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

● The water heater uses fire retardant cables.

● The water heater has eight-bar pressure ratings.

● The best button for the good function indicators.

The pros are –

● The maximum capacity is pretty small.

3) Havells Carlo 3 Litre Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 4

Havelles is one of the leading brands for electrical products. They bring about a various range of instant water heaters for solving your hot water worries. Do you know that Carlos is one of the famous brands for instant water heaters of Havells? The electric geysers from the Carlo series are available in multiple capacities of three liters.  

With the Carlo water heater, you get hot water right away at your bathroom sink and kitchen. The water heater uses state-of-the-art technology. Such electric water geysers are durable and strong enough for lasting for a long time. Here, some of the water heater’s major features are the rust and shockproof ABS outer body, stainless steel inner tank, twin indicator, etc. 

The water heater has the best color-changing LEDs and can change from blue to amber and even helps in indicating the hotness of water. Additionally, the water heater is made of rustproof and shockproof ABS and has a strong body leading to a long life. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● Color-changing LED that would change from blue to amber for indicating the hotness of the water.

● ISI certification.

● Rust and shockproof ABS outer body providing long life.

The cons are – 

● The T-joint is commonly prone to leakage.

4) Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3Kw Vertical Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 5

The Racold Pronto Neo is one of the fastest-selling water heaters and even sold on various e-commerce sites. This water heater is commonly used for small requirements and is extensively engineered along with the latest tech and amazing performance. 

No doubt, Racold is a perfect brand that you can trust. It has been very successful in satisfying the requirement of customers using top-class products.  

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● The water heater is a five star rated product.

● The water heater can heat water in a matter of three minutes.

● The water heater is suitable for individuals that are having a family of two or three members.

The cons are – 

● The water heater is a little slow for showers.

5) Crompton Rapid Jet AIWH-3LRPIDJT3KW5Y 3LTR (3KW) Instant Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 6

Nowadays, water heaters have somewhat become quite an inseparable tool for various bathrooms. Well, it has become synonymous with our bathing needs. Instant water heaters are just tank-less water heaters. They are instantaneous due to the continuous flow, flash, inline, on-demand, and instant heated water availability. 

The water heater has a single weld SS tank that helps in lowering the chances of tank leakage. This provides a longer life. Also, with the 6.5 bar pressure, the water heater would be great for high rise buildings. Also, they can withstand huge pressure and that too up to 6.5 kg/cm2.

Pros And Cons

The pros are –

● The water heater features the best-LED indicator that shows the power on or off and heating and eases usage.

● Created to add elegance to your modern bathrooms and blend well with your bathroom’s interiors. 

● The water heater is high powered 3000W and made from the copper heating element. That provides hot water at any time of the day.

The cons are – 

● The capacity of the water heater won’t be suitable for large families.

6) AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Instant Water Heater (Geyser)

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 7

A.O Smith is an American manufacturer, and they commonly deal with the best heating products and boilers. The manufacture has a decade of R&D work associated with them. 

This water heater is suitable for residential usage and easily withstands water pressure up to 6.5 bars. The heater has a bulb-like design and would seem bulky, but it is not.

The AO Smith products are created and boast of superior build quality and have a good warranty. The water heater comes with a three-year warranty. 

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● The curved form factor makes it quite easy to install in the kitchen and even in small workplaces.

● The horizontal and bright LED indicator denotes the power and cut-off.

● The heater performs best on high rising buildings where the pressure is quite high compared to the single storey households.

The cons are –

● There are no scalding of water functionality. 

7) Candes – 5 Star Rating Storage Electric Water Heater

Best Water Heater Under 3000 In India 2023 8

Candes are the best water heater and one of the highest standards of quality and safety. The water heater has a triple safety system and is even fire-proof. 

Now the Candes has a good storage facility, and it can easily secure your family from accidents. Also, since it is made of high-quality materials, the water heater is durable and functions efficiently. 

Sporting the best white, smartly created body shell, the water heater is a fine combination of visual appeal and utility. Also, the electric water heater is even tested under extreme conditions. 

Made and crafted of a contemporary design, it provides high functionality and the best stainless steel tank. Also, as made of robust construction, the geyser would come with various features like A purpose RPR value, copper-sheathed heating element, I-Thermostat, etc.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● The water heater has a good thermal cutout safety feature, which helps cut the power supply as soon as the water reaches the temperature of heat exceeding your needs.

● The best inner tank is created of pure stainless steel and is of high quality.

● A good safety value that helps at relieving the pressure that gets released from the water.

The cons are – 

The water heater takes a long time to heat water.


Whenever you choose a great water heater, make sure that you do great research and even check out the prices.

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