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Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023

Is the water coming to your home always clear and transparent? 

No, it’s not because, in most areas, the main supply of water is turbid or have a chalky appearance. The main reason behind the water’s turbidity is high mineral compounds, especially sulphates, bicarbonates, and carbonate salts of magnesium and calcium. Turbid water is known as hard water commonly, and it’s not at all potable.

So, aren’t you eager to know which is the best water purifier for hard water in India?

If yes, then you are at the right place! Here we have listed down some of the best water purifiers rated as the most efficient appliances for making the hard water potable and safe for drinking. 

How have we tested and picked the best water purifier for hard water in India?

Since most Indian areas receive hard water with different mineral composition percentage, several water purifiers are suitable for removing the hardness and making it suitable for consumption. That’s why when we started listing down the purifiers, at first, we were concerned about how we could pick only the best of the best products. To ease our work, we used comparative studies to weigh the purifiers against a particular feature and check whether a certain product matches the requirement. 

For example, we made sure to group the water purifiers based on their capacities since different Indian families have different needs. Next, we further subdivided based on the filter technologies present and their efficiency. Finally, while shortlisting the names, we kept two things in mind- the purifier needs to be sleek and compact, and it must be affordable for different people. By the time we were done with our research, our list had contained seven water purifiers for hard water in India, which we have listed below. 

Top 7 Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023

1. HUL Pureit ECO

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 1


  1. 1-year warranty 
  2. 10-liters water tank capacity 
  3. Wall-mounted or countertop design 

Suppose you are looking for a water purifier that comes with high-quality Germkill technology. In that case, the HUL Pureit ECO purifier will be the best pick.

The water purifier comes with a UV tank where Germkill patented technology has been integrated that ensures 99.9% removal of microbes from the supply water.

The purifier also has an RO filter membrane coupled with a microfilter that makes the product far more efficient in eliminating mineral salts from the hard water.

Another amazing feature of the product is the smart LED indicator system that makes you aware of tank emptiness, purification completion, and filter change. 


  • Reinforced with mineral balancer for maintaining the ionic concentration in water
  • Sleek and slender design for easy fitting in the kitchen
  • Has a high recovery rate of water during purification cycles up to 60%


  • Can handle TDS level up to 2000ppm only 

2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 2


  1. Aesthetically appealing design 
  2. Reinforced, long-lasting dispenser tap 
  3. 8-liters capacity of the water tank 

Only a few hard water purifiers are equipped with active copper membrane, and Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel is one of them.

Besides the normal filters, you will have a layer of an active copper element that adds copper ions to the water and maintains the pH to reduce the acidity in the water.

In this purifier, the two major filtration technologies are the RO membrane to remove the chemical salts from the hard water and the UV tank to eliminate and kill all microbes.

MTDS or mineral enhancer filter is also available that keeps a proper mineral balance in the purified water.

Thanks to this technology, the water’s taste will be enhanced with slight hints of sweetness, no matter where you are getting the input water supply. 


  • UV tank is equipped with e-boiling technology for better microbe elimination 
  • I-Filter membrane to increase the RO membrane’s durability 
  • Chemi block cartridge removes chlorine and several other organic impurities 


  • Wastes 650ml of water during every purification cycle 

3. V-Guard Zenora

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 3


  1. 8-stage purification system
  2. Has a separate pH balancer 
  3. Modern dispenser tap design 

The cartridges present in V-Guard Zenora are long-lasting, capable of working efficiently for years before seeking replacement which is why the purifier has gained momentum in recent time.

The purification system has a total of 8 stages with a pre-sediment filter for removing silt, mud, and physical impurities and a membrane filter for enhancing the lifetime of the RO filter.

Having a wide surface area, the RO membrane can remove most chemical contaminants, organic and inorganic alike. In the UV chamber, disinfection is done to the maximum level.

As for the mineral balancer, it maintains the ionic concentration and removes turbidity and regulates the pH. 


  • Enhances the natural taste of water 
  • It can be mounted on the wall or kept on the tabletop 
  • Equipped with smart LED indicators 


  • The warranty period is only for 1 year

4. Livpure Zinger Smart

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 4


  1. Extra sleek and compact design
  2. Ideal for wall mounting 
  3. Has a flow rate of 15 LPH 

Smart purifiers are quite amazing as they can be operated from a remote location with ease, just like the Livpure Zinger Smart, which can control from the Livpure application in your phone without having to be physically present at the spot.

But that’s not what makes the product ideal for hard water purification in India. You will have an RO membrane filter that can remove all the sulphate, carbonate, and bicarbonate salts from the water, making it healthy for humans.

Moreover, with in-tank UV sterilization, you can drink the water without worrying about any disease-causing microorganism entering your gut.

Besides, a copper membrane adds active cuprous ion, which is beneficial for your body. In addition, the mineral balancer serves as a regulator of ionic concentration and a taste enhancer.


  • You can track daily water consumption amount 
  • Multi-coloured LED display to give immediate information 
  • Automated sensor for tank leakage


  • Storage capacity is somewhat less for a normal Indian family 

5. Havells Max

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 5


  1. 7-liters water storage capacity 
  2. No need to hold the bottles while filling water 
  3. Best for conical wall mount 

Havells has become one of the well-known brands for water purifiers. Luckily, the Havells Max is fit for removing the mineral salts and turbidity with 100% efficiency.

When the water passes through the RO membrane, most organic and inorganic compounds are eliminated, and heavy metal ions are not safe for humans.

Next, as the water collects in the UV tank, the radiations help kill the microorganisms and purify the water completely.

A pre-sediment filter is present at the beginning of the purification chain, which removes the physical impurities. A membrane filter is present before the RO stage to improve the RO membrane lifetime and durability.


  • It is equipped with a mineral balancer that adds essential mineral ions into the purified water
  • The water storage tank is made from food-grade ABS plastic and hence remains free from fungus 
  • Turbo water flow technology included in the dispenser tap for faster bottle filling 


  • Releases about 650ml of water 

6. KENT Supreme Extra

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 6


  1. No wastage of water 
  2. Reinforced with TDS controller and adjuster 
  3. UV in-tank sterilization

For people looking for a purifier having a high purification rate, the KENT Supreme Extra will be the ideal fit, thanks to the 20 litres per hour flow rate of water through the purification system.

Due to such a high rate, the 8-litres water storage tank can get filled in no time, making sure you won’t have to wait for long to drink purified and safe water.

The RO membrane allows only the useful ions to pass through while blocking the hard water salts, organic impurities, and heavy metals.

Besides, the in-tank sterilization helps eliminate 99.9% of microbes from the water, making it completely safe. There is a pH balance that keeps the alkaline level between 8 and 9.5 for better health. 


  • Equipped with mineral balancer for retainment of essential ions 
  • Has UV fail alarm system and filter change alert LED indicator 
  • Has 8-liters storage tank capacity, thereby ideal for a 4-member Indian family


  • The installation process is complicated 

7. Ruby Economical

Best Water Purifier For Hard Water In India 2023 7


  1. Has TDS adjuster 
  2. 12-liters storage tank capacity 
  3. Has 100GPD pump near the water inlet 

If you are looking for a high-storage water purifier, the ideal choice will be Ruby Economical. The purifier might be small in size, but the tank for storing the purified water comes with 12-litres of total volume, enough to sustain the need for a large Indian family.

It has a multi-stage purification system with a pre-filter for removing dust and rust from water, a sediment filter for eliminating all the physical impurities, activated carbon filters and others.

The two main filtration technologies present in the purifier are RO membrane and UV tank. You can even control the TDS level manually, thereby ensuring the water is free of dissolved solutes based on the source from where you are getting the supply.

Electric parts included in the product are of high quality and hence, they won’t consume too much power. That’s why the name “Economical”! It has a purification capacity of 12 litres of supply input water per hour which is amazing. 


  • A mineral balancer can maintain the ionic concentration and retain all the useful minerals in the water. 
  • Regulates the pH of the water to make it alkaline, which is beneficial for the body
  • You can adjust the TDS level manually for different sources of water having varied dissolved solute concentration


  • The purification flow rate is pretty low 

Things to consider for buying the best water purifier for hard water in India

  1. Capacity: First, you need to understand the daily consumption need of your family. Based on the requirements, you have to choose the best purifier with a suitable tank storage capacity. 
  2. Filtration technologies: The hardness of the water will be removed by the RO membrane itself. But since water also contains several biological contaminants, having a UV tank after the RO filter will be ideal. 
  3. Power consumption: You will not want to get a purifier for hard water to increase your monthly bills. That’s why always check the power consumption before purchasing because most purifiers are electric. 


In most urban cities, the water supply reaching the houses is hard, having high magnesium and calcium salts concentrations.

Heavy metal contamination is also present in some areas, which is choosing the best water purifier for hard water in India is mandatory.

Here, we have discussed the top seven such products, each having different features. Based on the feature set, you need to decide whether or not the particular product is ideal for your home.

We recommend the KENT Supreme Extra for people whose houses receive water with varying TDS levels as the purifier comes with a TDS controller.

Also, suppose you want to drink mineralized water. In that case, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel will be ideal as it comes with both a mineral balancer and an active copper membrane. 

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